Obama is suspended, "Borussia" can sell it to "Arsenal"
“Borussia” should be sold to Obama-Meying. This is the best way for everyone

“Borussia” should be sold to Obama-Meying. This is the best way for everyone

On Sunday evening, “Borussia” surprised 80 thousand spectators who came to the stadium “Signal Iduna Park”: never scored a “Wolfsburg”. Even by the standards of this terrible season this is a surprise – so far in home games, “Borussia” has never left the field without a goal scored. In all tournaments. But there is an explanation for this.

At the position of the center forward from the first minutes of the Dortmund went 18-year-old Swede Alexander Isak. This is his third appearance on the field in the season. In total, he spent 89 minutes in the team and the Champions League for the team. He made a few passes, got into offside – well, everything. The guy is not ready to play at the base. And coach Peter Stöger is not ready to release it.

Play was supposed to be Pierre-Emerick Obama. But right before the game, the plans had to be changed urgently: the Gabonese ignored the morning team meeting. Yes, you read it right. He did not come to the team meeting on the day of the game. The word to the sports director Michael Zork: “This can not continue any more. I do not know what’s going on in his head. But you can not endure such an attitude endlessly. ” Obama was immediately removed from the team. And then rumors began about the transfer.

Arsenal was activated, for which it is an opportunity to buy a top-forward cheaper than its market value. Several English media immediately wrote about the proposal from the Chinese “Guangzhou Evergreen”. But the rumors about the continuation of the career now do not really matter: they must in any case appear in the press against the backdrop of such a scandal. Much more interesting is another.

Obama is not removed from the team for the first time. And not even the first time in the past six months. At first he was not allowed to train in the summer – when he publicly announced that he wanted to go to Milan. In November, he was removed again – for “violation of discipline.” Obama commented on the sanctions: “I understand why I was punished in the summer, when I flew to Milan, but for what now? I was late not on purpose. ” However, it was unlikely to be late. Rather, the fact that the striker flew to Barcelona during the break for the matches of the teams – visited Usman Dembele, went to nightclubs. He did not spread the photo with the champagne in the social network, but the club still reacted. And now, “Borussia” banned the Gabonese for the third time since August. Because skipping a team meeting before the match is an open riot.

Dembele method: how it works

Probably, it is worth recalling that in the summer Usman Dembele once ignored the training of “Borussia”. He was fined and suspended from the team – as now Obamaiayang. The management of the club then spoke harshly both about him and about Barcelona. Peter Bosch said that “Dembele’s tricks did not work,” and the CEO Hans-Joachim Wattske – that “Barcelona” is not “close to buying a player in such ways.”

But after all the loud words Dembele still sold to Barcelona. And, considering that this is not the first time when club officials loudly kept the leader in words, and then quietly let go in practice, the “Dembele method” could seem to Obamaoyang quite a working option.

He has long wanted to change the team. At least for a long time this hints at. True, this did not prevent him from secretly extending the contract until 2021. Obama made the news himself, not at once, with a snide joke: “I like listening to music more than reading newspapers. I have long renewed the contract, but you did not learn anything “.

It seems that this was a typical extension “for sale” – the contract is prolonged for a short time with a rise in wages, and the transfer cost of the player increases, because the club is no longer constrained by a short contract. Usually just a pay raise encourages the outgoing player to extend the contract. Now Obamaaiyang accelerated the events – and seriously increased the likelihood of leaving the club in the winter.

“Borussia” – a victim of its own reputation

When a football player skips classes – whether it’s Dembele, Obamaiayang or Lassana Diarra – it’s easy to sympathize with the club. Usman was criticized by the coach of Hoffenheim, Julian Nagelsman, the coach of the German national team Joachim Loew, and even the leadership of the Bavaria. The contract must be respected.

But there is one but.

Still, respect for the contract should be something motivated. At least fear that disrespect will be somehow punished. The case of Dembele showed that it is safe to not respect the contract with Borussia. Ignoring the training, he put the club in a difficult position. In fact, the option “do not sell” turned out to be excluded for management. Do not sell, do not get a lot of money and stay with a footballer who sabotages your workouts? The club chose the option of “losing less” and sold Dembele for 105 million euros, although it planned to gain from 130 without taking into account bonuses. The management felt that it was too expensive to leave the winger and, on his example, show that the signed contract was worth something. And now he pays for this decision.

Dembele received what he wanted – a transfer to Barcelona. A few months passed, and now Obama is not at all embarrassed that he has a valid (and recently updated) contract. Okay, now everyone will condemn him. But what can Borussia do? Lose a few tens of millions from the principle or sell the Gabonese right now, albeit with a small loss in revenue. Tell me honestly, which option seems more likely to you? How will they enter Borussia?

The team was left without a striker at the most inopportune moment. Obama Obama is simply no one to replace by position – this in any case will be a creative decision with one of the winger or attacking midfielders. And the problem needs to be solved quickly, because in the club and so it was delayed with the dismissal of Peter Bosch: now from the successful start of the season there was nothing left at all.

“Bayer”, ranked fifth, is only one point behind the Dortmund. Mönchengladbach in the same place. The prospect of not getting into the Champions League is not that obvious – no, just real, if you do not start to score points immediately. Add to the listed teams, “Leipzig” and “Schalke”: you get a solid list of teams that claim the three remaining below the “Bavaria” place. In general, in Dortmund now, probably, not up to the principles.

In the meantime, the teammates do not hide their irritation at Obameyang. Goalkeeper Roman Birki: “There are rules that need to be met. I support the club’s decision to suspend. ” The coach also does not try to smooth the corners. “Obama made a hint that he had forgotten about the meeting. But we know that this is not so. ” It’s not like giving a chance to improve.

Well, if they are ready to let him go, then, in the transfer market was a real top-forward, and at the price as in the outlet. Is it really only interesting for Arsenal?

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