Villas-Boasch and rally. Ronaldo and poker. Shevchenko and golf. Usain Bolt and football.
10 players and coaches who have made progress in other sports

10 players and coaches who have made progress in other sports

In November, the ex-coach of Chelsea and Zenit Andre Villash-Boas left China, and now participates in the Dakar-2018 rally in Peru. His uncle participated in this race twice, and motor racing, according to the Portuguese, is of great interest to him. Nevertheless, the rally is just entertainment for the coach, he wants to return to Europe and continue his career in football. We recall other cases when people of football were successfully engaged in other sports.

Fabien Barthez (rally / car racing)

Another lover of racing is the legendary goalkeeper of the French team. A year after the end of his career, Fabien Barthez made his debut in the body race. In 2011, he took his first trophy in the championship of Gran Turismo in the category GT3, and a couple of years later became the champion of France in car racing, speaking at Ferrari. Becoming a goalkeepers’ coach, “PSG”, he briefly suspended his career, but now continues to engage in racing.

10 players and coaches who have made progress in other sports

Bixant Lizarazu (jiu-jitsu)

Another world champion in 1998 chose Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It is not known who put the defender on martial arts, but at the first European championship in this discipline, Lizarazu won gold. Who would have thought that the guy with the number 69 is so skillfully fighting.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Taekwondo)

Because of martial arts, football fans could lose another great football player. In childhood, the restless Swede was engaged in both football and taekwondo, so he seriously thought about another career in sports. At the age of 17, he already had a black belt, but in the end he probably made the right choice. Especially since the experience of Taekwondo Zlatanu only helps on the field.

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Henrik Larsson (floorball)

Another Swede chose a more popular kind of sport in his homeland – floorball (something like hockey in the hall). Professional career here, Larsson began back in 1989, in parallel with the performance for the football club “Hegaborg.” As a result, football in the life of the striker still outweighed, and to floorball he returned at the end of his career. In the second match of the Swedish Super League after the return Larsson made two “assistants” and was recognized as a match player.

David Seaman (figure skating)

Having finished his career, the English goalkeeper shaved off his mustache and was carried away by figure skating, taking part in the local analogue of the show “Stars on Ice”. “Probably, I really want to spend more time on the rink, teach new support with my wife, then play golf, less flicker in public and remain not a football player, but just a happy person,” admitted Simen in an interview with the correspondent of the “Championship” Dmitry Egorov .

Gabriel Batistuta (polo)

Batigol finished his career due to numerous injuries – in an interview with the Spanish Marca, he even admitted that he had once implored doctors to amputate his legs. Nevertheless, after a busy life in football, the Argentine did not manage to give up the sport at all. However, Batistuta chose the kind of sport in which players use someone else’s feet – polo. The attacker knows how to ride a horse since childhood, so it was not difficult to learn. Now the ex-footballer is preparing to enter the team “Boki Juniors” for polo.

Andrey Shevchenko (golf)

Many football players, former and current, play golf, but one of the best in this sport is the current coach of the Ukrainian national team Andriy Shevchenko. According to ex-footballer “Milan” and “Chelsea”, this occupation helps him get away from problems and stay with himself. But it seems that Shevchenko plays not only for pleasure – in 2011 he became a silver medalist of the Ukrainian championship in golf, and two years later he won the prestigious British tournament Queenwood Golf Club. “I play much better than Volodya Klitschko,” the former striker summed up his level.

Dmitry Sychev (surfing)

In the career of the legend of “Locomotive” was the moment when it seemed that he would not play football again. Then Sychev spent a lot of time in Bali, where he got carried away by surfing. “I plowed: in the morning surf, in the afternoon – in the hall. Three trainings a day. Leaving the “Locomotive” and football very strongly struck in psychology, on moral things – I want to return, I do everything for this, “- said then the footballer in an interview with the” Championship “. Now Dmitry is the captain of the farm club “Loko”, but he does not forget about his hobby. And he met the last New Year on the other hemisphere and went surfing.

Ronaldo (poker)

Sport is not necessarily physical exercise. For example, Ronaldo in 2013 became a member of the team of PokerStars stars. At the end of his career football player Zubastik almost did not know how to play poker, and now – one of the best celebrity players. In his “instagrama” he regularly post photos from a variety of tournaments.


Usain Bolt (sprinting)

On the contrary, sportsmen from other sports sometimes want to try themselves in professional football. For example, eight-time Olympic champion and 11-time world champion Usain Bolt has been trying to become a football player for several years. Well, with such data the Yaman is unlikely to get lost on the field. In March, he is going to watch Dortmund “Borussia”, but his dream is “Manchester United”. “I spoke with Sir Alex Ferguson on this topic,” Bolt said. “He replied that if I was in uniform, he would say a word to me at the club.”

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