Messi, Suarez and eight of the best snipers in the history of Barcelona
The top 10 scorers of Barcelona in the Spanish championship

The top 10 scorers of Barcelona in the Spanish championship

10. Rivaldo, 86 goals

The Brazilian striker has played for Barcelona for five seasons. Rivaldo moved to the Catalan club in 1997 and left it in 2002. During this time he played 157 matches in the championship of Spain, scoring 86 goals. This was enough to get into the top ten most marked in the history of the blue-garnet in the example. Together with the Catalan team, Rivaldo won two championship titles, the Copa del Rey and the UEFA Super Cup. “I feel happy going back to the Camp Nou. “Barcelona will always live in my heart,” says the Brazilian.

9. Estanislao Basora, 89 goals

Basora played for the blue-pomegranate in the postwar years at the position of winger and forwards. A native of the suburbs of Barcelona made his debut as a member of the Catalan team in 1946, and completed his career in 1958. Played in the championship of Spain 237 matches, in which Nakolotil 89 goals. He won four championship titles with Barca. In the biography of Estanislao in addition to 22 matches for the national team of Spain are also five games in the national team of Catalonia. Basora left his life in March 2012 at the age of 85 years because of a heart attack.

8. Patrick Kluivert, 90 goals

The Netherlands striker became a Barcelona player in 1998 and was on the pitch in her T-shirt until the summer of 2004. Kljujvertu only 10 goals were not enough to knock out a hundred for the blue-pomegranate in the championship of Spain. Patrick scored 90 goals in 182 matches. In 1999, the Dutchman won with Catalans example, becoming their second sniper after Rivaldo. By the way, a few months ago the youngest son Kluivert Shane moved to the academy “Barca” from the School of French “PSG” to play for the team of nine age. Maybe it’ll repeat the father’s way.

7. Josep Escola, 93 goals

Another legend of the Catalan club, which the current generation of football fans, probably did not even hear. Striker Escola defended the colors of Barcelona from 1934 to 1948, though, with a second-year break for the French “Seth”. In the Championship of Spain on the account Josep was 93 goals scored in 166 matches. He Sparta twice with the gold medal team. A native of Barcelona played 10 matches for the national team of Catalonia, and for Spain-only twice. At the end of his career he worked as a coach, and in 1998 83-year-old Jeskoly was gone.

6. Mariano Martin, 97 goals

Striker Martin also made his name on the football field at a time when nobody in our country would understand the phrase “You can watch the match” bars “in the example on TV this weekend.” Mariano made his debut as a member of the Catalan team in 1939, and left it in 1948 because of a knee injury. The magnificent scorer won only one championship title. He scored 97 goals in 112 matches of the championship. Moreover, he became the best scorer of the tournament in 1943 as the author of 32 goals. Martin left his life in 1998 at the age of 78 years.

5. Luis Suarez, 100 goals

Double Suarez in the match with “Balompié” on Sunday allowed Uruguayan to reach 100 goals for FC Barcelona. To this end, a 30-year-old striker, who has been in favor of the Catalan team since 2014, required only 114 matches in the Spanish championship. No one ever beat a hundred faster than Luis in Barca! Suarez won with Barca all that is possible-the Champions League, for example (twice), the Copa del Rey (three times), the UEFA Super Cup and the Club World Cup. In 2016, he won with 40 goals in the goalscorers race of the Spanish league.

4. Samuel Eto’o, 108 goals

Eto’o left Barcelona in 2009, just two years before signing a contract with “Anzhi” and adorned the Russian Premier League. In five years as a member of the Catalan team, Cameroonian managed to score 108 goals in the Spanish Championship, taking part in 148 matches. Samuel three times became the winner of examples in the composition of blue-pomegranate, twice won the Champions Cup. It was hard to dream about more. Moreover, Eto’o also won the competition goalscorers the Spanish elite: In the season-2005/06 The Cameroonian striker hit the target 26 times.

3. Laszlo Cubal, 131 goal

Born in Budapest, Cubal is a unique football player. During his career he was lucky to play for four teams: Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Spain and Catalonia. The brilliant striker escaped from Hungary, after which he became a player of FC Barcelona in 1951. He has played for the blue-pomegranate for 10 years. Laszlo scored 131 goals in the 186 matches of the Spanish championship. He has four championship titles with Barca. At the end of his career Cubal worked as a coach, including in the Catalan club, and left his life in 2002 at the age of 74 years.

2. Cesar Rodriguez, 190 goals

Before the Barcelona blossomed Messi, the best scorer of the Catalan team in the Spanish Championships was the striker Cesar Rodriguez. By the way, he was not able to live until the debut of the new Argentine phenomenon in the “Barca”: 74-year-old Cesar Rodriguez did not become in March 1995. The predecessor of Messi on the throne made his debut in the ranks of the blue-pomegranate in 1939 and left the club in 1955. He won five times in the championship. His 190 goals scored for 287 matches. The best sniper of the tournament was Cesar Rodriguez in 1949, when he created 28 goals. Later he coached “Barca”.

1. Lionel Messi, 368 goals

At the beginning of the new year Messi broke the record of Gerd Mueller by the number of goals in one club in the top 5 European leagues. On the account of the German striker “Bayern” there were 365 exact strikes, and at Lionel to date already 368 goals for 402 matches in the championship of Spain. Argentinian flew away from all the legends of the Catalan club. Messi won four times the winner of the competition of the Spanish League, Nakolotiv once 50 goals (in the season-2011/12). For 14 years in the “Barca” Lionel eight times won with blue-pomegranate gold examples, and the Champions League-four. Collected “Golden Balls” and a lot of other individual trophies.

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