Jose Mourinho is 55 years old. We tell all about him: the main facts, trophies
55 reasons why Mourinho is a special

55 reasons why Mourinho is a special

1. Born into a wealthy family

José ‘s maternal grandfather, Marie Asensau Ledoux, was shipowner: he owned several fishing boats in Setubal. The family could afford a large estate. José ‘s mother made Mezaljans when she married a football goalkeeper Felisha Mourinho from a poor family. But the family agreed to it because Marie adored football.

2. As a child survived the ruin of the family

After the revolution and the change of State structure in Portugal his mother’s family lost their fortune. The main source of income was the salary of the father-coach “jeshtrely Amadora” and “Belenensesha”.

3. Decided to become a football coach in 15 years

José ‘s father, a former goalkeeper of football goalkeeper and coach, told that from the age of 15 the boy traveled with him to the matches. He gave orders to the players, tried to help with tactics. Then I started to study rivals and prepare reports about their game. Even then Jose decided that one day he would become a coach.

4. Dropped out of college after one day training

In 1986, when José finished playing football, his mother Maria agreed to enroll in a business school. Mourinho went there only once and never returned. “I don’t like wearing a suit with a tie,” he explained later.

5. Worked Tuffman

After Jose graduated from the Institute of Physical Culture, he worked as a teacher of physical education in one of the schools in the city of Setubal. His further career is similar to the plot of the motivational film. Even if you fizruk, you can win everything. Assuming you’re special, of course.

6. Worked both in Barcelona and in Real Madrid

From 1996 to 2000, Mourinho worked in Barcelona. First the interpreter Bobby Robson, then the assistant coach. When Robson was replaced by Louis van Gal, Mourinho stayed and worked at Van Gala headquarters. And during the Catalan Cup in 2000, he even managed the team. FC Barcelona won the tournament under the leadership of Mourinho.

7. said that Barcelona is forever in his heart

“Today, Tomorrow and always:” Barca “in My Heart”. 1997.

8. Put the boss on the second plan

Just watch this video. Mourinho is a translator, Bobby Robson is the boss. But it is difficult to determine who is the chief, because José does not translate as much as he tells Robson what to say.

9. Won with FC Porto treble

In the first full season as FC Porto, Mourinho won the Portuguese championship, the country Cup and the UEFA Cup.

10. Won the Champions League without spending on transfers

Before the season-2003/04 FC Porto bought new players for 10 million euros. and sold for 10 million euros. The transfer budget was brought to zero. At the end of the season FC Porto won the championship again. and the Champions League.

11. Won the Champions League with Derleem, Koshtinej, Pedro Mendeshem and Maniche

All of them went to the starting lineup for the final match. and Carlos Alberto (after FC Porto only played in Brazil), Nuno Valente and Georges Costa. Judging by their further career, this is not the case when the team simultaneously found several young geniuses and future superstars.

12. Made the Russian footballer the winner of the Champions League

Mourinho released Alenicheva for a 60 minute final match. On 75, Alenichev scored a goal. He is the only football player from Russia who won the Champions League.

13. Not looking for easy ways

“If I needed a simple job, I would have stayed at Porto. The perfect chair, the Champions Cup, God, and immediately after him-I. ”

14. Called himself special

The presentation of the young coach in the London club was memorable. Mourinho found the words to introduce himself. “Chelsea has top players and top coaches. Please don’t call me arrogant, it’s true. I’m a European champion. I think I’m special. ”

15. Insulted Claudio Ranieri

It seems that Ranieri is a dear person who is simply impossible to quarrel with. But Mourinho succeeded. He made the first lung attack as soon as he succeeded the Italian in Chelsea. “If you want to win something in the international arena, you have to be ready to play against the big teams. I won the Champions League not because I beat 19 Portuguese teams on the way to the final. I beat the team from the country where Ranieri was born and the team from the country where he worked. So they achieve big victories “.
Then, working in “Inter”, Jose continued: “I was called to Chelsea, because I wanted trophies, and with Ranieri it was impossible. It’s not my fault that he’s considered a loser. ” And again, “When I came to England, I was learning a language for a few hours a day. And he couldn’t say hello in English in five years. ”

16. Sent a message to all Chelsea players as soon as they became a coach

The message was short. Just five words. “Motivation + ambition + team + Spirit = Success”.

