Which of the Russian football championship legionaries is the most expensive?
10 most expensive Legionnaires RFPL

10 most expensive Legionnaires RFPL

The transfer window in Europe is still open, which means that RFPL clubs can still lose their leaders this winter. First of all, we are talking about Legionnaires, as the demand for Russian players is traditionally very low. With the help of Transfermarkt we understand how much the best foreign footballers of the Russian championship really stand.

9-10. Vitinho, 7.5 million euro

CSKA bought the Brazilian striker in 2013 for 9.5 million euros, and now it seems that the Moscow club will not be easy to even return spent on Vitinho money. At least, market analysts give only 7.5 million for it. Although in the current season Vitinho scored seven goals for 20 rounds of RFPL, and in the group stage of the Champions League was noted a pair of goals. Transfer rumors around the Brazilian has recently gone. "I haven't received a single proposal yet. If it happens, I will sit down and think about it with my family, "Vitinho confessed in November.


9-10. Pontus Wernbloom, 7.5 million

The Swede is already over 30, but he is still valued high enough. Obviously, a successful game of support midfielder at the position of forwards slightly increased the cost of Vernbluma. Peak its value reached in the summer of 2013-a year and a half after the transition from AZ to CSKA for 3 million euros. Then already Pontus, according to experts, cost 10 million euros. In January, the Swedish wife Nina wrote in social networks: "Moscow will forever stay in my heart." Many thought that "army" somewhere sell Vernbluma, but the player's agent did not confirm the possible transfer. The Legionnaire's contract expires at the end of the current season.

7-8. Mathias Kranevitter, 8 mln

This "eight" was firmly stuck to the midfielder of the Argentine national team. It was for 8 million euros that Kranevitter passed from the River Plate to Atletico in 2015. The same 8 million Zenit paid to the Madrid club for Mathias last summer. His maximum, according to Transfermarkt, also did not never exceed this sum. In general, here we seem to be observing the ideal harmony of the price of the player in transfers with its objective market value. Although if Kranevitter will go out at the base of the Argentine national team at the 2018 World Cup, as in a friendly match with Russia, it is likely to increase its rating.

7-8. Emiliano Rigoni, 8 million

Rigoni is estimated to date at 8 million euros, despite the fact that he became a member of "Zenith" the best sniper of the group stage of the Europa League. This is the best indicator in the career of a 24-year-old Argentine. Although the Petersburg club paid "Independiente" for Emiliano a little more-9 million euros. However, European sometimes sharply increase demand for the player and accordingly the price on it. In early January, foreign media wrote that Everton was willing to pay 40 million euros for Rigoni to get the Argentine in the summer. At Zenith, obviously, would be only glad of such a deal.

Emiliano Rigoni
Emiliano Rigoni

6. Serdar Azmun, 9 million

Kurban Berdyev admitted that there was a crazy interest in Azmunu, and with the offer of transfer to him were Arsenal, Celtic and Everton. The Iranian forward was a miracle as good in Rostov. At the end of 2016 its projected transfer price rose to 13 million euros, and now due to the decline of Serdar in "Rubin" decreased to 9 mln. Against the background of these figures, it seems strange only that azmun, as explained Berdyev, free of charge passed from the Kazan club to Rostov and back. However, Transfermarkt informs about 2.3 million euro, which "Rubin" still Paid "Rostov". Serdar is going to move to the top league after the 2018 World Cup.

5. Emanuel Mammana, 10 million

Mammane promised a dizzying takeoff. Argentinian made his debut in the team earlier than in the club, he was nicknamed "Defender of the Future" for the ability to give a brilliant first pass. Lyon bought Emanuel from the River Plate for 8.5 million euros, hoping to sell it much more expensive. However, the Mammany not all smoothly in Europe. Although a year later, Lyon released it to Zenit with a profit of 16 million. In terms of market analysts, this is an exaggerated price for a player who is actually worth 10 million. But what is 21 years for a central defender? Probably, in some years and "zenith" will receive for it much more.

4. Sebastian Driussi, 12 million

Another 21-year-old player, capable, according to experts, to make noise in Europe. At his age Drussi was one of the most successful strikers in the past calendar year. Here only scored it regularly in Argentina, and in RFPL has distinguished only three times. Adaptation is delayed. "Zenit" has paid "River Plate" for Driussi 15 million euros, nevertheless at the moment the young sniper is estimated only in 12 mln. The interest to Sebastian is attributed to "Inter" and "PSG", but what is the point of the Petersburg club to rush to part with a talented Argentine?

3. Fernando, 14 million

It is difficult to overestimate the contribution of the Brazilian support midfielder to the champion of Spartak in the past season. Fernando, undoubtedly, has worked out those 12 million euros which the Moscow club has paid for it "Sampdoria". Now Leonid Fedun could sell his player and for 14 million (the highest cost of Fernando for his career!), but such a desire at Spartakovskogo boss is hardly present. By the way, in the group of the most expensive is another centrhav red-white Mario Pashalich, dotjanuvshij to 8 million euros, but we did not include the Croat in the top 10, as it is in the lease, and belongs to Chelsea.

Lucas Fernando
Lucas Fernando

2. Leandro Paredes, 18 million

Paredes a very good reputation in the Italian Serie A, even in spite of the competition in "rum" with such masters as Daniele De Rossi, Raja Najnggolan and Kevin Strotman. The applicants for the Argentine in the summer transfer window was enough, so it is not surprising that Zenit had to pay for Centrhava 23 million euros. Estimate the same Paredes for today in 18 mln. In January, it was reported that the Scouts of Juventus are still watching for Leandro, but the Petersburg club would hardly sell it for less than 30-35 million.

1. Quincy Promes, 22 million

The Dutch forward "Spartak" was recognized as the best player of the Russian championship in 2017 in different versions. It is logical that it is promes estimated more expensive than all of the Legionnaires RFPL. Moscow Club bought a Quincy in the summer of 2014 for 11.5 million euros and since then has managed to increase its cost almost twice. Now the approximate price of the mesa has reached the maximum mark in his entire career. However, Fedun is rumored not to be ready to sell the Dutchman, the leading scorer of the Russian Championship, together with Fyodor Smolovym and Alexander Corina, even for 22 million. Demand in Europe for the MESA is definitely there. Apparently, less than 30-35 million star RFPL will not go.

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