Yerri Mina moved to Barcelona, CSKA signed Bystrovic
The most important transfers of the week. In Russia and Europe

The most important transfers of the week. In Russia and Europe

Arda Turan

From Barcelona to Istanbul Bashakshehir, rent

Turan agreed to spend six months without football for the transition to “Barcelona”. He parted with his adored fans, “Atletico” at the peak of form and popularity, hoping to become a star in another club. But, despite all the efforts and sacrifices, Arda has not found happiness in Catalonia. Two years in a blue-and-pomegranate T-shirt flew for one of the brightest Turkish football players of the XXI century unnoticed – 54 matches, 15 goals, and now go home as a star. “Istanbul Bashakshehir” rented Turan for 2.5 years and will pay money to “Barcelona” depending on the player’s success. A full-fledged transfer can be arranged in any of the nearest transfer windows.

Martin Caceres

From “Verona” to “Lazio” for 600 thousand euros

Do you remember that long-haired Uruguayan defender, who was prescribed large advances in Barcelona? It seemed that a lot of time had passed since that time, but Martin Caceres is now only 30, and during this time he managed to turn from an ascending star into an average player who is not an average player. In the status of a free agent six months ago he left Southampton and signed a one-year contract with Verona. He took a good piece and was interested in “Lazio”, who after the passage of Bashtush never got stability in the center of defense. However, in Rome, the figure of Cáceres can not be fully relied upon – he signed the same annual contract with the “eagles”.

Moritz Bauer

From Rubin to Stoke City for 5.7 million euros

Bauer came to the Rubin as one of a group of legionnaires, at which the Kazan club spent 40 million euros last summer. And in the list of stellar status and status was not in the first place. However, among all with Jonathas Moritz was the only one who more or less played in a difficult period for the club and justified the money paid for it. “Ruby” did not hold Bauer, who had the opportunity to try his hand at the Premier League. And rightly so – the club earned good by the standards of RFPL money for sale, the player moved to a higher level, and “Stoke” was at his disposal masterovitogo defender.

Дорогие друзья, дорогие болельщики! Это тяжёлый для меня момент – сообщить вам, что я не продолжу свою карьеру в Казани. Я полюбил клуб “Рубин” и особенно город Казань. Я хочу поблагодарить всех людей, кто принимал меня так тепло, как я никогда себя не чувствовал. Я чувствовал себя как дома! Вы всегда будете большой частью моего сердца! Казань! Я тебя люблю! Пока.. 🙏🙏 Dear Friends, dear Fans It is a heartbreaking moment for me to announce that I will not continue my career in kazan, but with such an opportunity I couldn‘t resist. I fell in love with the club rubin and aspecially with the city kazan. I want to thank all the people who hostet me so warmly like I never expired before, I felt home! You will always have a big part in my heart. Kazan I love you! Goodbye.. 👋 #fcrk#нашрубин#казань#мойдом#heartbreakingmoment#newchallange#dreamcometrue#thankful#pursuitofhappiness#goodbyemotherrussia#keepgoing #justdoit#thankyou❤️💚 @fcrk

Публикация от Moritz Bauer (@bauermoritz)

Yerri Mina

From Palmeiras to Barcelona for 11.8 million euros

While everyone was distracted by the discussion of the Coutinho transition, Barça turned another transfer. Not such a status, but perhaps in the future even more important. 23-year-old Jerry Mina has no experience of performing in Europe, but he proved himself so well in Palmeiras that one of the best clubs in the world bet on him. In theory, the Colombian will have to replace gradually giving Javier Mascherano and impose a competition Yumti for a place in the basis. It is interesting that at the presentation of Mina there were 8,5 thousand people. A thousand more than Coutinho’s presentation. Himself Yerri is a deeply religious Christian, therefore before going to the field “Camp Nou” took off his boots with leggings and set foot on the lawn barefoot – according to the Bible on the land on which you want to win, you need to step without shoes.

Francis Coquelin

From “Arsenal” to “Valencia” for 14 million euros

Wenger called Coquelin one of the most useful players in the team. Francis and the truth in the absence of great talent was hardworking and diligent in performing certain functions in the center of the field. However, more often in the basis of Ramsey and Jaca, more diverse players. In this season, the Frenchman appeared on the field even less often than usual, because Wenger gave his compatriot a green light on the transition to “Valencia”, which just needs a solid destroyer in midfield.


Christian Bystrovic

From “Slaven” to CSKA for 500 thousand euros

CSKA fans, you waited. For the first time in three years, CSKA completed a full-fledged transfer. Yes, the amount even by the standards of the Russian championship is very modest, and the name of Kristian Bystrovich is hardly something to anyone of us. Nevertheless, the selection service “army” more than once for a penny brought talented players who subsequently blossomed and left for the strong European championships. The amount of 20 million euros means that in CSKA Moscow on Bistrovic strongly count and hope to earn later on its resale. Now it’s up to Kristian.

Fatos Bechirai

From “Dinamo” to “Mechelen”, free agent

Fatous Bechirai probably left a positive impression of his game for every fan of Dynamo. He was not an absolute leader of the team, he never scored in batches, but he always surrendered to the field, fought and clung to the balls. In general, I did everything that is required from the classical target. And for the fact that the Montenegrin was not afraid of the horrors of the FNL, the white-blue torsid probably wrote him a separate respect. The parties terminated the contract by mutual agreement of the parties – career Bechirai will continue in the championship of Belgium, where he is already waiting for “Mechelen”.

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