17. Made Chelsea a champion for the first time in 50 years

Mourinho won the NS in his first year of work at Chelsea. Thus, his first title in the history of Chelsea won in 1995 and the second in 2005. With a difference of 50 years.

18. Set a record for the first year of work in England

Chelsea became the champion in 2005 with 95 points. This is England’s record: Never before has any team been recruited so much. By the way, this record has not been broken so far. Even the most powerful “Chelsea” Antonio Conte in 2017 a little behind: 93 points.

19. Not allowed the intervention of Roman Abramovich in his work

“If Abramovich helped me train, we would have flown out. And if I helped him make deals, we’d go bankrupt. Everyone should do their job. ”

20. Named his dog in honor of ore Gullit

The Yorkshire Terrier, which Mourinho bought when he began to train Chelsea, he called Gullit. Yes, as a former Chelsea coach. Perhaps the world would not have known about the nickname of the dog Mourinho, if not for one episode.

21. His dog was deported from England

In 2007, when Mourinho and his family returned to England from a trip to Portugal, his dog had not undergone veterinary control. Or rather it has passed, but the documents have not been filled up as it should be. So the next morning the police came home to Mourinho. The police took Gullit, and he was deported from England. But this is not the end, because Mourinho…

22. He left the “Player of the Year” award ceremony at Chelsea and was arrested

Mourinho was present at the awarding ceremony of the best player at the time he took his dog. He broke off the ceremony and drove home. There, according to the police protocol, he “actively prevented the police from carrying out his duties”, for which he was arrested. However, he was soon released, limiting a warning.
Mourinho never forgave the English for it. A week later, when his Chelsea just won the FA Cup, he wasn’t talking about the match, but about the dog. “Yes, my dog is in Portugal. This terrible threat is far from you, so England can sleep quietly, “José told reporters at the Post press conference.

23. Gathered in Chelsea for 10 years ahead

Chelsea’s highest triumph in Europe is the victory in the Champions League in 2012. On the field then came the Czech, Ashley Cole, Obi Mikel, Malouda, Ryan Bertrand, Salomon Kalou, Drogba-seven players who came to the team while Mourinho. And Terry and Lampard exactly when he became the symbols of the club.

55 reasons why Mourinho is a special

24. Five times hit the Guinness Book of Records

Here are his achievements: 1. The longest series without losing in home matches. 2. Victory in champions with different clubs. 3. The youngest head coach who spent 100 matches in champions. 4. The highest number of points in the NS. 5. The longest series without defeats in home games in England ns.

25. Invented the term “bus”

Suddenly, isn’t it? It is easier to imagine that one of the rivals of Mourinho mentioned the first bus. But he did it himself after the game with Tottenham in 2005. “I would be disappointed in the place of the fans. Pay 50 quid to look at this? Tottenham did not come to play football. In Portugal, we call it a “bus”. You can play from the defense and try to score in counterattacks, but they played the whole game only on the stand. ”

26. Named Arsene Wenger as a voyeur

“He likes to watch the others. These people are called voyeurs. He’s the kind of guy who keeps telescopes at home to pry. He talks about Chelsea all the time.

27. Two times lost Rafa Benitez in the Champions League semifinals

And again in the FA Cup semi-final. It was hate at first sight. In the 2004/05 season, two matches between Chelsea and Liverpool in champions ended with a score of 0:0 and 1:0, and the only goal was to be counted in a controversial situation: it was hard to see whether the ball crossed the goal line after Luis Garcia’s hit. Liverpool reached the final. “They have not beaten us once, but have gone further. Their only goal scored linesman. This is life, “Mourinho said after the match. A couple of years later he lost Benitez in the semi-final champions. This time on penalties. “The best team has lost,” Jose commented. They have been with Benitez since then continue to exchange courtesies. Benitez’s code won the Europa League with Chelsea, Mourinho ridiculed this victory: “I hope my players will never take this tournament seriously.”

55 reasons why Mourinho is a special

28. The first to stop Barcelona Guardiola

Josep got an incredible team, and how to play against it, no one knew. FC Barcelona did not notice the rivals in the season-2008/09, and in a year it was repeated-before the meeting with “Inter”. In Milan “Inter” handed Catalans with the score 3:1, and in the return match remained ten, missed, but tormented the desired score. The team made only 74 exact passes for the game, but went to the final.

29. Won the Champions League with two different clubs

In 2010, he became the third coach in the world, who succeeded (after Happel and Hitzfeld). Since then, two others have repeated his accomplishment: Ancelotti and Heynckes. No one surpassed.

30. Won with Inter treble

Inter is the first and yet the last Italian club to win the championship, the Country Cup and the Champions League in one season. This achievement is so valuable that on the eve of Milanese released their most important player-Zlatan Ibrahimovic-to Barcelona. For the huge money and Samuel Eto’o. But, while Zlatan was arguing with Guardiola, Diego Milito and Samuel with the help of Wesley Sneijder made “inter” even stronger.

55 reasons why Mourinho is a special

31. Got disqualification for a gesture

In which there was nothing obscene. Mourinho crossed hands, portraying handcuffs. So he showed that his team was repressed after two removals from Inter in one match. For this gesture he disqualified for three matches.

32. Made to cry Marco Materazzi

It’s almost impossible to believe. Materazzi was a provocateur № 1 of his time, to which Diego Costa still grow and grow. But to Mourinho Marco was so attached that he did not keep his tears when the coach left the Inter. Jose cried too.

33. Can write a book about Mario Balotelli

Mourinho did not cope with the young Italian. But he told the story that became famous. “We went to the exit match with” Rubin “in the Champions League, and all our forwards were traumatized-I could not count on Milito or Eto’o. The way out of this problem situation was one-to put Balotelli. So, the ending of the first half, 43-I minute: Mario earns a yellow card. During the break I planned to talk with the whole team, but had to devote 14 out of 15 minutes to communicate exclusively with Balotelli. I said, “Mario, I can’t replace you. I don’t have any forwards on the bench. Don’t touch anybody in the second half! Just play with the ball! If you lose the ball, don’t react. If someone provokes you, don’t react. If the judge made a mistake-do not react! Mario, please! “You know how it ended? 46-I minute-red card! I can write a book about him. It will have pages of 200, not less. ”

34. Gave Barcelona a “beckon”

After “Clasico” in November 2010, the word “beckons” has acquired for Catalans additional meaning. The defeat of 0:5, in which even Jeffren scored, showed how much Real Madrid was lagging behind the bars. “We are only at the beginning of the path. I hope my players won’t break from this, “Mourinho said after the match.

35. Broke the curse of 1/8 in the Champions League for “real”

It is now “real” accustomed to the Champions League finals. Before Mourinho the team six years in a row could not pass 1/8 finals. In the first year of work in Madrid Jose broke this tradition-reached the semifinals. In the next two years he did the same thing.

36. Coached the game 10 vs 11 Before Barcelona

“When I play against Barcelona, my team is often in the minority. That is why we are preparing for it. We train the game in a minority, “José said before the semifinal of the Champions League. And indeed, in that match “real” remained ten (removed Pepe) and lost. “Barca” went on.

37. “Whipping?”

38. Poked his finger in the eye of Tito Wilanow

José was not left behind during the general scuffle on super. He walked back to coach Tito Wilanow’s assistant and poked his finger in the eye.

39. Broke the hegemony of Barcelona in the Championship

Even before the beginning of the season-2011/12 Mourinho unleashed against Guardiola war. This is the famous press conference “flogging”, and the accusation of collusion with Uefa, and the clash with Vilanovoj and the constant appeal to the behavior of Guardiola. Catalan not survived the war of nerves, at the end of the season admitted that he feels wiped, and at the end of the season left Spain. Mourinho won.

40. Won the championship in every country that worked

In Portugal, Spain, England, Italy. True, not yet with every team that worked. For this, Jose has to win the NS with Manchester United.

41. Was voted “Rock Star of the Year” by Rolling Stone Magazine

The Spanish edition of the famous magazine argued is a decision by Jose’s vivid behavior at Brovke and at press conferences. Before and after it coaches were not called rock stars officially.

42. Scolded Benzema when it wasn’t mainstream

“Now that Higuain is traumatized, I have one Benzema in the attack. Well, it is better to go hunting with a dog, but if you have only a cat-will have to go hunting with a cat. ”

43. Planted in the reserve Casillas

At some point, Mourinho won/got Guardiola, but victory is not an excuse to end the war. And Jose continue to fight with everyone. Some Real Madrid players maintained friendly relations with the players of “Barca”. Iker Casillas was one of them. And he was not afraid to say that he did not share many of José ‘s principles. And at the end of 2012 for the match with “Malaga” he did not come to the field, although he was healthy. “I chose this composition because Adan is really better now,” Mourinho said. Girlfriend Casillas TV presenter Sara Carbonero took the habit of criticizing “real” and his coach. Casillas accustomed to the bench. At the end of the season, after another “Clasico”, Mourinho called the team “traitors.”

44. Returned to Chelsea and won the championship again

In London, Jose again started what he knows Best: won the title. The first season was to build a new team, and in the second season she did not leave a competitor or chance.

45. Got rid of Salah, De Bruyne, mats and onions

In order to create a top-team here and now, Mourinho had to sacrifice many. In particular, players who were not ready to give the result instantly and fight for a place in the start, waiting for a chance. The list included many, including two players, which now can be called the best in the NS.

46. Fought for survival with Chelsea

This composition will not be possible for every coach. But by the time of the dismissal of Mourinho (in December), Chelsea aheaded the 18th team of the NS only one point, almost in the departure zone. And lagged behind the leader at 20.

47. Was fired after the defeat of Ranieri

One could imagine that this was to be a very basic game for both coaches. But in fact both were busy with serious actual problems. Ranieri tried to get his players to championship. Mourinho fought with the locker room. He lost in Leicester 1:2 and was fired.

48. Received support from fans after dismissal

Banners with the signature “rats” to the players of Chelsea showed on whose side the fans. They continued to support Mourinho.

49. wrote a presentation letter to the leadership of “MU”

Explaining why he should be appointed as the team’s new head coach. Yes, at that time, Wang Gal was still working for MJ. He didn’t forgive it.

50. Broke the transfer record for the field Pogba

In the summer of 2016, MJ paid 105 million for the French Juventus. “In a couple of years this transfer will not seem expensive to you,”-commented the transition of Mourinho. And, in general, was right. But it does not cancel the fact that then the transfer was really expensive.

51. Won three trophies with MJ in the first season

FA Supercup, English League Cup and Europa League. It seems that there is nothing wrong with seriously treating this tournament.

52. He loves Zlatan

“I would give my life for Mourinho,” says Ibrahimovic. Jose answers the same style. This is how he commented on the return of the Swede: “To see him on the field is a joy for any man, but for me it was something more. Very emotional moment “. No wonder, because Mourinho called him for 10 years, as soon as he was confirmed in the head of “Inter” to say how happy he is to work together.

53. Stopped emotionally celebrating goals

And began to criticize those who do it. Someone? Unknown. Mourinho said he doesn’t like to “jump on Brovke like a clown.” Antonio Conte from the filing of the journalists took to his account and was offended. But Mourinho denies that he meant it.

54. Not talking about politics

“You really want to know my political preferences. For real? Well, I prefer 4-3-3. ”

55. Won 25 trophies with five clubs

55 reasons why Mourinho is a special

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