Drawing of the League of Nations: Russia, Turkey, Sweden. What is this tournament?
Russia has recognized rivals in the League of Nations. All you need to know

Russia has recognized rivals in the League of Nations. All you need to know

Today the draw League of Nations was held. This is the new UEFA tournament, which is worth telling more about: why it is needed, how it will be held, and what it means for the Russian national team.

Why the League of Nations needed

The obvious reason is the fall of interest in friendly matches of national teams. The new tournament should increase the motivation of the teams themselves and increase the interest of the spectators accordingly. At the expense of what? First, it’s a chance to win the tournament. and secondly, the League of Nations makes it possible to qualify for the European Championship. A little bit later we’ll tell you exactly how.

But at once it is necessary to name one more reason of occurrence of tournament – not so obvious. Previously, the friendly matches of the national teams were not controlled by UEFA. Now instead of them there will be an official tournament under the aegis of UEFA. It should be noted that UEFA does not try to ban friendly matches. But it is clear that now they will become much less.

How the tournament takes place

55 National teams (all, who is a member of UEFA) are divided into four divisions (they are the same leagues) – A, B, C, D. The principle is the same as in club football: The strongest teams play in the First League (a), from which you can fly to the division below (b). In leagues A and B participates in 12 teams, in C-15, in D-16. That is, there are only 16 groups in four leagues.

Each league is divided into groups. In the strongest-four groups of three teams, in the second, too, in the other two-four groups of four teams. In each group, all participating countries play each other on a circular system at home and on a visit. The worst teams in each group on the results of the tournament fly out, the best go to the division above. It is impossible to fly out of the lower league. As for the winners of the four Groups in league A (strongest), they get into the playoffs, where the four determine who will get the trophy of the League of Nations.

The leagues are formed according to the UEFA rating – but it was the first and the last time. Then the teams will play with each other and rise/fall in the class according to their athletic results. Russia in this ranking is now on the 15th place.

The tournament will be stretched over time. Matches in the groups will be played in the autumn of 2018, and the winner of the tournament we learn only in the summer of 2019. The play-offs for the euro will be held later in the beginning of 2020.

How to qualify for the European Championship

So we have 16 groups in four leagues. The chance to get to the European Championship is initially in the teams in each group, even in the weakest league D. The winner of each group goes to the playoffs, where he will play with the other three teams winning the group in this division. If one of the group’s winners is already on the euro through the qualifying tournament, the next team will get its place. The playoffs are played on the principle: two semifinals and the final. Thus, from each division to the European Championship falls on one team.

The usual qualifying tournament will remain. It will be played 20 direct vouchers (two teams of 10 groups). Four more tours remain for the League of Nations. Thus, this tournament is a chance to qualify for those who are unlucky with žereb′ëvkoj or who fail to qualify. Well, for the team of the fourth-strongest league, the new tournament is probably the only chance to get on the euro. Malta, Andorra, Luxembourg, Gibraltar and others will fight for one qualified each other. And now let’s consider the same thing with the account of draw. On the example of Russia.

Group membership

League A

Group 1: Germany, France, Holland.
Group 2: Belgium, Switzerland, Iceland.
Group 3: Portugal, Italy, Poland.
Group 4: Spain, England, Croatia.

League B

Group 1: Slovakia, Ukraine, Czech Republic.
Group 2: Russia, Sweden, Turkey.
Group 3: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Ireland.
Group 4: Wales, Ireland, Denmark.

League C

Group 1: Scotland, Albania, Israel.
Group 2: Finland, Greece, Hungary, Estonia.
Group 3: Slovenia, Norway, Bulgaria, Cyprus.
Group 4: Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Lithuania.

League D

Group 1: Georgia, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Andorra.
Group 2: Belarus, Luxembourg, Moldova, San Marino.
Group 3: Azerbaijan, Faroe Islands, Malta, Kosovo.
Group 4: Macedonia, Armenia, Liechtenstein, Gibraltar.

What does it mean for the Russian team

The Russian team will play two matches in autumn with teams from Sweden and Turkey. According to the results of these matches, Russia can get into the higher league for the next tournament (if the group wins), fly to the league with (if it loses) and stay in place (if it takes the second place).

Moving on to the odds of the euro. If Russia wins its group, it will come to the playoffs, in which the winners of groups 1, 3, 4 in the league are to meet. For example, with Wales, Slovakia and Austria. Two semifinals and a final: one of the four countries will go to the European Championship 2020. And if the national team guarantees to participate in the Che before (in the qualifying tournament), then the fight will be only for the promotion in the class.

UEFA is negotiating with FIFA to approve this format for CONMEBOL and other confederations and to hold the League of Nations around the world. In the CONCACAF area, the idea has already been approved, and the tournament will also start in the autumn of 2018.

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