CSKA, Spartak, Zenit, Loko, Krasnodar. Comparison of transfers
CSKA made the first transfer for 3 years. And how much did the competitors spend?

CSKA made the first transfer for 3 years. And how much did the competitors spend?

For the last three years, CSKA fans have been waiting for the transfer. The last until recently, the purchase of “army” was Swedish striker Carlos Strandberg, who is already in the team. He moved to Moscow in February 2015 for € 450 thousand from the Swedish “Hecken”. Since then, CSKA took football players for rent (Doumbia, Traore, Ionov) or signed free agents (Shirokov, Tkachev), but did not make full-scale transfers.

Until Kristiin Bistrovic from Slaven Belupo appeared. For the Croatian teenager “army men” have paid about € 500 thousand, having turned the first high-grade transfer for three years (to be exact, for 1075 days). Anyway, CSKA fans continue to wait for the attacker’s team so necessary. Although the 19-year-old opornik for this break is also not bad.

We compared how many other top clubs of the Premier League – Lokomotiv, Spartak, Zenit and Krasnodar – spent the same three years (considering only full-fledged transfers and guided by the figures of the “transfermark”) and how many titles they won. CSKA have 0 full-fledged transfers for one title.


Come : Ezekil Henti (€ 5 million), Igor Portnyagin (€ 3 million), Delvin Ndinga (€ 2.5 million), Timothy Margasov (€ 800 thousand), Solomon Kverkvelia (€ 2, 5 million), Maciej Rybus (€ 1.75 million).

Ironically, less than all of this four people spent “railroad”. Ilya Hercus, who recently became president of Lokomotiv, repeatedly stated that the club is balancing on the brink of a financial fair play. UEFA rules and the desire to perform in European cups made Loko spend less than the budget allowed. Probably, in many respects because of this, the transfer of Artem Dzyuba from Zenit was broken. Anyway, even with small expenses, “Locomotive” was able to once again win the Cup of Russia, and now lead with an advantage of 8 points.

Total : 6 acquisitions, € 15 million, one Russian Cup


Come : Naldo (€ 4.5 million), Stanislav Kritsyuk (€ 4 million), Victor Classon (€ 2 million), Christian Ramirez (€ 1.5 million), Vanderson (€ 8 million) , Andrew Ivan (€ 3 million), Mihailo Ristic (€ 2 million).

For two seasons (in 2015/16 the club took only free agents), Krasnodar spent more than Loco in three. As a rule, Galitsky takes football players for the future, following his philosophy, in which the conquest of titles does not seem to be included. But recently, several club pupils have already debuted as the basis of “Krasnodar”.

Total : 8 acquisitions, € 25 million, 0 titles


Come : Lorenzo Melgarho (€ 4.5 million), Yveline Popov (€ 6 million), Ze Luis (€ 6.5 million), George Djikia (€ 2.5 million), Roman Zobnin ( € 3 million), Alexander Samedov (€ 3.5 million), Alexander Selikhov (€ 3.5 million), Fernando (12.5 million), George Tigiev (€ 1 million), Pedro Rosa (€ 12 million).

The most powerful “Spartacus” intensified before and during the championship season, so that these expenses can be called justified by 100%. Jikia, Zobnin, Selikhov, Samedov, and all the more expensive in the history of the club, Fernando uniquely strengthened the composition. But the Brazilian Roscha for € 12 million and remained misunderstood and the fans, and even the coaching staff.

Total : 10 acquisitions, € 55 million, one champion title, one Russian Super Cup


Come : Alexander Kokorin (€ 2 million), Vukashin Jovanovic (€ 2 million), Yuri Zhirkov (€ 640,000), Ernani (€ 8 million), Juliano (€ 7 million), Andrei Lunyov (€ 3.5 million), Robert Mack (€ 3.5 million), Yoann Mollo (€ 500,000), Ibragaim Tsallagov (€ 400,000), Leandro Paredes (€ 23 million), Emmanuelle Mamman (€ 16 million) million), Sebastian Driussi (€ 15 million), Emiliano Rigoni (€ 9 million), Mathias Cranevitter (€ 8 million), Micha Mevlya (€ 8 million), Daler Kuzyaev (€ 4 million), Denis Terentyev (€ 2 million) , Anton Zabolotny (€ 1.5 million).

You’re not surprised that Zenith is the leader in the rating of spending. For three years the team from St. Petersburg experienced two restructuring: first under Mircea Lucescu, and then under Roberto Mancini. The Romanian coach could not even bring Zenit to the Champions League, while the Italian is still losing the competition to Lokomotiv. Nevertheless, in the winter of St. Petersburg, the first of the “big five” made a transfer, having bought from Tosno Anton Zabolotny. Let’s see if this will help Mancini take the first title for “Zenith” in three years.

Total : 18 acquisitions, € 114 million, one Cup, two Super Cups and a championship.

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