News: 12 arenas of the World Cup 2018 are waiting for fans in Russia
12 arenas of the World Cup 2018 are waiting for fans from all over the world

12 arenas of the World Cup 2018 are waiting for fans from all over the world

The route of 32 teams participating in the FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia is known: The Final Draw draws the teams into groups, and each team now knows their rivals in the group stage.

It’s time to take a look at the 12 stadiums that will host all 64 matches of the big football tournament in Russia!

Five arenas are already hosting football matches: in the period from June to July 2017, the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 was already held at the Spartak stadium in Moscow, Sochi’s Fisht, Kazan Arena and Stadion St. Petersburg. The main stadium of the World Championship FIFA 2018 “Luzhniki”, where the opening match and the final of the tournament will be held, opened the doors in November after a major reconstruction: here was a friendly match between Russia and Argentina.

The remaining seven arenas are the last preparations, and very soon they will be ready to meet fans from all over the world.

The stadium Kaliningrad, which will host the first match of the mundialya on June 16 (it will be played by Croatia and Nigeria), is ready for more than 90%: in the arena, the erection of metal frameworks of a total volume of more than 15,000 tons has been completed. The installation of spectator seats in the stands is underway, the finishing works of the internal premises are being completed.

“Volgograd Arena” fell to hold, for example, a match between the national teams of Tunisia and England on June 18. Now the stadium has completed the construction of a football field, and the lawn is ready for wintering. Stained glass windows of the stadium building and entrance groups are being completed, protective fences and chairs for fans are being installed.

The teams of France and Peru will meet each other at the Ekaterinburg Arena on June 21. Now the easternmost stadium of the World Cup 2018 is ready for 98%: the restoration of the historical elements of the stadium recognized as a cultural heritage monument has been fully completed; the architectural illumination and media facade have been completed and the territory of the stadium has been landscaped, finishing works in podtribunnyh premises are underway.

June 18 at the “Stadium Nizhny Novgorod” will come teams of Sweden and South Korea. The lawn of the football field is completely ready, the preparatory stage of works on installation of the facade from windproof membranes of white and blue colors is conducted.

At the Mordovia Arena, where Colombia will compete with Japan on June 19, pile and monolithic works have been completed, installation of basic metal structures, installation of a football field and sowing grass. Work continues on the installation of the roof and facade, the erection of metal structures of temporary stands is underway.

On June 17, Brazil and Switzerland will arrive in Rostov-on-Don for the match. In the building of “Rostov Arena” installation of suspended ceilings, installation of elevators and escalators, installation of doors is being completed. There is an improvement of the area around the stadium and the erection of fences of the sports facility.

On the “Samara Arena”, which will open the World Cup with the match of the national teams of Costa Rica and Serbia on June 17, work continues on the installation of the roof, painting the facade and finishing works in podtribunnyh premises. Work is underway to establish a football field.


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