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The year "real" Ronaldo. The original records of the year 2017

The year "real" Ronaldo. The original records of the year 2017


Brazilian national team striker in August the most heroic play in football history. "PSG" for "the transmission" نایمار 222 million euro to Barcelona. In addition to the 25-year-old Brazil more than 100 million euros worth of three-pogeba bridge ("Manchester United"), Osman dmblah ("Barcelona") and Gareth Bale ("real"). An advocate of "Monaco" its mendeley Benjamin broke the record of Defense: "Rugby Union" paying for its 57.5 million euros. However, with the advent of 2018, the new record should become Virgil van Dick, from Southampton to Liverpool for about 85 million euro move.


The Paris Club is not only a successful move in the market. Nimar Dortmund record of this company and بوروسیا in a number of goals in the Champions League group stage defeat. PSG 25 goals in six rounds. In addition to this internal Team stage Unai Emery 98 points for crop year achieved the best result in the history of the League-1. Previously the maximum was 92 points in 1980 to win was Nantes.


"Spartacus" for the season to win the Premier League record with 2016.17 rating specifies 1:0. Massimo Carrera team 11 times your opponent with just one goal to beat. The Italian coach was his first Championship Gold Medal Gold Medal coming back during the season. In the year 2017 and several anti-red and white. 0:7 of the Liverpool defeat-the largest for Russian representatives in the European competition. And in the match "Zenit"-"اسپارتاک" in St. Petersburg (5:1) was recorded for the first time about the current Russian champion missed five flowers.

Massimo Carrera with his wife Photo: RIA Novosti
Massimo Carrera with his wife
Photo: RIA Novosti


The number of files on different players over the years, the Premier League have created. In April, Sergei ایگناهاویچ, سسکا Defender, leader of the Russian Championship and the number of times in the ground to 457. In may, a 43-year-old lsov, Dimitri, for "locomotive" with "Orenburg" game. As a result, in terms of the number of لوسکوف the season holding League (20) is the highest ranking. Nikita Medvedev, who then in favor of the "rostov", a new series record for the goalkeeper (1034-min), which is set prior to the acquisition of Ruslan نگماتولین.

Markov اوگنی in late fall, the fastest trick on Championships of Russia will build: tsono 24 minutes striker arsenal scored 3 goals. Multiple file to Igor آینفیف. Goalkeeper Liu سسکا یشین on a number of domestic championship tournament on the final beat. 33 he played with zero in the European Cup, scored and set up your bar. Finally, he is a former player of the tournament for the rotor ایزپوف Valerie in the Premier League for a club ruined.

Premier League

Also in the British Premier League records. The champion of the country, "Chelsea" the season to end, with 2016.17 earn 30th win. Before the best results (29 victories) in "Chelsea". Maybe in the year 2018 کانته Josep Guardiola's team Antonio "Rugby Union" defeat. In December the "citizens" of the UK's record to 15 days from the beginning of the race and the Championship. And they did not stop there, "Tottenham"-"Liverpool" the maximum number of spectators on the Premier League. In 827, ویمبلی 80, stands for.

Midfielder "go West" Barry of the garter Ryan Giggs on the British championship, played at the time of 633 times. Wayne Rooney and Sergio آگوئرو best goalscorers on Manchester United f.c. and Rugby Union. Arnss Wenger's premier league record has established and uninterrupted 7, 583 days worked. In addition, the first arsenal coach who won seven British Cup and won 7 times in a row in the Champions League final of 1.8 fly.


Rival Zenit on European League final 16.16 a record in British soccer history, based on the number of matches without defeat in the domestic arena. The Glasgow team to improve your progress which was 62 games. At the moment, "Celtic" in December 2017 in 69 games mark. And the team lost brandan Rogers not only, but also on the road by the "hartz"-micro 0:4. Before this latest defeat in the "Celtic" in may 2016.


The German team

The current world champions 10 preliminary round match in 2018 have gained. یوآخیم team team Le national of Spain, the team repeated the achievement of 100% results in the 2010 FIFA World Cup matches have gained, and the number of Hispanics in the number that scored گلهایی, pussy. Magnificent Germans have scored 43. It can be added that in the same period of the World Cup 2018 Robert لووندوفسکی scored 16-this is a new record for Europe. Playing in Germany for the "Bavaria" can help to progress to the pole.

Lionel Messi

Ahead of the Barcelona-author of several unique achievement in the past year. In may, was the first player Lionel Messi double to 100 samples. In August, the number of flowers in Argentinian real goal-24. Atletico striker Telmo Sarru of copper, which is the Championship of Spain from 1939 until 1957 was present at the Championships, was out. In October, Premier Lionel Championship title on the World Cup Championship of South America have achieved-20 flowers. Next flowers at the gate of "real" in December to allow him to Gerd Müller's goal of a European Championship of the Club for releasing the top 5. On account of the official tournaments in Barcelona, Messi scored scored 526.

Lionel Messi, Barcelona
Lionel Messi, Barcelona


"Royal Club" in the year 2017 to the Royal figure. The "real" number of records rewritten. In January, the team of Zinedine Zidane from achieving "Barcelona" and ultimately failed. In the months of April to may, two other record was set by the کاتالونی Club, "real" first for the seventh time in a row to enter the Champions League semifinal and was 19 times for the European Cup final. In the month of may, Madrid in 62 games in a row in all tournaments, considered that it had not been done before, no 5 of the European Super League team.

The series finished in 74 games results-a repeat of the world record, which was founded by the Brazilian "Santos". A month later, Real Madrid out of the Champions League title defence, this also had failed previously for anyone. October to Zidane is the best team on the examples of results of guest wins in a row (13). The month of November, and Real Madrid was the first winner of the 50 times in the Champions League and Barcelona ran away. 2017 with a club record Madrid team ended: five goals in a calendar year after victory in the World Club Championship.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Most "real" I beat the records only your striker Cristiano Ronaldo. In February, the first Champions League games in the پرتغالیها category. In April, Ronaldo was the first player's first 100 goals in European competition and scoring, and then the first authors of 100 goals in the Champions League. In addition, Cristiano "real" in a record number of Santiago Bernabeu in "گلهایی" (221) scoring, determine. A month later, the new results achieved football: Ronaldo-two consecutive Champions League games in the scam.

Cristiano before Jamie graves, who had scored 366: in addition to this, in may, the scorer in the history of the five European Championships won as the best scorer. The summer of 2017-new peaks were conquered. In June, he was the fifth times in a row wins the snipers first UEFA Champions League match and the player is able to Excel in the three main European competition final. The next record in the month of November. Ronaldo is the same value with the number of strikes are accurate in the Champions League during the calendar year in which the level of introduced 17 flower maintenance. Finally, several dramatic success for the stars of "real" to the month of December.

For the first time in the history of the Champions League, a player at the gate at all six phase of the group stage-the Portuguese course. Cristiano failed to score more than 50 goals in a calendar year for seven consecutive years, and shortly after to become the best scorer in the history of the FIFA Club World Cup. Now Ronaldo in a pair with Tony کرووز record for the Club World Cup title. When he was with Manchester United was victorious three times with Real Madrid. An incredible year of the owner of the "Golden Ball"!

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