Sergei Semak - about Spalletti, Vilash-Boasch and goals for the championship
"Spalletti, Villas-Boas, Lucescu-each of them in their own way brilliant"

"Spalletti, Villas-Boas, Lucescu-each of them in their own way brilliant"

The first collection of "Ufa", which on the basis of 20 rounds of the Russian Championship occupies the sixth place in the table, is held in Cyprus. The head coach of the team Sergey Semak in an exclusive interview to the "championship" told about the remaining matches of the Russian championship, the conflict between Lodygina and Lucescu and the trauma of Djikia.

-Sergey Bogdanovich, you are a little more than a year in Ufa. Happy than not?

Everyone is happy. On the one hand, this year is not easy, and on the other-I perfectly understand that everything goes into the piggy bank. Players learn with each game, and we learn to rebuild the training process, try to follow the trends to keep the time and be competitive in our championship.

-Your contract ends in six months. Already thought about the extension, consulted with the management?

Communicated. The offer from the management is, but because of the enough saturated schedule we specifically in question does not deepened. We'll talk a little later.

-Mastered in Ufa? What do you like about the city?

"I think I'm quite accustomed. Of course, I would like to have more time to see the city and the Republic. There are a lot of beautiful places, reserves. South Ural Within reach: an hour or two by car. Only two times were able to get out with the family and see the sights of Bashkiria. I really enjoyed it. UFA is developing, which passed some time ago the economic Forum gave impetus to the development of infrastructure. Step by step Ufa turns into a good European city. Unfortunately, my work does not imply a lot of free time. Plus the family I have quite big, and the time to see something is missing. It is necessary to solve more some everyday questions.

You told me about your big family. Some of the players came to the camp with wives and children. Do you always allow the players to come to the camp with the family? Does it distract them?

-Yes, when there is an opportunity-I authorize. Initially, the conversation was that families are here to help the players recover. I fully understand that especially foreigners who are not so often at home, need the opportunity to stay with the family. It only helps them. And in general, it's all about professionalism.

"Spalletti, Villas-Boas, Lucescu-each of them in their own way brilliant"
Ufa at the pre-season fees

"When an extreme defender scores – it's great"

— The intermediate sixth place of Ufa is a reason for joy?

-A worthy place for us. But the most important thing is the final result. That's what we're working on now.

-Is high density in the middle of the table alarming?

No worries. Not so long ago we had only two points from the zone of transitional matches. The density is large, the level of commands is roughly equal.

— What is the task of the team for the ending of the championship? Maybe there's a goal to get into European?

"We must proceed from the possibilities. Before the season the task was the place in the first G8. We're fighting for him. And as it goes, no one knows, let's see. Competitors also work.

-Ahead of "Ufa" game with all the leaders, except "Spartacus". How much does a team need to score in matches against leaders to make you happy?

-Points, on the one hand, are important. But the quality of the game is also an indicator. We'll collect as much as we deserve. Often the matches with the teams below are more complex. And here we have to add in psychological terms. We have this moment. After successful matches comes a period of complacency, which prevents. But this is also the stage of development of the team and players.

-Do you see Bundesliga? There is an opinion that "Ufa" plays as many teams from Germany-personal pressing and adjustment under the opponent. It's true?

Close to the truth. We try to play aggressively, this is one of the things we demand from players. We are based on the capabilities of the players and the team as a whole. From here we build the model that will help us to collect points.

-Is the dependence of "Ufa" on Igbuna a myth or a fact?

-It is foolish to argue that he is one of the team leaders, our top scorer. It can individually solve the episode. But there were matches when we acted well and without it.

-Does the dependence on one player not interfere?

-The good players will not refuse any coach. As Kurban Bekievich once said: "Rubin" in the first championship season was a balanced team and played from defense. Alejandro Dominguez was added, and the team played differently, but won again. " The level of performing skill of one individual player is of great importance.

— What was the result of the transition from 3-5-2 to 3-4-3?

