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7 top transfers that must happen this winter

7 top transfers that must happen this winter

1. Alexis Sanchez (“Arsenal” → “Manchester City”)

One of the most annoying soap operas in European football is nearing completion. The star of “Arsenal” Alexis Sanchez, whose contract ends in the summer, it seems, still go to the “Manchester City”. According to the authoritative British media, Guardiola’s club will pay £ 35 million for him, and 15 of them are lifted to the football player himself. But it’s not yet clear how Pep Guardiola will introduce another super-active player into his total ball control system. Although Sanchez with a salary of £ 13 million a year for 5.5 years is unlikely to be something not to suit.

2. Mesut Ozil (“Arsenal” → “Manchester United”)

The management of the London “Arsenal” increasingly resembles the Dynamo in the period of Guram Ajoyev. The second leader of the team Mesut Ozil also ends the contract this summer. To help out at least some money, Londoners are trying to sell the German playmaker to competitors from the “MU”. Ozila in the team very much wants to see Jose Mourinho, who specifically received permission from the management of the club to buy a football player in the winter. But if the transfer still fails, Juventus is ready to pick up the German in the summer for free. Turintsy generally know how to take players who “do not lie well”.

3. David Luis (“Chelsea” → “Manchester United”)

The cycle of transfers in the top clubs of the Premier League does not end there. Chelsea now have a bust with central defenders – even given the fact that Antonio Conte loves the 3-4-3 formation. The number of playing time is first of all dissatisfied with David Louis, who is also interested in Mourinho. It’s strange, because it was with this coach that the Brazilian in his time, “Chelsea” left, and returned to London already at Conte.

4. Emre Jan (“Liverpool” → “Juventus”)

Another football player with an ending contract, which may be taken by Juventus, is Emre Jan. But, unlike Osil and Sanchez, the German midfielder has not yet given up the contract with his current club. “Liverpool” still hopes to keep Jan, who still doubts about his future. Nevertheless, the British are already considering the possibility to pay the “RB Leipzig” a couple of tens of millions and to transfer Nabi Keith – a potential replacement to the German – in the winter, and not in the summer, as the clubs agreed on initially.

5. Cedric Bacamba (“Villarreal” → “Beijing Guoan”)

It would seem, what does a football player named Bacamba do on this list? The fact is that this striker from DR Congo can become the most expensive African football player in the history of world football. Taking into account all taxes, the Chinese club “Beijing Guoan” will pay for it € 74 million. By the way, last season this team finished on the 9th place in the local Super League.

6. Gareth Bale (“Real” → “Guangzhou Evergreen”)

Meanwhile, the champion of China in 2017 is ready to break the market by another transfer from La Liga. “Guangzhou Evergreen” is ready to pay for Gareth Bale € 96 million, and the Chinese are not at all embarrassed by his health problems. Apparently, the interest of “MU” to the Welshman disappeared, which means that China is almost the only opportunity to reanimate a career for Bale, if, of course, Zinedine Zidane stops counting on him.

7. Mauro Ikardi (“Inter” → “Real”)

On the transition Coutinho in the “Leopard” Madrid are going to answer the transfer captain of “Inter”. Mauro Ikardi became absolutely the best Nerazzurri football player, thanks to him the team now occupies the third line of Serie A. In the current market, the striker costs about € 100 million, but Real has hardly been spent in the summer, and now the team needs fresh blood more than ever. In some publications it is reported that Icardi has already undergone a medical check-up for moving to Madrid, so the official announcement of the transfer can be expected soon.

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