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Kane vs. Cavani: the battle for the “Golden Boot” continues

Kane vs. Cavani: the battle for the “Golden Boot” continues

New Year’s review of the struggle for the “Golden Boot” includes the period from December 7, 2017 to January 4, 2018, inclusive. During this time in the leading European leagues was played an unequal number of rounds (from 3 to 7), which led to considerable changes in the top 30.

Leadership retained the forward of the French “PSG” Edinson Cavani. For the period after the last review on his account 2 goals in 3 games. In total Uruguayan has 19 goals (38 points) after 18 played matches.

After a tumultuous start, the “Monaco” striker Radamel Falcao has already scored for the second month only “on holidays”. In 3 games he had 1 goal and with 15 balls (30 points) already 4 goals inferior to the leader. The figures of the players of “Lyon” Nabil Fekir and Mariano Diaz were compared. The first scored twice, and the second – once in 3 games. On their account for 13 goals (26 points). The new representative of League 1 in the top 30 was mate Cavani Neimar (11 goals, 22 points, 14 games).

In the English Premier League after 7 December was played 7 rounds. It was thought that the main movements in the table were supposed to be here. But the forecasts were justified only by half. Top-30 replenished only 2 players, but the leaders of the bombardier race of the championship of England turned out almost everything.

The owner of the last two Golden Boots of the Premier League, Harry Kane (Tottenham) in the last 5 games in December, scored 8 times (double and 2 hat-tricks) and won several records for the calendar year 2017. In the two January games he did not score and thus could not catch up and overtake Cavani. Nevertheless, Kane with 18 goals (36 points) in 21 matches moved from 23rd to 2nd place in the fight for the “Golden Boot”.

For 1 ball from Kane Liverpool’s newcomer Mohamed Salah fell behind. Egyptian in 6 games scored 5 goals and with 17 balls (34 points) divides 3-4 places. Rahim Sterling, leader of the Premier League “Manchester City” (14 goals, 28 points, 20 games) and Sergio Aguero (13 goals, 26 points, 17 games) among the new faces in the top 30 of the current draw. Could be in our table and the striker of “Chelsea” Alvaro Morata, but in the last game with “Arsenal” he did not use several excellent scoring chances.

Only one goal was scored by the leaders of the scoring race of Serie A Mauro Ikardi (for 4 games) and Ciro Immobile (for 3 games) and lost 2nd and 3rd places in the overall standings of the Golden Boots. After the 1st round of the Italian championship, forwards Milan Inter Milan and Roman Lazio 17 goals (34 points) and 16 goals (32 points) respectively.

Paulo Dibala in the first three matches of Turin Juventus after our previous review only came out twice for the replacement at the end of the games and only in the last match for today with Verona got to the base and took a double. The Argentinean has 14 goals (28 points) for 18 games.

The goalless series of Dris Mertens from Napoli has already reached eight matches, and he left the top 30. But there was a veteran of Italian football Fabio Quagliarella from Sampdoria. In the last 4 games, the Genoese scored 5 goals and in total has 12 goals (24 points).

In the previous review, we noted that in the top 30 only one scorer from the Spanish Examples. A month later, for which 3 rounds were played, there were two of them. Lelion Messi (FC Barcelona) was joined by Selta striker Iago Aspas. For today he has 11 goals (22 points) for 16 played matches. It’s interesting that Iago did not score in the first 7 games, and all the balls fell on the next 9 games.

Last season, Aspas with 19 goals took the 4th place in the scoring race of the championship of Spain after the owners of all the “Golden Boots” of the last 8 drawings (Messi, Luis Suárez, Cristiano Ronaldo), and in the top 30 “Golden Boots” 23 places with 38 points. Career 30-year-old striker in “Liverpool” and “Seville” did not work out, and he returned to his native penates and even attracted to the Spanish team.

As for the Argentine, then for 3 games he has 2 goals and in the end 15 goals (30 points) for 17 matches. It should be taken into account that in the example only 17 rounds out of 38 were played, whereas in Italy and France 19 were played, and in England at all 22.

The third round was also played in the German Bundesliga 1. During this period Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich) scored one time and brought the number of goals to 15 (30 points) for 17 games. Pierre-Emerick Obamaiayang from Dortmund Borussia approached him on the ball. At the Gabon in the first round of the German championship in the asset 13 goals scored (26 points).

The third representative of the Bundesliga in the top 30 was Alfred Finnbogason (Augsburg). Thanks to the hat trick at the gate of “Freiburg” in the last round for today Iceland scored 11 goals (22 points). In his time Finnbogason was distinguished by high efficiency. So, in the “Heerenveen” he scored 24 goals in the season-2012/13, and the following year he became the best scorer of the Netherlands championship with 29 goals. Later he played for the Spanish “Real Sociedad” and the Greek “Olympiakos”, but only for the third season after the transition to the “Augsburg” “remembered” his bombardier skills.

Enviable stability continues to demonstrate the striker Lisbon “Benfica” Jonas. In 3 games he scored 4 goals. Thus, in 16 matches, the Brazilian scored 19 times, but this is only 28.5 points, since this season Portugal has an increase factor of 1.5. Without taking into account the coefficients, Jonas is ahead of all in terms of the “average game score”.

The leader of the bombardier race of the Polish championship Igor Angulo (Gurnik Zabrze) for three games has never scored and with 19 goals (28.5 points) from the 4th place dropped to 10th. In the top 30 of the Extraclasses are also Jakub Shverchok (“Zaglembe” Lubin) and Carlos Lopez (“Wisla” Krakow). They have 16 and 15 goals, respectively (24 and 22.5 points).

Since in the top 30 so far there are 6 players who have already completed the season, it makes sense to bring the list of scorers from the leagues with a coefficient of 2, having an asset of 10 balls (20 points):

  • England: A. Morata, R. Lukaku, W. Rooney.
  • Spain: S. Dzadza, L. Suarez.
  • Italy: D. Mertens.
  • France: M. Balotelli.

Also on the threshold of the top 30 and a number of players from the leagues with a coefficient of 1.5, scoring 14 goals (21 points).

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