Match Real Oviedo - Almeria. Announcement and forecast for 20.01.18
Real Oviedo – Almeria forecast specialist for the match 20.01.18

Real Oviedo – Almeria forecast specialist for the match 20.01.18

Until 20:00 Moscow time, bookmakers will accept bets on the football match between Real Oviedo and Almeria. The match was scheduled for 20/01/2018, so players still have time to prepare. Last season the teams played twice and could not determine the winner, as both matches ended in draws. And in the last ten meetings of the opponents seven times, a draw was recorded, two wins were for the players of Real Oviedo club and one for the opponent.

Bookmaker offices were surprised by their odds in a football match between Real Oviedo and Almeria, as the hosts got 1.65, and the quotes are much higher at 6.75. Between them there is a coefficient for a draw – 3.7.

After many years, the football club Real Oviedo still managed to achieve an increase in the class, so this year will finally try to force in this division. But, since the team has a very modest financial budget, there was no significant increase in the summer, and two free agents were signed, and bought several promising players from the lower divisions. It was clear beforehand that the football club of Real Oviedo will have to fight for survival and the beginning of the season turned out to be far from the best, as in the first three rounds the hosts got only one point, having drawn with the same debutant. The head coach of FC Real Oviedo is betting on the defense, so the team is very weak in the attack, not yet rejoicing the fans with goals scored. Do not help the hosts two defenders, as well as the supporting and right midfielders, as all these players are injured.

Fans of the football club Almeria have already got used to, that recently it constantly runs between divisions. As early as last season, the team played in the lower league, and now will again try their hand at the elite of national football. Most likely, that Almeria will continue to show very weak football on the road, since this is a home team. In the first rounds had to play just at a party and in these matches, the players of the club Almeria looked hopeless, so they naturally lost, demonstrating a weak game on the defensive. In the summer, the leadership did not sign experienced players who could strengthen the guests and increase the chances of avoiding departure. The football club Almeria has weak flanks, and there are no permanent players on the defensive, so this line is most affected by the mismatched players. Among the staff losses of the team can be noted disqualification of the defensive midfielder.

Football match between Real Oviedo and Almeria attracted the attention of sports experts, who do not doubt that the home team is in much better shape now, so you can safely bet on their victory.

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