10 important players of the Russian national team who missed major tournaments due to injuries
10 important players of the Russian national team, babysitter large tournaments due to injuries

10 important players of the Russian national team, babysitter large tournaments due to injuries

On January 18 during the control match “Spartak” – “Shanghai Ghgis” the defender of Muscovites Georgy Jikia was seriously injured. According to the website of the Metropolitan Club, the medical examination conducted showed that the player has a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of the left knee joint. The defender will need an operation. When the Jikia is restored, it will be known later. But, realizing the nature of the trauma, we can say that with the probability of 99.9%, the team in the run-up to the home World championship lost the player of the main squad. Losing the players before the big tournaments has become a sad tradition for the national team. Let’s recall a few similar examples.

Alexander Paving (World Championship 2002)

The qualifying round for the World Cup in Japan and South Korea was held without problems, taking first place in the group. One of the leaders of the team was considered 34-year-old midfielder “Celta” Alexander Paving. His participation in the Mundial was not questioned, but as often happens, the case intervened. In May 2002, the Russians took part in the LG Cup, held in Moscow. Regular friendly tournament, 4 teams (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Yugoslavia), 2 matches. What a terrible thing could happen, it would seem. No, no! First, the Russians lost both meetings. Secondly, already at the beginning of the game for the third place with Yugoslavs trauma got a bridge. Despite this, Romantsev, apparently, wanting to cheat fate, included the player in the final application for the World Cup. Hopes did not materialize: the player did not have time to recover, participation in matches did not take, and the national team, as it is known, did not leave the group.

Viktor Onopko and Sergey Ignashevich (European Championship 2004)

By the way, the pavement did not go to the European Championship in Portugal, but already due to the differences with the head coach Georgi Göran. The loss of the midfielder could not be called a catastrophe, but what happened to the line of defense of the national team, caused simply panic mood. The main central defenders, Viktor Onopko and Sergey Ignashevich, received identical injuries. Both players were hoping to take part in the tournament until the last, but not the fate. First left the location of the national team Onopko.

“Our famous surgeon Mironov after an examination said that there is damage, but he would go to Portugal in my place, would continue there to maintain a functional state, so that about four days before the first match to connect to the total Group. The last word remained for Göran. He emphasized that if I go to the field in Portugal, I can complete my career. It became clear to me, and on June 1, saying goodbye to the team and wishing her luck, I left the camp to continue training in “Saturn”, supporting the form “-so recalled that moment the player himself.

10 days before the start of the tournament, Ignashevich left. His trauma required surgical intervention. The national team went to Euro 2004 with a pair of defenders Dmitry Sennikov-the novel of Sharon and spare Alexei Bugaevym. The result is that the group stage became an insurmountable obstacle.

Pavel Pogrebnyak (European Championship 2008)

That season, the striker of Zenit had a wonderful experience. Together with the club he won the UEFA Cup, having become the top scorer of the tournament with 10 goals. In the national team Pavel Pogrebnyak was considered the main forward and therefore the hope for the nearest euro. A week before the start of the European Championship, Hus Hiddink team played a friendly match against Serbia. Pogrebnyak was in the starting lineup, scored a goal, and after a couple of minutes, limping and holding his knee, left the field.

“The restoration went quite successfully. About five days after the injury began to believe that the story could end well. However, before the game with Lithuania it became clear: no, everything is bad-I went to the field and tried to run, but immediately felt a sharp pain in the leg. Took another pause in a few days, but the miracle did not happen, “-told Pogrebnyak.

I think it is not necessary to remind, what result our team at Euro 2008 showed. That team all the fans were ready to wear on their hands. Hardly any of them in the course of the tournament remembered about Pogrebnjake. Instead of him in the application appeared Oleg Ivanov, and in the starting lineup-Roman Pavlyuchenko, who could always be insured namesake the Adams.

Pavel Pogrebnyak
Pavel Pogrebnyak

Vasily Berezutski, Roman Shishkin (European Championship 2012)

It is surprising that the season 2011/12, marked the transition of the Russian championship to the system “autumn-spring” and predvarjavshij Euro-2012, did not particularly harm the national team. After all, in any way, it was to play 44 rounds, and to protect themselves from injuries on such a long period of time hard. From the main clip of the national team could not do this only Vasily Berezutski. CSKA’s main defender was on the pitch in the 41 matchday of the Premier League with Spartak Moscow, but was replaced after the first half due to the thigh muscle and missed the end of the season. To the euro Vasily was going to prepare and hoped to recover before its start. However, the movement to the goal ended without having to start.

“We had an initial agreement with the coaching staff that I will spend a week on the team, which results in a decision, but it turned out that the week was not required. Went out to the field today and realized that I can not even run, because I feel pain. I will not be able to fully run in the near future and completely recover to the euro will not have time, “-commented the situation Berezutski.

Another one who was eliminated before that tournament was Roman Shishkin. The former defender of Lokomotiv was more prosaically. The player trained with the team and already saw himself in the final application, but failed the stomach. Shishkin was forced to miss the tournament due to the malaise.

Roman Broad (World Cup 2014)

Achilles ‘ trauma did not allow the then captain of the Russian national team to enter the field starting from April 2014. To the control games before Mundialem wide was able to resume training, and almost there was a miracle.

According to Fabio Capello, after the match with Norwegians Roman got rid of the notorious teips on his leg and even took part in several full-fledged trainings. But, unfortunately, there was a recurrence of trauma. He did not give even a drop of hope that the captain would soon return to the system. The coaching staff was waiting for doctors till the last. But the next friendly match with Morocco was conducted by the team, knowing that the wide remains outside the Brazilian championship. In the application he was replaced by the young Pavel Mogilev.

Roman Shirokov
Roman Shirokov

Alan Dzagoev, Igor Denisov (European Championship 2016)

The whole country was waiting for success at the European Championship in France. For the first time since 2008, Vera has appeared in the team. The reason for this was the great ending of the qualifying cycle under the direction of the new coach Leonid Slutsk. The mentor was able to draw the team to the final stage of the tournament, while around deciding how much to pay Capella and how to do without any “Panucci-Shmanuchchi”.

If Slutsk had the optimal composition, with which he went to the euro, who knows how the team would have acted that summer. But the next scourge has again made its contribution. Shortly before the national team’s team, in the last round of the Russian Championship, the injury was received by Alan Dzagoev, Vybyv for a month. And already during the control matches the same fate befell Igor Denisov. By the way, he injured in the match against Serbia, as well as 8 years before Pavel Pogrebnyak. Fold two damage and get a big hole in the middle of the field.

Patching it began with the help of young Alexander Golovin and just naturalized Roman nojshtedtera. Both on the results of the euro were in the symbolic team of the worst players of the tournament.

Roman Zobnin (Confederations Cup 2017)

The situation with the Spartak midfielder Roman zobninym in this list is more of a bonus than a main example. After all, the tournament had no global value: just good sparring with strong opponents. On the other hand, the Confederations Cup was to help determine (or at least chart) the starting lineup of the national team for the World Cup.

Zobnin to the moment of injury was a solid player of the base of the team Stanislav Cherchesova. The misfortune happened again in the friendly game, this time with Hungarians. The match was won by 3:0. But the novel has only recently recovered and began to go out on the field, and there is no guarantee that he will return to his place in the national team.

Roman Zobnin
Roman Zobnin

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