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The stars of the World Cup 2018: which one of these is Russia will have a chance again?

The stars of the World Cup 2018: which one of these is Russia will have a chance again?

Some of the stars players next summer in the World Cup 2018 participate, a relatively rich and successful experience in the arena of Russia. A little bit about the leading players of national teams of Germany, Belgium, Argentina and Portugal that are associated with the most hot football memories.


The final half of the German national team

A remarkable match in Russia: Chile-Germany-0:1

Time: July 2, 2017

Where: St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg استادیون

Julian دراکسلر-one of the three players on the German national team (along with Sebastian Rudy and Yozua Kimmihom), in which all five games, the "bundestim" at the Confederations Cup 2017 has played in Russia. In each session, including the final five in Chile, with their captain as a true leader. High speed hit is delivered, well featured and the skill to beat a 23-year-old offensive midfielder in a solo allowed in the middle of the field and to help partners in the difficult moments of the race.

دراکسلر has become not only the youngest captain in the history of the German national team, but also the youngest captain to win Confederations Cup, and winning the award for the best player of the tournament-"adidas Golden Ball». Do Russian stadiums Draxler and come next summer?

"The new role of the tournament received Draxler, their responsibility, and as a captain on the field and outside of it. He communicates easily with his comrades, he is the brain of our team. The players follow him. This tournament is well done, enjoy working with him was "Le-جواهیم, German national team coach.


Julian Draxler
Julian Draxler – German midfielder


Belgian striker

A memorable game in Russia: Russia-Belgium-0:2

Time: November 17, 2010

Where: Voronezh, the Central Trade Union Stadium

In September this year, "Moro" important points in the previous three Belgian broke his team in the UEFA Champions League (4-1), before a double defeat. However, this is not the first time that the لوکاکو against Russian Igor آکینفیف scored against the stadium: in the year 2010, Belgium is also the goalkeeper in a friendly match in Voronezh was desperate.

Then the attacker before the second meeting minutes, scoring the second goal, and that was that for the 17 year old Lukaku in the Belgian national team shirt. Seven years later, its national team striker scored 31 for-whether he will be able to make the World Cup 2018 بمباردی account replenished?

"Two-goal opportunity Lukaku scored two goals! We have almost nothing to make our gate in Russia, Arshavin off completely. I think that the national team was in Voronezh was born in Belgium, which legally is one of the ten most powerful in the world, "former coach George Licens, Belgium.

Romela LUKAKU – Belgium forward

Lionel Messi

Argentine striker

A remarkable match in Russia: اسپارتاک 0:3-Barcelona

Time: November 20, 2012

Where: Moscow, Luzhniki stadium

Messi twice as part of Argentina's national team went to Russia, and three games in the Champions League group stage also did: in none of the five, super aggressive team lost. However, Lionel's only goal in a match-in front of "Spartacus" in the year 2012. In the presence of 68 thousand spectators at Luzhniki stadium, twice, the first time with success in Games finished, and then realized a output to the one with the goalkeeper.

After the match, Messi, known as the best player of unusual artificial grass, the stadium of the capital. Five years later, after playing in the reconstruction of the national team Russia rebuilt Luzhniki (1:0), star striker on the grass completely exclusively on popular speaking moments. Is the captain of the national team of Argentina again in the main stadium field in the World Cup 2018 will be imported?

"I am in the Luzhniki against اسپارتاک in the Champions League game. This is a really modern, the other stadium, big, beautiful and easy-to-play "-Lionel Messi in an interview after the game, Russia and Argentina in November 2017.

Lionel Andres Messi
Lionel Andres Messi – forward of FC Barcelona, since 2011 – captain of the national team of Argentina

Cristiano Ronaldo

Portugal striker

A remarkable match in Russia: "MU"-"Chelsea"-1:1 (6:5-penalty)

Time: 21 May 2008

Where: Moscow, Luzhniki stadium

The Portuguese repeatedly played the FIFA Confederation Cup, Russian field in 2017 in the national team of Portugal in the UEFA Champions League in the "real" scoring, but the biggest success of the "Russian" he has a win in the Champions League, "Manchester United" in the year 2008.

This was Ronaldo in the final match Chelsea won in the لوزنیکی Stadium and jumping head shed side. In the penalty shootout the Portuguese striker is the only player in "hair," which could be a hit of the penalty does not understand, and at the same time that the odds of Manchester in the next night.

"I've played again in Russia in Moscow I first brought the Champions League. Russia brought me luck let me know last time not work a little-we could not prevail in the Confederations Cup, but overall this is an interesting and useful experience. "Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo – Portugal forward

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