Roberto Mancini - about Dzyuba, Chateau, the Italian national team and World Cup 2018
Mancini: I see no reason to leave Zenit

Mancini: I see no reason to leave Zenit

In the incomplete month of the new year, Roberto Mancini has accumulated a lot of questions "on the despite of the day": here and resonance transfer to the second Team Dziuba, Shatov and Anjukova, and the contract epic of Captain Criscito, and numerous gossip about the future of the " Allenatore "-then it to Australia are being swatd, then to Paris, then back to Italy. On the 11th day of the Gathering in Dubai Mister commented on all the topics at once, without avoiding including the very delicate. Started with the routine.

-The gathering in the Emirates is nearing completion. Is everything going according to plan?

-In general, I estimate the collection positively. I think all the guys are laid out in training, work well. I appreciate it. Training camp is possible. There are a few more days ahead, we are going to continue in the same vein.

-Are you satisfied with the level of sparring partners?

-All of them play at a high level, show good football. For me, of course, it is more important what kind of football we demonstrate, but I am satisfied with everything, absolutely.

-If you think about the Russian championship, would you agree that the eight points of lag behind the locomotive are objectively much?

-Certainly, it will not be easy to win eight points. But we are able to do it-not so much lag, so now to say goodbye to the first place. Of course, Zenit is able to catch up with the leader. Let's do it. I think a lot of points in the first part of the championship lost undeservedly. Strange were the matches, which were obliged to win, but-could not. Unfortunately, we are still not the team that plays equally well on Thursday and Sunday. We have a very busy schedule, and Zenit has not yet managed to adjust to it so that each game to approach in perfect condition. These are the problems that are to be worked on in the second part of the season. I think we're going to make it.

— Has your idea of Russia changed greatly over the time that you work with Zenit?

-I really like Russia. I like to live here and absolutely everything is comfortable. And I'm really happy that I came here to work. I have led teams in England and Turkey, in many countries. This is a new stage in my life. I loved St. Petersburg. I liked Moscow when we went there.

— and if we talk about Russian football?

-The level of the Russian championship is quite high. But I believe that it can be even higher, because there are many young, effective players in the country. But to raise the level of the tournament, they need to work more, to be real professionals, fully given in training.

-what was the most striking in Russia?

"I can't remember anything so special. But in general, it is certainly a long-time flight to away matches. It's unusual, of course, when you spend seven hours on a plane and shockwave in the same country. An unusual experience for me. But remember!

-Are you concerned about the situation with the contract of the captain of the team Domenico Criscito and does it distract from the work of the player?

"I don't feel much pressure in this regard. Criscito really ends the contract with Zenit, and only he can solve the problem. So Domenico has to make an adult independent decision. And we must respect the choice of the player.

-Clarify, please, the situation with Dzjuboj, Shatov and Anjukovym, which remained in St. Petersburg.

-I explained my decision to the club management. and fully outlined his position to President Fursenko. This is a technical decision of the coaching staff. I have nothing more to add.

-What is the state of health of Criscito, Noboa and Paredes?

-Not all the situation is clear. Noboa still has pain, and we're trying to find a reason to determine the recovery time. Leo Paredes A little damage to metatarsal bone-it seems nothing serious. And Criscito will be ready in a couple of days-he is already engaged in the rehabilitation program. I have no worries about it.

-Given that three players are in the "Zenith-2", is absent at the collection Ivanovich-wait for the winter replenishment of the squad?

Branislav had a problem with his eye. Now he is being tested, but we are still looking forward to his recovery by February 15, the first match of the Europa League with Celtic in Scotland. There is nothing critical here. As for the newcomers, I said in the summer that we would like to sign two or three players with Russian passports. Then we did not do it-well, we will make another attempt. Let's see what happens. President Putin himself told us to buy Russian players, and we listen to the President (smiling).

-Lately, the rumor woo you the team of Italy, then to Australia, then in the "Paris Saint-Germain". Finally, calm down the fans of Zenit.

"I can tell the fans that I'm not going anywhere. Rumors are inevitable in football, so they should be taken as a completely normal phenomenon. We are now at the zenith engaged in a very large, large-scale project. realigning the team. If you look at the composition of two-unmarried ago, you will see that these were completely different players. Many have been sold, many have gone to other teams, someone has finished a career. The club is undergoing a period of serious restructuring. We make a strong, strong team, and I see no reason to leave. At the moment I am engaged in "zenith".

-the club is rebuilt not only in the sports part, but also organizational. Interesting is your opinion about the new arena of St. Petersburg and the fans, its filling.

-Amazing, beautiful new stadium, located in a very beautiful place. No complaints about it. The only thing is to work with the field-in such arenas it should always be in perfect condition.

-You are not the first time to admire the translation of the question. Learn Russian or is it innate ability to languages?

-Sometimes I manage to understand some words and general sense of the question, but purposefully I do not teach Russian language – it is very complicated.

-What are the feelings of the world Championship, especially against the backdrop of the crash of the Italian national team?

— In my memory, Italy never missed the main tournament Chetyrjohletija. Of course, this is a catastrophe for all the national football, from which lessons should be learned. However, I have no doubt that the tournament will be held at the highest level in terms of organization, infrastructure, stadiums. In this regard, Russia is almost ready. The championship is already on the way, and I do not see any problems that can prevent its holding.

I think the Russian team can show a very good result. The team is in great shape coming to the tournament. It has a lot of young, promising players-such as brothers Miranchuki, Golovin, Fernandez, Corina. They are able to achieve a serious result.

-You are easily confused with the current players. How do you keep such an enviable sports uniform?

-No, I think I'm still too strong to play with our players.

Are you still stronger than them?

-Much (laughs)!

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