Intercontinental Cup, Fairs Cup and other disappeared tournaments
British intimate and Battle of the continents. Tournaments that are no longer available

British intimate and Battle of the continents. Tournaments that are no longer available

On January 24, the draw of the new international tournament at the level of national teams, called the Uefa League, will take place. It is intended as a substitute for friendly matches, the interest to which, what to hide, gradually and irreversibly fades away. As you call them, for example, control games, in the words of the current mentor of the Russian national team Stanislav Cherchesova, but watch “Tovarnjaki” fans want less and less. That is why the UEFA League was invented, the authorship of which is attributed to the former head of the organization Frenchman Michel Platini. About the structure and formula of the tournament-in another material. Note that the serious weight of the newborn tournament adds the fact that it will be raffled additional tickets for the final stage of the European Football championship in 2020. And now let’s remember those competitions which were once in the international calendar, but then for various reasons have ceased to exist and have forever gone in the past. There are a lot of such in the history of football, but we shall dwell on the most famous.

British intimate and Battle of the continents. Tournaments that are no longer available

Home UK Championship

The oldest international football tournament that no longer exists is the UK Home Championship. It whopping from 1884 to 1984, i.e. His history with breaks lasted exactly 100 years. The participants were the four administrative and political parts of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland — England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (until 1950 — the Irish Republic). Twice the tournament was a qualifying round for the World Championships-to Mundialyu-1950 and the championship of the planet-1954. In 1956, all four teams scored four points, the difference in scored and conceded goals did not count, and therefore declared all four champions.

Most of the victories in the UK Home Championship in England-54. 41 times the tournament won Scotland (including the very first draw), 12 – Wales. Eight more titles were won by Northern Ireland (including the most recent competition held in 1983-1984). The last match in the tournament’s history took place on May 26, 1984. It was played by England and Scotland. After that, the Football Association of England made a statement that could not find a place in the calendar for the Home Championship, and therefore it was decided to abolish it.

Mitropa Cup

This is one of the first truly noticeable and major European club football tournaments. The participants of the competition were the best clubs from Central Europe. Actually, this is evident from the name itself-Mitteleuropa in German means “middle Europe”, i.e. its central part. Mitropa Cup, or French La Coupe de L’Europe Centrale, was born in the summer of 1927. At the expanded Football Council in Venice, the then secretary general of the Austrian Football Union Hugo Majzl managed to push frustrate in his head the idea: to organize a competition in which the most developed in the football plan The states of the old World will determine in face battles the only strongest club. The tournament with breaks lasted until 1992, and then was abolished, as its authority rapidly began to fall due to the emergence of other European competitions. For example, the Champions Cup. The first winner of the Mitropa Cup was the Czech “Sparta” from Prague, and the last-the Yugoslav club “Borac” from the city of Banja Luka.

Intertoto Cup

The tournament lasted 13 years, from 1995 to 2008. It was conceived as a third-tier competition for clubs that failed to win the Champions League or UEFA Cup in their national championships. The winners of the Cup (until 2007 in each tournament were recognized as 3 clubs, and then as much as 11) Premirovalis the opportunity to continue their European football adventures in the UEFA Cup.

The Intertoto Cup was conceived as a third-tier competition for clubs that failed to win the Champions League or UEFA Cup in their national championships.

In fact, the Intertoto Cup has quite a rich and interesting history. The competition was initially organized by Swiss Ernst Tomm, who had already founded the Fairs Cup, and Austrian football coach Carl Rappan. The tournament was called the International Football Cup (the first draw took place in 1962). Thomma and Rappanu managed to agree on sponsorship with bookmakers offices, who were interested in the summer inter-season competition, because This would bring additional income. For some time the tournament existed in an informal form, because Uefa did not want to recognize it.

Since 1994, the situation has changed. The top European football officials paid attention to the competition. The format has been changed and new awards have been established. Now the winners have received the tickets to the UEFA Cup, which gave the tournament a different weight and status. Russian clubs never won the Intertoto Cup, but five times were the finalists (“Rotor”, “Zenit”, FC “Moskva”, “Rubin” and “Saturn”).

Fairs Cup

International European tournament among clubs. was held from 1955 to 1971. It was born in April 1955, when in a small Swiss place Rheinfelden near Basel was held a competition, which was attended by national teams from the cities of Europe, which regularly organized international fairs. In this regard, there was a condition in the form of a kind of binding: one City-one team. Since 1968, changes have begun. The invitations began to receive clubs that were not champions of their countries, but took places in prizes.

