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7 Acts of stars on the field that will remain in history

7 Acts of stars on the field that will remain in history

In the match of the 20th round of the Spanish football championship Madrid “Real” scored 7:1 defeated “Deportivo”. This game is remembered not only by the overwhelming superiority of “creamy”, but also by an interesting episode. While hitting his head, who led to the sixth goal of the team from La Coruña, Cristiano Ronaldo received a boot on the face from the defender Fabian Shera. After that, walking next to the club doctor, the forward of Real Madrid decided to see how much his appearance suffered. Portuguese used the phone, but seen disappointed him. Apparently, for a while about shooting in advertising will have to forget. We have remembered seven more cases connected with famous players who will always remember the fans.

Francesco Totti

Ronaldo is not the first to use a smartphone while playing. “Roma” forward Francesco Totti in an unusual way celebrated his second goal in the goal of “Lazio” in the match of the 18th round of the Italian championship of the season-2014/15. Scoring the ball on the 64-th minute, 38-year-old football player took a mobile phone and took himself to the camera against a fan tribune. The legend could not leave without leaving behind something like that.

Frank Ribery

In 2011, Bayern held a friendly match against the Qatari club Al-Wakra. The game ended expected: Bayern won 4:0. And all would have long forgotten about this match, if not for Frank Ribery. The midfielder seriously treated to the confrontation with the conceding in the class rival. The Frenchman did not want to lose the ball under any circumstances. Even when the “al-Vakry” player Mubarak al-Khater was on his back, Ribery continued to flee, forcing smile of everyone at the stadium, snatching applause and standing ovations from the stands.

Eden Azar

Not always in our memory are the positive aspects associated with the famous players. The history of the Belgian midfielder “Chelsea” Eden Azar and Bolboja “Swansea” is another proof of that. In the return semifinal match of the English League Cup of the season-2012/13 Eden could not contain the emotions. The first meeting of Chelsea lost with the score 0:2, and in the second to win no luck. This episode occurred closer to the 80th minute. Azar, trying, as he confessed, to knock the ball from the guy, their feeder, a little did not calculate and hit the Bolboja. Belgian apologized for his act, but still had a reputation for being a little messed up.


On March 5, 2014 in Johannesburg the South African national team hosted Brazil. While playing on the field tried to run a young cheerleader, but he quickly caught the stewards. The Nejmaru guests did not like the actions of the security officers, and he took the boy from their hands. The match was stopped, and in the meantime the Brazilians arranged a small photoset with kid and several times threw it into the air, as it is usually done with coaches after the won titles.


Emmanuel Adebayor

Before the start of the season-2009/10 Togolezec Emmanuel Adebayor moved from Arsenal to Manchester City. In the first face-to-face meeting between these teams, the striker scored, and his new club won 4:2. However, the fans did not remember the goal itself, but what happened after. To celebrate the scored goal Adebayor ran to the fans ‘ sector of Arsenal, which the latter predictably did not like. Plastic bottles, lighters, coins and other small items flew on the field. The police had to restrain the fans furious the Adebayor. Some fans even tried to break into the field, and the eyebrow started a small scuffle. The prank was successful, and the forward forever ruined the relationship with the fans of “Gunners”.

Dani Alves

As a defender of Barcelona, Dani Alves has entered the story, showing how to respond to racist attacks on your address. The incident occurred in 2014 in the match of the 35 round of the championship of Spain against “Viljarreala”. During the second half Alvesu, who was heading to serve the corner, from the rostrum “El Madrigal” threw a banana. The Brazilian reacted unexpectedly: he raised the fruit, quickly ate half, and then as nothing happened to the feed. “These retarded people just need to laugh,” Alves said after the match. The case where the words do not disagree with the case.

Lionel Messi

And, of course, our top would be incomplete without the main football magician of the planet Leo Messi. In the 33-th round of the last season of La Liga “Barca” managed to snatch a victory on the 92 minute “El Clasico”. The goal, as everyone remembers, scored exactly Argentinian, after which he took off his T-shirt and demonstrated it to the fans of Real Madrid. A little later, Cristiano will repeat this gesture of Messi in the match for the Spanish Supercup, but is the copy can be better than the original?

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