Disappointment-2017. From the collapse of "Lille" to the running of Akinfeev
Disappointments of 2017. From the collapse of “Lille” to the running of Akinfeev

Disappointments of 2017. From the collapse of “Lille” to the running of Akinfeev

Five nominations – footballer, coach, club, tournament and match.

Footballer: Renata Sansheesh.

Golden Boy 2016 failed the first serious year, when he had to prove that the advances given in Benfica and the European Championships were not accidental. Despite the fact that “Bavaria” formally acquired the Portuguese even before the Euro, Sansheesh became another living proof that in no case can one be fought for the hype of one mini-tournament around the player. It’s funny that with the last two players shot at major tournaments – Hames Rodriguez and Sansheesh – the first thing to do was Carlo Ancelotti.

So far, Khames has not managed to gain a foothold in the number of superstars of world football, and the level of tasks for Renat is much more modest – he is trying to find a place in the starting lineup. Now not in “Bavaria”, but in “Swansea”, and this is still given to the Portuguese with difficulty. He still can not get rid of the Portuguese syndrome of unnecessary touches and often remains out of the game: for the calendar year, Sanheshes spent only five official club matches from the first minute to the last.

Coach: Ronald Koeman.

As it often happens in the English Premier League, when it comes to three-digit figures in millions of euros for transfers, from the coach immediately expect at least getting into the Champions League. And this level of pressure destroys them. Ronald Coomman finished with the “Everton” is not the worst last season, got into the Europa League, lost the main star of the team, with money from the sale which managers “toffee” bought half of Europe, and … fell with a crash.

Partly to blame the managers who have collected youngsters and players who duplicate each other in positions, in part Kuman rested in the dream of replacing Romel Lukaku, but today no one understands this. No result (and it really was not: the team was tormented even with the Cypriot grandfather at home) – the coach will be dismissed. And by the time of the dismissal, a lot of claims to him have been typed: in the case of Kuman, they agreed that the coach allegedly did not identify himself with the club, because he never said “we”. What a nightmarish sin, who actually took this man to work ?!

Club: Lille.

(This is in case you think that such stories are possible only in the Russian championship.) In January last year, the owner of the “Lille” was the Spanish-Luxembourg businessman Gerard Lopez, who decided that he would change the world at the click of his fingers. Already in the winter, the once powerful French club set its sights on the still young but gradually becoming illiquid footballers, took several and announced that from the summer the head coach will be Marcelo Bielsa. Doubtful choice for a new team with all my infinite love for this Argentine demon: beginners need to start to lead to a single denominator, and Bielsa instantly gave all the guys the same and godlessly exhausting training program. The result was a little predictable: Lille went to explore the depths of the bottom of the League 1, Bielsa fled in search of a new goal for his terrorist attack, and Lopez, who tried to avoid penalties for the coach, gave the club a transfer ban for January. This story could have happened somewhere in Kirov, only without Bielsa.

Tournament: Bundesliga.

Here everything is quite simple: the German championship has finally become a tournament where two dozen young and not so neurotic trainers find out who is better at picking the ball. The Bundesliga has been weighed down by pressure, and, of course, it gives some entertainment in the internal struggle, but as soon as the Germans find themselves in Europe, they have problems.

Opponents with great pleasure give the team from the Bundesliga the ball, and the one who used to take it with meat, starts to hang – the ability to clearly play the ball from the Germans because of the infinite pressure became less. One can speak without fear of a crisis of ideas in the Bundesliga, and this is especially surprising, because with young and potentially extraordinary coaches here is complete order. They just think about the same.

Match: Russia – Mexico.

Objectively speaking, the defeat in the match with Mexico was not unexpected – who said that we need to beat the team of this level? Disappointment in Kazan was not due to the result and not from the fact that we did not play in the semi-final of the home Confederations Cup. It was more a sad thing that in the match with Portugal, and in the first half of the game with Mexico, the Russian team showed that he can show quality football.

At times, during the first 45 minutes of the game with Mexico it seemed (then this feeling was repeated in a friendly match with Spain), that this is not Russia at all on the field, but someone is noticeably stronger. But everything ended as usual: the defenders did not keep up with their players, Igor Akinfeev unsuccessfully ran out of the gate, and the best player of the national team Yuri Zhirkov got a red one. Descent from heaven to earth turned out to be too harsh.

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