Clubs from Spain have achieved the greatest success in the cup of fairs. There are six victories and three finals in their track record. Most often the tournament won FC Barcelona (3 times), twice the trophy scored “Valencia” (as well as the English “Leeds United”). By 1971, it became quite clear that the competition clearly went beyond the “fairground” format, and so UEFA decided to reorganize the tournament. The Cup of fairs was renamed into the UEFA Cup, replaced the prize and changed the rules of selection of clubs-participants.

Clubs from Spain have achieved the greatest success in the cup of fairs. There are six victories and three finals in their track record. Most often the tournament won FC Barcelona (3 times).

Balkan Cup

Football tournament, the first draw of which took place in 1961. As is clear from the name, it was organized for clubs from countries geographically connected with the Balkans (the mountain system in Bulgaria crossing the whole country). It was played by teams from Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Turkey and Yugoslavia. The most successful are the Bulgarian collectives, vyigryvavshie the trophy nine times. The competition lasted until 1994 (total of 28 draws). The most successful club was the Bulgarian “Beroe” from the city of Stara Zagora, managed to win the tournament four times and once finishing second place. “Slavia” from Sofia and Romanian “rapid” from Bucharest took the trophy twice. The other clubs have not won more than once in the tournament.

Artemio Francs Cup

Football competition at the level of national teams. Held under the patronage of FIFA, which managed to organize only two draws-in 1985 (France won Uruguay with a score of 2:1) and in 1993 (Argentina on penalties after draw 1:1 took over Denmark). According to the idea of FIFA, it was to be held once in four years before the championship of the planet. It was named after the Uefa head of Artemio Franke, headed the organization between 1972 and 1983. For the role of a full-fledged tournament, of course, this event did not stretch, because it consisted of only one match with the participation of the current champions of Europe and South America. Anyway, it was this idea that became the basis for the tournament, which we now know as the Confederations Cup.

Intercontinental Cup

A competition designed to determine who is stronger at the club level — Europe or South America. The founding father was French football functionary Henri Delaunay, president of the French Football federation from the moment of its establishment until 1955. By the way, the first ever UEFA general secretary, born in the 19th century in the year 1883. Sometimes the tournament was informally called Club World Championship. Until the year 2000 FIFA held a tournament with a similar name. The Intercontinental Cup was founded in 1960, reorganized in 1980, and finally “gone into History” in 2004. Since 2005 his place in the international football calendar took the FIFA Club World Cup.

A total of 43 draws took place. The trophy was won 22 times by clubs from South America (most Argentine-nine cups). 21 times the prize triumph to the European teams, from which the Italian teams were the best-seven victories. At once five clubs won three titles. This is Argentinian “Boca Juniors”, Uruguayan “Penarol” and “Nacional”, Italian “Milan” and Spanish “real”. The best scorer of the Intercontinental Cup is the legendary Pele, who, speaking for Santos, scored seven goals in three games.

British intimate and Battle of the continents. Tournaments that are no longer available

Commonwealth Cup (Commonwealth Champions Cup)

In 1991, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) collapsed. Formed the CIS, as a conditional and illusory replacement of the former powerful continental power. Close ties at all levels, in all areas of life, as well as in football, were not immediately broken. In July 1992, the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Association of Football Federations of CIS managed to agree on the establishment of a club tournament for the champions of the CIS and Baltic States (only 15 former Soviet republics). The idea of a full incarnation has not received. Though at first the strongest compositions were brought to the tournament and several times spectators witnessed the confrontation between Spartak and Dynamo Kyiv, led by Oleg Romancevym and Valery Lobanovsky. But then the strongest teams for various reasons regularly replaced either winners National championships, or a variety of youth teams of Russia, and the tournament ceased to be at least some interesting.

At first the strongest compositions were brought to the Commonwealth Cup and the spectators witnessed the confrontation of “Spartak” and Dynamo Kyiv, led by Oleg Romancevym and Valery Lobanovsky several times.

It was possible to hold 19 tournaments, the first of which won the Moscow “Spartak”, and the last, in 2011, Baku “Inter” from Azerbaijan. 11 times victors became groups from Russia (“Spartak”-6, “Lokomotiv” and “Rubin”-One and three more youth team U21). The most frequent “guest” at the competition was Riga “Skonto” from Latvia, who took part in 13 tournaments, but never won. More often all the first place battered Spartakovcam (six).

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