Real Madrid flew out of the Spanish Cup, Arsenal in the League Cup final
Real Madrid and Chelsea flew out of their cups. As it was

Real Madrid and Chelsea flew out of their cups. As it was

English League Cup. 1/2 Finals

Arsene Wenger has never won the English League Cup for more than 20 years in the Arsenal of London. If the FA Cup is in the collection of the coach, then this trophy for some reason every time left from his hands. The last victory of the Gunners in the English League Cup dates back to 1993, when George Graham worked with the team. Arsenal at Wenger played twice in the finals, but conceded both times, including Chelsea in 2007. But yesterday Arsen took a personal revenge in blue for his old defeat and made a big step to complement his cup collection.

The first match at Stamford Bridge two weeks ago turned out to be boring and ended with a zero draw. Although in the second half Chelsea created several 100-cent points. The first half of the return meeting at Emirates has become somewhat of a sequel to the game. Already on the 7th minute the hosts missed the attack of the guests, giving the opponent too much space in the central zone. Fortunately, for Wenger, "Gunners" quickly equaliseded, scoring a monstrously absurd goal after the standard with the help of Ricochet from the head of Antonio Rüdiger.

"In the first half we gave Chelsea too much respect and provided a lot of freedom for which they paid," he said after the final whistle of Wenger. -We did not occupy the right positions on the field. However, in the second half they managed to change the situation and took control of the game. We knew that after the break we could be better, and that's what happened. In the first half we watched Chelsea play football, and then they started to act tougher. Now we have time to prepare for the final. We are glad to play at Wembley. We have been there several times and are happy to go there again. "

Indeed, the second half has remained behind Arsenal. The fate rewarded "gunners" for the will to win a bare granite Jackie. Although in the episode was not without ricochet from the defender, which lamented at the end of the match Antonio Conte. Anyway, Arsenal is in the final. Perhaps in the summer the Frenchman would leave London with a trophy. However, in a decisive meeting on February 25 it is necessary to replay the best to date team of the NS "Manchester City".

Copa del Rey 1/4 finals

In the meantime, Real Madrid sensationalized from the Spanish Cup, losing in the quarterfinals in the sum of two matches "Leganesu". Zinedinu Zidane, whose affairs in the "Royal Club" are going worse and worse, had to survive yesterday a real shame on the "Santiago Bernabeu". The Frenchman made sure that the team was still in crisis, though the rout of Deportivo (7:1) in the last round of examples seemed to testify of leaving it.

Real Madrid won the first match a week ago with a score of 1:0, so the "creamy" only needed to keep the advantage in the home meeting. Zidane could leave a quiet heart out of the application Cristiano Ronaldo, who traditionally got a rest on the day of the Cup match. Poberjog Zidane among others and Gareth Bale. However, "Leganes" at the end of half an hour of playing at the "Santiago Bernabeu" Vyravnjal the situation, scoring as a result of grossest error Jose Ignacio Nacho, who was framed by bad Paso back Ashraf hacks. The fire critics Karim Benzema scored at the beginning of the second half, but then the Brazilian Gabriel created a brilliant goal after the corner. This episode decided the outcome of the confrontation-"real" flew out of the tournament.

"It is obvious that this is my personal failure, because I bear all responsibility for the result," Zidane took the blame. -Our today's game is not good, we did not play football, especially in the first half, and acted differently than we should have. It's a tough night for everyone on the team. We will analyze this defeat, and I first of all, because in this defeat I am guilty. We had 90 minutes to fix the situation, but we did not. Ronaldo and Bale? I didn't repent that they didn't come out on the pitch. I take responsibility for what I do. On paper I had a competitive team in the game with "Leganesom". But in practice in the first half-No. "

French Cup 1/16 finals

PSG managed to reboot after the defeat of "Lyon" in the League 1 due to the victory over "Gengamom" in the cup of France. This match 1/16 finals missed not only the traumatized Kilian Mbappe, but also Neymar. According to the French press, the absence of the main star "PSG" is connected with his insult to the fans of the Paris Club, osvistavshih him for the fact that the Brazilian refused to give a penalty shootout Jedinsonu Cavani. The unpleasant moment happened in the meeting with "Dijon" at the expense of 7:0. If Uruguayan scored a penalty, he would be the best sniper in the history of PSG.

The scandals involving Neymar are no stranger. However, Unai Emery has a class composition and without a Brazilian. Against "Guingamp" was a powerful attack group in the face of Cavani, Javier Pastor, Juliana Drakslera and Angel Di Maria. The current winner of the French Cup scored four goals, but the intrigue remained until the end, as PSG conceded twice from the penalty shootout. All questions have shot a goal markinosa after angular.

"I am pleased with the team's response to the defeat last Sunday from Lyon," Emery said. -We have no opportunity to rest, so we had to go to the rotation of the squad. It is bad that we missed two goals, but scored four and continue to fight for the cup of France. This trophy is also important to us, "Emery said.

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