-we could not find backups in the scheme 3-5-2, we had problems with the balance. So we added the player to the attack. And this system, under which we have rebuilt, brings us the result. It is clear that depending on the progress of the game, we can move to a game of four defenders. It is difficult for us to play from a position of force against other teams, so we look, analyze, adapt.

-Do you plan to play from a position of strength in the future?

-we already had matches when we had an initiative with equal level teams. With the teams above the level there were also such matches. When we are ready, then we will play from a position of strength.

-You have differently played extreme defenders. The Jokić is aimed at the canopies and the Zhivogljadov is opened to the percussion positions. Is that an accent on their strengths?

-First, it all depends on the opponent. Secondly, we must use the strengths of a single player. We try to embed each player in the system so that he will reveal his best qualities.

-Do you like when the extreme defender scores from the canopy of the other extreme defender?

-Of course I like it. When an extreme defender scores, it's great. So he's connected in a timely manner.

"I don't get tired of admiring Spalletti"

— Do you use something in practice from what we saw in the work of foreign specialists: Hiddink, Spalletti, Boas and Lucescu?

Of course I am. If we talk about the coach of the national team, it is more difficult, because there is preparation for specific matches, it is very difficult to play something. The training process in the club is much more interesting. You can play something, choose the players for yourself.

-who has more learned from the coaches of Zenit-Spalletti, Villas-Boas or Lucescu?

They're all different. Each in its own way brilliant. But you have to be yourself. You can take anything from any coach, but it's not going to work because it's not yours. We have to pass it through. I don't get tired of admiring spalletti. His vision of football is unique. I understood him well and knew what he wanted to achieve from the players on the football field.

-Lodygin In a recent interview to the championship was quite Lucescu. What do you think about this story?

"Everyone is considering the situation. I feel a great respect for Mircea Lucescu. Understand his demands and his handwriting. And the confrontation of the coach and the player-so it was, is and will always be. To understand the situation, you need to be in the skin of the person who says it. Everyone has the right to his opinion.

-Have you heard that Andre Villas-Boas took part in the Dakar Rally?

"He is a good man, that he fulfilled his dream. He always said he wanted to do it. We often communicated with him, because we are the same age. I learned a lot from him. I am glad that Andre was able to experience what "Dakar" is, it is a pity that I did not reach the end.

-Zyryanov became the coach of Zenit-2. Did he consult you? Do you maintain contact?

-wrote Konstantin Sergey after he headed. I ask him, "How?" He says it's easier for the third day to become. This is a wonderful person, always will support him and always come to the rescue. Although he has seen everything and will cope without someone else's help. It is only the experience of Podnabratsya, and everything will be fine.

— Where were you more difficult at the post of the head coach — in "Zenith" or "Ufa"?

-Initially I knew that in "zenith" I will have only two games. It's not easy to build a hierarchy when you were a player recently, and now you're a coach. Especially as all the players knew that I came only for two matches. So they could not work in full force. My task was to unite the team as much as possible, at the same time to withstand some balance of respect and understanding for each other.

-and in "Ufa"?

— The work of the head coach will never compare with the work of the assistant or acting. You understand the responsibility that lies with you. You are responsible for everything — discipline, game and result. And the first time the excitement is always present. And not only at the first meeting with the team, but also in training, in friendly matches, preparatory stages. Then, of course, it becomes easier.

-Is George Djikia's injury a serious loss for our team?

Yes. At the moment he is one of the most progressive players in our championship. His aggression and speed are necessary for the Russian national team. Moreover, speaking about the position of the central defender is our problem zone. There are not so many players in Russia playing at a high level. I would like to wish him a speedy recovery. and return to the previous level as quickly as possible.

-Who from the "UFA" could be useful to the national team?

-There are Sasha Belene and Dima Stotsky. There is also Igor the moneyless and the guys from the youth team. I would very much like our players to grow up and get into the national team, but here it is necessary to understand that when our guys reach a certain level, they are lined up with clubs from the first five.

-Is it not a pity that you are raising a player, and then he is taken by the conditional "Zenit" or "Manchester City"?

-We can not hold the players. In our team, all players deserve the money they earn. There is nothing backlash in the fact that the players want to develop and earn a level more.

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