Brazilian striker Atletico Robinho moved to Sivasspor.
Robinho agreed on the contract. Even though the term for rape

Robinho agreed on the contract. Even though the term for rape

Recently 33-year-old Robinho sentenced to 9 years in prison. The reason is participation in group rape of 22-year-old Albanian. According to the investigation, the girl pre-drink in a nightclub. The incident occurred in Milan back in 2013. There are two reasons why the Brazilian does not sit behind bars yet:

  1. Under Italian law, the verdict does not enter into force until appeals at all levels are considered.
  2. Italy may require the extradition of a football player, but Brazilian law prohibits the issue of its citizens.

Although the second paragraph was more of a postponement than a guaranteed way to evade punishment. The Brazilian court considers the case independently if the violation complies with the law of both countries. If the law of Brazil provides for a stricter penalty (than that of the requesting State), it will be reduced accordingly.

The prosecution demanded the player’s arrest, but the judge dismissed the detention request because he believed there was no risk of relapse, escape or suppression of evidence.

Marisa Alia (lawyer Robinho) stated that their party denies any participation in the case. “Robinho regrets the episode, which rises without any foundation,” the lawyer said.

The footballer himself said at once in “Instagram”: “I will tell about what everyone is talking about. I’ve never been involved in such things. All legal steps are already being taken. ”

For the last two years Robinho played for Atletico Mineiro (109 matches, 38 goals). Until recently, the player actively matched in MLS. It is said that this was promoted by the speaker there Kaka. Former midfielder Orlando never concealed his friendship with Robinho, and in an interview to the “championship” he called him (along with Marcelo) the most fun and crazy player he played on the same team.

According to one version of Robinho not found in MLS, because he was not satisfied with the offer “Orlando”-about €4 million a year (in “Atletico Mineiro” he received more). Perhaps the Americans were confused by the forward lawsuits. Anyway Robinho is not in “Orlando”, but in Turkish “Sivasspor”.

The Turks announced this on their official website and on Twitter. Even though the contract is not yet signed, it should happen soon.

For today, one question remains: can “Sivasspor” at some point lose the Brazilian because of the trial? Right answer: Maybe, but it’s unlikely. Especially in the near future. Although the incident happened in 2013, it may not be too soon to affect the player.

There is one important point: Robinho sued another rape case. He was charged in 2009 when he played for Manchester City. The woman said that the Brazilian forced her to have sex in a nightclub in Leeds. After the police investigation, checking the facts and videos from the place it was proved that the girl lied. She was convicted of false testimony.

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