News: The final draw of the 2018 World Cup in figures
The final draw of the 2018 World Cup in figures

The final draw of the 2018 World Cup in figures

In Moscow, the last preparations for the most important stage on the way to the FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia are being completed. On Friday, December 1, 32 World Championship participants will know their tournament destiny.

How many national team coaches will visit the Draw? How many artists are involved in the colorful show? How long will the ceremony last? We answer these and other questions, presenting the main figures of the forthcoming Draw.

1 hour – approximately so much will continue the ceremony of the Final Toss in Moscow. The ceremony will not only determine the tournament path of the teams participating in the World Cup, but will also tell about the host country of the tournament – we are waiting for a spectacular show.

8 groups of four teams will be formed following the results of the forthcoming Draw. In the group round, teams will play one game with each other. National teams, who took the first two places in their groups, go to the 1/8 finals. The tournament will last from June 14 to July 15 in 11 Russian cities organizers. A total of 64 matches will be played.

10 football legends will take part in the Draw. World Champion-2014 Miroslav Klose will take out the FIFA World Cup Cup on stage. The former England striker Gary Lineker will lead the Draw, and 8 more famous players will act as assistants: Frenchman Laurent Blanc, Englishman Gordon Banks, Brazilian Cafu, Italian Fabio Cannavaro, Uruguayan Diego Forlan, Argentinian Diego Maradona, Spaniard Carles Puyol and Russian Nikita Simonyan.

10 tons of steel was used for construction on the site of the Draw. Of these, 2.5 tons were used to decorate the stage, 1 ton for the podium and 6 tons for the screens.

18 professional translators will be involved in the Draw: they will be translated into 5 languages: English, German, Spanish, French and Russian.

30 head coaches from 32 teams participating in the FIFA 2018 World Cup will personally attend the Draw. Only Australia and Uruguay will not be represented by the head coaches in Moscow.

162 of the waste container will be used for separation and recycling of the waste on the Draw.

210 artists will take part in the colorful show during the Draw and will be responsible for the entertainment part of the program.

465 volunteers from different countries will help organize the Final Draw in Moscow.

1400 guests are expected on the Draw, 260 of them – as part of the delegations of the participating teams of the FIFA World Cup.

1500 journalists from all over the world are accredited to the Final Draw. Of these, 528 are journalists from the media. 117 rights holders will broadcast the draw, it will be seen in more than 200 countries of the world.

3960 square meters is the area of the hall for holding the Draw in the State Kremlin Palace, which is usually capable of hosting about 6,000 spectators.

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