"Chievo" - "Juventus": forecast for the match of the Championship of Italy on football
"Chievo"-"Juventus": