Phil Neville head coach of the women's team of England in the center of the persecution
The internet remembers too much. Phil Neville needs to fall behind

The internet remembers too much. Phil Neville needs to fall behind

Phil Neville
Phil Neville

England women’s national football team received objectively the best reason for many years to go to the first strips of newspapers. The new head coach was Phil Neville, who inadvertently wrote on Twitter a couple of messages about women. Some of them were ironic (for example, about the fact that he again beat his wife and feels much better), some-dreamy, as the one where Phil, roughly speaking, sees a man’s morning dreams of a woman at the plate. The protector of women’s rights immediately determined this radical sexism and destroyed the villa daily baiting-almost like in the “Black Mirror”.

I am far from sexism, and from radical feminism, so I will try to highlight the main points that lead me to a single thought: from Phil Neville need to fall behind, and those who are engaged in bullying-to do business.

First. Phil Neville became the head coach of the football team, and he will not deal with men or women, but with players. This is a key point, emphasize it twice. The new coach “lioness” can think of anything about the role of women in everyday life-it is his personal business, which does not concern professional relations. It is hardly the fact that in dreams Neville presents an abstract woman in the morning in the kitchen and the collection of the child in school, will prevent him to determine the correct functions of the extreme defenders. Of course, it happens that personal views and personal life of a person puts a contradiction between him and work, but it happens usually in cases when this contradiction is close to the intersection of the law (see: Weinstein-Gate). To be sure that women remember their sex, only when it comes to the payment of accounts (another tweet of Neville), the Criminal Code is not prohibited.

Second. It will be very difficult for Neville to work. The majority of those who have been involved in bullying will not name the two names of the players of the women’s national team of England, but now they are very closely watching its results. No, they will still not be able to name the two names, because they are not too interested-they are interested in defeats to howl that the cursed sexist sends the team of the finest lady to the bottom.

Third. It is already indirect, but still connected with football. With the development of the Internet formed a whole caste of network bloodhounds. No, not those that conduct good and qualitative investigations, and those that under any event instantly looking for zashkvary. I was finally convinced of this when the Norwegian Martin Jedegor went to Madrid. The guy almost at the age of five put in “Instagram” a photo with Messi, and 10 minutes after the news about the interest of “real” in “Twitter” has already appeared a screenshot of that ancient post. People are purposefully looking for what they think should be the evidence of the prosecution, but it looks more and more pathetic. As if there meeting, and the accused is about to be forced to surrender the Komsomol ticket, as Mjelsa from “mod”.

The same thing happened to Neville. The tweets that raised the noise were written five years ago (another distinctive feature of such attacks — Bloodhounds categorically deny a man the right to change his views), and it is clear that they were searched specifically, by typing in the search for “Twitter” “Neville” and ” Women “. In a couple of clicks from bloodhounds page in Wikipedia, from which you can find out that Phil’s daughter Isabella Cerebral palsy. A couple of minutes on Google, and you recognize that it’s a big personal tragedy for him, and he’s been spending a lot of money on charity since the birth of his daughter. What can be called his attitude to women disparaging if one of the three closest to his women has such a dramatic love? Nobody wants to understand.

And the fourth, already very far from football, but about our time and about the Internet (we are still with you in the network now). Social networks, especially “Twitter”, among in the first place to express their own opinion, their position. The position of Neville on women is no more correct and no more terrible than the one that is defended by those who zatravil it-it is simply different and not prohibited by law. Hundreds of cases, when the online police of morals pulls out some dusty skeleton from the public cabinet newsmaker, forcing to reconsider the understanding of what is social. Now every elementary can discriminate women, children, fans of “Sheffield Sheffield”, candy wool and buses with accordion: One tweet is enough-and you are not a tenant. This leads to the fact that people increasingly abandon their own thoughts (even those that seem strange) in the public field, and social networks are becoming more refined. The expression “How many people, so many opinions” for more or less well-known people now for some reason sounds like this: “How many people, so many opinions to themselves”.

We, 25-30-year-old, spent on the internet already the most part of conscious life, already quietly lose these rules of the game where the Internet remembers too much. The current 18-19-year-old rules have not actually been seen. People over 40, to which Phil Neville refers, are accustomed to saying that what does not pass the scope of the law is free — which he did.

He just needs to get away from him now.

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