Problems of personal care on the example of "Feyenoord"
Personal care in football is a big problem. Proved not only Messi

Personal care in football is a big problem. Proved not only Messi

A minute of unnecessary statistics-in December "Clasico" Leo Messi was walking 83.1% of the time. Over the years, he became a full-fledged conductor of the ideas of Johan Kruiffa, confident that the speed of the player-not in the legs and Dyhalke, but in the ability to feel faster than others. Messi's effectiveness in the new role grew, and the coaches of La Liga in search of neutralizing the genius came to personal care. The summer positive experience of Zinedine Zidane, thrown Mateo Kovacic to press Messi in the super of Spain, has become a hoax – yet it is ineffective.

Messi has proved it twice already. The British team of Spain, "Girona", threw on the Argentine Pablo Maffeo-he walked near Messi, even when the ball controlled "Girona". Messi and Ernesto Valverde quickly figured out the plan. "We had to find a place where Messi would pull Maffeo to get the most out of the situation," Valverde said. "It is true that personal custody is uncomfortable, but there are advantages not for the guardianship player, but for the whole team." This style of "Girona" bound "Barcelona", but Messi managed in several moments to create free space for the team by its movement.

Then there was the December "Clasico", again Kovacic and already legendary situation.

Personal care in football is a big problem. Proved not only Messi

The words of various coaches explain that high-quality personal care is not a panacea anyway. First, Valverde correctly notices that such custody can be wrapped in a plus, creating free zones for other players. The legendary Hungarian team of the 1950s noticed the vulnerability of such tactics to the first – it was clear how old the technique is. The second problem was identified by Juan Carlos Unsuje, the coach of "Celta"-his team in January played with Barcelona in the Copa del Rey: "Yes, you can play personally against Messi, but what to do with such as Suarez, Dembele, Iniesta? I believe more in team aggressive work. " Fritter player is dangerous when there are a number of players who are able to win the match alone.

With such a set of problems "staff" surprisingly, that at least one big (well, for their country exactly) club uses personal care on a permanent basis-here need a fresh and blasé top-championships example. This is the Dutch "Feyenoord". His game system without a ball resembles a standard personal-oriented pressing, when the player regularly covers his position, regardless of his personality-but it is not quite so. At least four people – both extreme defenders, midfielder Al-Ahmadi and another central midfielder – do not react only to the movement of their player, pre-selected before the match.

Tactically literate rivals have long found in Personalke "Feyenoord" weaknesses. Rotterdamcy very hard rookies on the opponent, beneficiary the ball, so it is enough to pull the player "Feuillé" and saturate the free zone. So in September scored PSV. The extreme defender of Haps threw himself at Stephen Bergvejna, insiders PSV, already on the Central line, followed him closer to the center and continued to move after him, and did not return to his position (as usual in man-oriented intimidations).

Personal care in football is a big problem. Proved not only Messi

Haps patronizes Bergvejna, and his zone tears Gaston Pereiro. Because of the peculiarities of personal care, players of "Feyenoord" can not switch to Uruguayan. Two central midfielders are fettered by their vis, the third covers the player with the ball. The left central defender is forced to play on Luke de Jong. Without guardianship only Pereiro-the player was not enough.

Personal care in football is a big problem. Proved not only Messi

Who escaped 8 seconds alone, quietly opened on the far bar and shorted the canopy from the left edge? Of course Pereiro.

Personal care in football is a big problem. Proved not only Messi

Yesterday "Feyenoord" in the main Dutch "Klasikere" lost to Ajax, again using the pressing, closer to personal custody than to the personal footprinting-because of the very hard work of flanking players in the spurts of their viss (no one is so looped on Doigrovke moments on the opponent, as the Dutch). More indicative would be the Champions League match against Manchester City, with a full-fledged "staff", where at once seven players completely focused on their opponents and changed positions after them. But we still need the disadvantages of "staff" and personal profiling including.

1. Players attack paste rivals, and the space remains free.

Personal care in football is a big problem. Proved not only Messi
Tornstra plays a personal APB. El Ahmadi played her just. Problems arise

Ajax is one of the world's most dangerous teams in these situations for two reasons. First: She has Hakim Zieh, a player of the free role, changing the area of action depending on the weaknesses of the opponent. So, usually zieh more focused on work in the right poluflange, but in "klasikere" often shifted left, in a more vulnerable zone. Here Zieh draws from his zone Karim al-Ahmadi-backups, focused on attacking players without guardianship.

The second reason is that Ajax has two central defenders with a chic first Paso and the ability to drag the ball forward. Frankie de Jong-I mentioned it casually in the tactical trends of 2017-began his career "Vosmjorkoj", but at Marseille Kaiser moved to the center of Protection. The idea is simple – to get as deep playmaker as possible. "They say that my actions are risky, but the main thing is to make them at the right time," de Jong notes. It is for such moments, as in the screenshot, it is necessary (as well as mothers de Ligt, his partner in the Center of Protection). The center is opened, midfielder pulled, striker Jorgensen is passive in the pressure-you can drag the ball to another third of the field and aggravate already in the penalty.

2. "Personalshhik" Banally loses its player. Well, here's an example of banal.

Personal care in football is a big problem. Proved not only Messi

The goal of Ajax begins not with the flanking or the delivery of the ball on the flank-by the way, pay attention, Berghjojs personally runs behind his vis and also loses position-and from the situation when al-Ahmadi unstuck Donnie van de Beck. It is necessary to explain the role of El Ahmadi-when the ball is delivered to the penalty, it is constantly switched to the players exacerbating the second tempo. Ajax was Van de Beck. While accompanying Donnie to the penalty, al-Ahmadi did not finishing personally on the player "Ajax" in a foreign penalty.

What follows when Van de Beck wins the position of Al Ahmadi at 10 meters to the penalty area? Its occurrence in the penalty second tempo. The inability of the central defenders of "Feyenoord" to stop the shooting. Goal. Both personal guardianship and personal orientation (in the case of El Ahmadi in the course of matches are the orientations) do not make sense if you do not finish the episodes to the end, as does El Ahmadi.

3. A situation is created where the prepared personal care system does not work.

Here it is necessary to switch to the match with Manchester City, where personal custody was only in the standard positions. Look at HAPSA again. The whole match he played solo on Rahim Sterling, not otkleivalsja from him, when the ball owned "city", and get rid of the guardianship of the extreme defender Sterling was able only when batter. Here he is forced to rush into the pressure of another player-Tapia, the central defender. He vydjorgivaetsja from the zone, Sterling feels the moment, gives back and makes a jerk into the empty zone. Between Tapiej and Hapsom-too large zone.

Personal care in football is a big problem. Proved not only Messi

Is it possible to write off the inadequate class of players and the tactical insolvency of Giovanni van Bronckhorst? Partly yes.

But only if for a second forget how skillfully Messi personally closed Pablo Maffeo from "Girona"-defender, about the whose existence of Leo before the match even heard.

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