News: "Groups of Death" at the FIFA World Cup: how it was
“Groups of Death” at the FIFA World Cup: how it was

“Groups of Death” at the FIFA World Cup: how it was

As soon as the composition of the FIFA World Cup finals is known, the fans immediately begin to assess which ones are strong and which are weak, and certainly choose the so-called “death group”, from which it is especially difficult to go to the playoffs. These assessments are always subjective, and disputes do not subside until the end of the Championship.

At decided to try to take a more accurate criterion: the world rating of FIFA / Coca-Cola, which appeared in 1993. In the end, now it is he who serves as the basis for distributing the participants in the baskets before the Final Toss. We are interested in the average rating of a particular group on the last six mundials.

World Championship 1994 in the USA

Group E
Mexico (17th place in the World Ranking)
Ireland (13th place)
Italy (1 st place)
Norway (5th place)

Average Rating: 9 (the smaller the number, the stronger the group)

The title of the most difficult group went to group E, followed by group B, where the future champion of this world championship played – the Brazilian national team (its average rating is 13.25). From group E in the playoffs came Mexico, Ireland and Italy: the Mexicans and the Irish left the fight in the 1/8 finals, and the Italians reached the final, but lost there to the Brazilians on penalties.

1998 World Cup in France

Group G
Romania (5th place)
England (6th place)
Colombia (9th)
Tunisia (23rd place)

Average Rating: 10.75

32 teams took part in this World Championship for the first time, and in many groups the intrigue was turned to the limit, but according to the World rating, the most difficult group was G. At the finish of the group round, the places in the group were distributed according to the team rating: 1st place went to Romania , followed by England, then Colombia, and closed the group Tunisia. Romania and England stopped the fight in the 1/8 finals: the Romanians lost to the future bronze medalist of the tournament – Croatia, and the British – to Argentina.

World Championship 2002 in Japan and South Korea

Group F
Sweden (16th)
England (10th place)
Argentina (2 nd place)
Nigeria (40th)

Average Rating: 17

England squad for the second time in a row fell into the most difficult group and again took second place, this time letting Sweden ahead. Argentina unexpectedly was on the third line, and Nigeria finished the last. In the 1/8 finals, the Swedes lost the main sensation of the tournament – Senegal, and England lost in the quarter finals to future champions Brazilians.

2006 World Cup in Germany

Group E
Italy (12th place)
Ghana (50th place)
Czech Republic (2 nd place)
USA (8th place)

Average Rating: 18

Italy again got into the most difficult group and as a result for the fourth time in its history became the world champion. The debutant mundialya team of Ghana made a sensation, making their way to the playoffs from the second place, being able to beat the highly quoted before the final tournament Czech Republic. The last place in the group was taken by the US team. The Gants lost in the 1/8 finals of Brazil, and Italy won the world championship by beating Australia, Ukraine, the hostess of the tournament Germany on the way to the title, and France in the final.

World Cup 2010 in South Africa

Group H
Spain (2 nd place)
Chile (17th)
Switzerland (13th place)
Honduras (35th place)

Average Rating: 16.75

For the second time in a row, the winner of the World Cup was the team that got into the most difficult group of the final tournament. Sensationally losing to the start of the mundialya Swiss, Spain still managed to win the group, and on the way to the main trophy beat Portugal, Paraguay, Germany and the Netherlands. Team Chile went into the playoffs, but in 1/8 finals lost to Brazil.

2014 World Cup in Brazil

Group G
Germany (2 nd place)
Ghana (23rd place)
Portugal (14th place)
USA (13th place)

Average Rating: 13

It was the third consecutive World Cup, where the team was the triumphant, who was in the most difficult group. Germany became the winner of the group, and then the winner of the world championship, beating first Algeria, then France and the hostess of the tournament Brazil, and in the final – Argentina. The US team managed to reach the 1/8 finals, but lost there in Belgium’s extra time. Portugal took the third place in the group, and Ghana – the last, that is, the final distribution of seats was consistent with the rating of teams that they had before the draw.

Note: From 1994 to 2006, seed teams at the FIFA World Championships were partially determined on the basis of the November edition of the FIFA / Coca-Cola World Ranking – it was actual at the time of the Final Draw, so we used it as a basis for determining the most difficult groups on these world championships. </ em>

At the 2010 World Cup and World Cup 2014 seeded teams were determined only on the basis of the October edition of the World Ranking, and the average rating is calculated based on this data. At the 2018 World Cup, the average rating will be calculated on the same basis.

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