Artem Dzyuba and Oleg Shatov do not fly to the collection of "Zenith"
Dzyuba and Shatov did not fly to the collection of “Zenith”. It’s all because of Mancini

Dzyuba and Shatov did not fly to the collection of “Zenith”. It’s all because of Mancini

Dziuba is not a weak player. He’s just not a Mancini player

You came here to gloat, and I – to broadcast an unpopular thought: Artyom Dzyuba’s chances to start playing in Europe would be higher than that of Fedor Smolov. It is clear why it is considered to be otherwise, here is the problem of human psychology. Smolov in our heads is a story of a specific nature, an escape from “Krasnodar” for rapper quotes, although “Krasnodar” made Fedor a very limited player. From the forward with constant movement across the entire width of the field, the rigid philosophy of Krasnodar turned Smolov into a pure sniper, useless in draft work.

About the character of Dziuba on the shops before the entrances and in the comments know better than me, and moving to Europe does not excite him. At the same time, Dziuba is better prepared to move on playing qualities. The current season in Zenit is a failure, but there’s no arguing, but it’s worth repeating thoughts on Dzyuba from last spring, when Mircea Lucescu found a forward for the striker: he clung to the ball better, went more into the depths, moved more and played better, while Smolov was is charged solely on his own goals. Second of statistics: last season, when the playing time forwards was comparable, Dziuba took part 13 times in scoring attacks, “Zenith”, where he did not score himself. Smolov – only once.

If you go to a boring statistic, then Dziuba got banal to a coach who does not like high strikers. A Dziuba or Dzeko player at Mancini is an auxiliary instrument, the first violin will still be another attacker, fast and maneuverable (like Aguero or Kokorin). In most matches, when Dziuba came out, his role was reduced to simple: take a long transfer, throw in touch, run into the penalty area under the awning.,

Dzyuba and Shatov did not fly to the collection of "Zenith". It's all because of Mancini

The natural qualities of Dzyuba became an important capital of Zenit. Other qualities – the ability to drag a ball, a good sense of passing – were forgotten. In fact, in the system of Mancini, Dzyuba became a watchtower, which must be reached from the flank. In this case, even Dzyuba is useless in this style, if the delivery of the ball is idle. So, for half an hour against “Spartacus” blue-white-blue made 14 canopies in the penalty area. Dziuba got caught up in just one, and never hit the goal. Banal bulk does not bring a goal, canopies also need to work out – for example, as a coach who left for the province from Zenit, which later will head Zenit himself.

Statistics screams about how they used Dzyuba. By the number of opponents, cut off on receiving transfers in 90-minute stretches, Artem is absolutely the best player of the Premier League (114.7 – Smolov cuts 15.5 opponents less). That is, he did not forget how to cling to the ball. But with less involvement in the game, Dziuba slowed down in strikes – 0.30 xG / 90min at 0.44 last season – and especially in the danger of key gears (0.09 xA vs. 0.16 and 0.20 at Zenit earlier ).

Curiously, his shock-assistant statistics are worse only in “Rostov”, where Dziuba touched the ball on average for 90 minutes the least number of times in the last four seasons of the Premier League. It’s easy to get out the connection: the better Dziuba is built into the team game, the more effective it is, you can not use it as Smolov, as the scorer of “races and closes”. Mancini saw Dziub only so, just with an extra function of “fight”.

Shatov’s problems – not only in the game

Before the winter break, Zenit traveled to Grozny, and Oleg Shatov became a participant in the reverse replacement – and in the history of one match all the problems of Shatov in Zenit Mancini are covered.

The first. Oleg Shatov went to the position of right-back, where he had never played in his life. Well, this is a one-time surge in Mancini’s inadequacy, but the point is that Shatov basically became superfluous in the intense drawing of the game “Zenith”. See: “Zenith” mainly builds attacks through the left edge. The main one on the edge is Krishito. Favorite script of the attacks of the team – transfer from the depths, not entering the final third, under the penalty area, under the spurt of Kokorin.

