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The four components of the success of Julien Lopetega

The four components of the success of Julien Lopetega

Having headed the national team of Spain, Khulen Lopetegi has taken on a heavy burden. On the one hand, he got the opportunity to work with a legendary team that won all that is possible, including two European Championships in a row and the FIFA World Championships – the first in the history of the “red furies”.

On the other hand, the specialist was in the team in a difficult period for her, because in each of the last three international tournaments the Spaniards suffered very painful defeats.

The results of the one and a half year work of the 51-year-old specialist surpassed the most optimistic expectations. Spain returned to the number of the strongest teams in the world and is considered one of the favorites of the upcoming 2018 World Cup in Russia.

What is the secret of this success? Sam Loptegi in an interview notes four key points.

Looking towards the future

“In recent years, Spain has made great strides. This is an occasion to thank one of the best generations in the history of Spanish football, and the whole world football in general. However, these successes are in the past.

Today the team is still played by several representatives of that golden generation, young people joined in, and we try to successfully combine experience and youth. We believe in those who come to the team, in their potential, skill, athletic ambitions. And we need to help them to take the right path. “

Careful alternation of generations

“Of course, personnel changes are not easy and in each case have their own nuances. First of all, we try to speak frankly with the players, explain their decisions to them. Substitutions are made in order to return the team to its former might.

We also understand that a successful performance in the qualifying tournament does not mean that we are now favorites of the World Cup. Previously it was also: the magnificent victories of the Spanish team at the European and World Championships did not guarantee her a serene life in the future. The only thing that can bring you success is the football that you show during a particular tournament. “

Adaptation of tactical schemes to specific performers

“The current Spanish team can not play as before, if only because there are no two absolutely identical teams. These are different teams with a different set of performers. We want to use all the strengths of our players and explain our understanding of football to them so that the team is organized, aggressive, ambitious and able to compete with anyone with dignity. An excellent team should be able to find a successful solution in a variety of situations without losing its handwriting. “

The instinct of the winner

“I managed to work with several representatives of the new generation in teams of younger ages. Some guys have reached such a high level that they were able to help the first team already in this qualification. For example, Isko. He is only 25, and he is already a great master and has become one of the key figures in Madrid “Real”. And the guy has a huge potential for growth.

Isko and his partners have been accustomed to victories since youth and are not going to stop there. They developed the instinct of the winner. I will not say that we can not do without this, but this is a very valuable quality that can play an important role in difficult times. “

Khulen Lopetegi – dossier

  • He played on the position of the goalkeeper for the Madrid “Real”, “Logrones”, “Barcelona” and “Rayo Vallecano”
  • Spent one match for the national team
  • The third goalkeeper of the Spanish national team at the 1994 World Cup in the United States
  • Head coach of youth and youth national teams of Spain (2010-2014)
  • Head coach of FC Porto in 2014-2016

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