Dynamo bought Markov, is about to sign Rausha and Karavaeva
Dynamo’s transfer policy is praised. Exactly the case?

Dynamo’s transfer policy is praised. Exactly the case?

The last time Dynamo's work in the transfer market gathered such powerful reviews when Dynamo lived another life. In Novogorsk pompous presented the star of the entire Premier League, added a strong backbone of players to the problematic positions, and those who did not fit, released for free, without worrying about the financial situation. Since summer-2014, yes. For the first time in three years, Dynamo have more or less status names-Haha, the last was Pavel Pogrebnyak-and in words Muscovites are already sent away from the area of departure, closer to Evrokubkam. Immediately after the winter transfers.

Slow down.

In my understanding, a strong selection work is formed on the principles similar to "Manibolom" Billy Bean-and it is not in numbers. Strong selection is based on the invitation of players, for various reasons underappreciated-they can play in the championship "second Wave", give a weak statistics of action with the ball (which is not the indicator), a little stand out, poorly progress, often Injured. There are many options. "Spartak" signed Eschenko and Zobnina after the departure of Dynamo under further sharp progress – strong selection. Rostov found Sverrira Ingasona in the passing team of La Liga, too. And Dynamo signed a free Samba sow in the same row.

Now, if we believe the names closest to Dynamo,-Eugene Markov has already moved, Konstantin Rausch and Vyacheslav Karavayev on the approach-chosen another strategy. Now the club is looking for players on hearing, either showed themselves in a team below the level, or need to practice before the World Cup. This strategy is not peculiar to Eugene Ant, whose "Kuban" was a model of breeding for small money-so this choice is even more surprising.

It is difficult to find the logic in Dynamo's market strategy for a number of reasons.

1. In fact, Dynamo strengthens the most complete positions in the squad. Eugene Markov-either the third light forward in the team (until released Walderson), or the fourth heavy. Rausch is the third left defender. Karavayev can play on both flanks, but on any flank it will also become the third.
Upgrade positions? True, but only partly. It is ridiculous to draw conclusions on one tovarnjaku with the Romanian "methane gas", but Eugenia Markov immediately put on the edge of the attack-that is, consciously expect from Markov that he will continue to score a lot. And Markov himself in the interview to the official site "Dynamo" concentrates on the goals. Definitely "Dynamo" will play a lot of awnings, and the ability of Markov to unstick from the defenders in the penalty will help the team, but in "Tosno" he scored much more often expected and possessed the help of Anton Zabolotny.

Konstantin Rausch is a sonorous variant, but it is not a fact that Rausch will solve the problems of Dynamo. The main advantage of the Russian German in front of Frosty and Terehovym, playing on the left in the defense of Muscovites, obviously-the best physicist. At the same time from the left defender of Dynamo in the current system, the quality of the pass bottom is more important than the quality of the cross-paradoxically, but Rausch here is exactly weaker than Morozov, the best pasuyuschego in the team. The awnings from the flank will feed the Tashas. To write them together on one edge is problematic, to rearrange someone on the opposite-means to receive much less efficiency at the output. As directly defender Rausch also not stronger than Morozov and Terekhova, even the system error at it the same-Rausch often falls in the center, giving to run in the flank. In fact Rausch can make Dynamo the best in two components, one of which-canopies-will be used not to the end. Is this an effective strategy?

Konstantin Raush
Konstantin Raush

According to Vyacheslav Karavayev, his qualities and importance for Dynamo, given the transfer of Callagova to the reference zone and the crystal inclinations of Kozlov, are not enough questions. The chief is sent to the Scout service: actually find the right defender cheaper Karavaeva, with a lower salary, with similar qualities… And without a big name. For examples to go far not necessary-in the Prague "Sparta" Karavayev lost the competition Ondrzheju Zagustelu, the right defender with absolutely the same strong qualities and absolutely the same level. But Transfermarkt estimates thick more than twice cheaper-I do not like his grades, but it is indicative that spending money is so inefficient: You can find a player similar to Karavaeva, with similar qualities, but cheaper. Moreover, Dynamo have no problems with the limit. Is this an effective strategy?

2. It would be effective if dynamo strengthened the weakest positions, even the coaching staff gave a suitable ground for this. Weakest zone in the first part of the season-the central-Dmitry Khokhlov shook, leaving in Moscow Sapetu, Zotov and Thiam. Here the logic is: Zotov not ready for the tactical pattern Khokhlova (too sugary in the selection), Zapeta strongly slowed after a year in FNL. Reinforcement on the help samba sow-the main thing that Dynamo need… But in the center of the team remain only Sosnin, callagov and taken to the camp 17-year-old Vladimir Moskvichjov. This is exactly where you need an effective upgrade.

Ruslan Pashtov spent half an hour in the support zone with methane gas. How, you don't know who it is? Brief information: Pashtov plays for Nalchik "Spartak" in the second league, he beat Dynamo from the Russian Cup, and he was engaged in Dynamo, when Dmitry Khokhlov was a player (and then Pashtov played the striker). As long as positions, where there is relative order, are controversially amplified, the weakest position sags… And gets a player from MNP.

Pashtova replaced on the 30th minute, after a pair of cuts and a lack of movement in the center of the field-because of it shunichu and Rykovu had a lot of pasovatsja among themselves.

The strategy seems to have failed a bit.

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