Shatov in this system of building attacks – a false mushroom, bait, he does not participate in the attacks of “Zenith”. To use Shatov this way is strange. For Russia, Shatov has a unique technique, honed in mini-football, a very good base and a strong set of qualities to be one of the best players in the country. In the system “Zenith” Shatov’s role was reduced to running around without a ball, and it was no longer senseless to use Oleg.

The second reason reveals this nonsense. Last year and a half Oleg Shatov invariably suffered with muscle damage – he missed a lot, with difficulty recovered and aggravated injuries. Put such a player on the flank of the defense, betting on its intensity and speed – a strange story. It is expected that such a player will not give a large amount of running work. It is expected that running for long distances is not the best quality of the current Shatov. It is expected that his exit to the position of the right-back is a fatal failure.

The third reason lies in the departure of Shatov for a reverse replacement: the player immediately went to the locker room, without shaking Roberto Mancini’s hand and sitting down on the bench. In Shatov, a complex relationship with the second coach in a row, which shows a little and the mental problems of the player. I am glad that now Oleg’s agent does not appear in the press with frenzied criticism, as he was addressing Mircea Lucescu a year ago – otherwise Shatov could finally acquire the status of a brawler.

Mancini knows what he is doing … Well, he thinks so …

So, let’s check on the impressions of Roberto Mancini in November-December. The coach with an inadequate perception of the world picture, the wild logic of tactical decisions, swam up to the competition on the right flank of defense between Shatov, Kuzyaev and Zhirkov, who visually lost control of the situation … Yes, you got it right. This is true, Mancini sailed a little after the first series of zero draws. Back in September.

Summer Mancini gave a batch of other impressions. The coach of Zenit had a clear plan, it was clear and effective. Krishito and Paredes provided the first pass, Kokorin and Driussi at speed broke the half flanks and fed each other’s gears, and immediately after losing the ball, Zenit included a frenzied intensity. Excess playmaker in the center of the field Mancini was not even needed – Kuzyaev and Erokhin, competently and actively moving in the pressure, compensated for their movement lack of urgency and the problem of “Zenith” in the positional attack.

Perhaps, Dziuba was the first version of Mancini to fight the game problems of Zenit and adapt to the Premier League. “Rostov” and “Dynamo” with a difference of two weeks proved that two quick attackers with a tight low line of defense is easy to keep, and both times Dziuba came out under a rich defense – add power to the penalty area. Another minute of mathematics: on average, only one canopy of 70 becomes an assist. “Zenith” with its maniacal love of useless canopies only worsened this statistics.

With Shatov on paper everything is more banal. He is the same runner as Emiliano Rigoni, with a similar emphasis on defensive work. But Shatov is more often injured, runs less and does not stand the amount of intensity that Mancini needs so much. The choice in favor of a more active player in the movement is justified … if, of course, the coach of Zenit still has a clear plan.


For a minute, off tactical thoughts on paper. Figures, data and arrangements – this is correct for assessing such situations, but here you need two remarks, limiting the impression.

According to Artem Dzyube. It’s no secret that Dziuba is passionate about competition. Far from the fact that he would have played in Zenit, had not Salomon Rondon been sold to England. In “Spartacus” he flashed when he was the team’s main asset in someone else’s free kick. The same story in “Rostov”. Returning to the above thesis: it’s not enough just to put Dzyuba in the team, we must build the game with dignity adequately through Dzyuba. Competition, however, mentally nails the player. That is why the option with the transition Artem in the conditional “Locomotive” – ​​is also a step into the abyss. Yes, Dzyuba will go to the team, with which, perhaps, the title will win, but for the full happiness it is important for him to be the main attacker.

And according to Roberto Mancini: I want to ask him more than anyone. Why do you so actively buy players, and then scatter them, if in the press you are looking for an excuse to leave Zenit at least somewhere? So do you need Zenit or not?

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