Roberto Carlos, Mario Fernandez and other Brazilian defenders in the Premier League
Brazilian defenders in the Premier League: who are they?

Brazilian defenders in the Premier League: who are they?

According to the Brazilian media, Moscow “Spartak” is negotiating with the defender of “Santos” Lucas Verissimo. And more recently, it was alleged that Zenit aimed at the defender of the Sao Paulo Rodrigo Cayo. We are so used to the fact that our top clubs are looking for creators and scorers in Brazil that the possible appearance of Brazilian defenders in the Russian championship is perceived as an exotic. We recall how the players from Brazil played themselves in Russian football.

Rodolfo Bispo Dantash (2007-2010, 2015-present)

“Loco” never disdained Brazilians and after the departure of the cult for the red-green Francisco Lima in the team came another Brazilian with a bias in defensive action. After playing for several years at the heart of Dynamo Kiev, Rodolfo arrived in Moscow ready for anything in 2007, and after a while spoke Russian fluently. In the game plan, he also came to the court, his tandem with Marco Basha Rashid Rakhimov (former coach of Lokomotiv) called the best in the Premier League at that time. After the departure of Diniyar Bilyaletdinov to England, Rodolfo became captain of “Loco”, but in 2011 he moved to “Gremio”. However, then the second coming to Russia happened: since 2015 Rodolfo in “Akhmat” continues to please the fans with blows of his cannon left.

Roberto Carlos (2011-2012)

Roberto Carlos as a player held in Russia only 25 matches, but his status does not allow not to include it on our list. Loud arrival in Makhachkala “Anji” made a real sensation and laid the foundation for the most famous “Anji” of 2011. But in the same 2011, Roberto already played the role of assistant coach, and in 2012, and was completely otsyavlen from the list of players. Later, the Brazilian became the director of the team, and after the season left Dagestan. And although his game segment in Russia can hardly be called successful, it is often remembered this magician. And Roberto remembers Russia.

Antonio Ferreira de Oliveira (2010-2014)

This defender spent more than 100 matches in the Premier League, and to the mark in the treasured “sotochku” for “Terek” (the current “Akhmat”) he did not have only one. Career Ferreira was a stable rise in the career ladder: the Latvian “Metallurg” – “Spartak” Nalchik – Terek “Grozny”. The Brazilian was remembered not only for a powerful and stable game in the center of defense, but also because he tried to tweet Vasily Utkin in Russian.

Having played in the “Terek” for about four years, Antonio Ferreira was recognized by fans and the head of Chechnya (he gave him diamond earrings). In 2015, under the decision of head coach Rashid Rakhimov, Antonio left the team and returned to Brazil.

Shandao (2013-2017)

Shandao, or, as some call him, Shandan, came to the Krasnodar “Kuban”, even when the club tried to conduct thoughtful selection. Arrival in the club, the middle peasant Premier League, played in the Lisbon “Sporting”, many appreciated highly. In general, Shandao lived up to expectations, played a lot and reliably (94 games). At some point in the media, even there were rumors that the player was interested in “Locomotive” and “Spartacus.” It ended with all the legal proceedings with the bankrupt “Kuban” and the transition to “Anji” as a free agency. Alas, with “Anji” everything also ended in a catastrophe with mutual reproaches and early termination of the contract. Now the Brazilian in Spain: stands for “Sporting” Gijon.

Naldo Pereira (2016-2017)

Another example of the integration of the defender with the European experience in the Russian reality. This time in “Krasnodar”. Naldo Pereira had a solid track record before coming to Russia: dozens of matches in Italy, Spain and Portugal. Add to this 188 cm of growth and a good age of 27 years. In Naldo, many saw the replacement of Sigurdsson, who left for England, but the Brazilian from the first matches did not justify the expectations of the fans, he made a lot of mistakes positively and could not become the mainstay of protecting the bulls. After spending 14 matches in the Premier League, Naldo, following the example of Shandao, left for Spain and now plays for the local Espanyol.

Mauricio Dos Santos (2016-2017)

Massimo Carrera, who came to “Spartacus” initially put the game in defense, in his first transfer windows as head coach actively acquired defenders. After the arrival of Jikia and Tigiev in the winter of 2017, the transfers of Petkovich and Mauricio followed in the summer. It seemed that Mauricio appeared in “Spartacus” at the moment when the head coach had already figured out what exactly he needed, and the more logical was the purchase of a defender from the league, which he knows well. In addition, few will argue that the “Lazio” club by European standards is not weak, and Mauricio played it regularly. For half a year in “Spartacus” the Brazilian had only 10 matches, but they became part of the way of red and white to the long-awaited championship. Moreover, the defender even brought victory to the team in the match with “Akhmat”, scoring the only goal. Alas, these feats did not inspire the Muscovites to redeem his transfer, and after the lease the Brazilian returned to Rome, regularly complaining about how unfairly he had been treated.

Mario Fernandez (2012-present.)

Yes, yes, we all remember that this football player is already “Russian”, but let’s be honest, mentally Mario is still a Brazilian. Mario Fernandez moved to CSKA Moscow for unseen money for the club (somewhere now sighed Goncharenko), they said that he cost the Muscovites about 15 million euros. CSKA did not lose, Mario became one of the best, if not the best Brazilian in the Premier League, and he himself admitted that he “got God” in Russia. CSKA became the only club in the overseas career of the defender, and after five years in our country, Mario finally became attached to Moscow, having obtained Russian citizenship. Now Mario Fernandez – the most expensive football player of the Russian team, in this sense even ahead of Fedor Smolov.

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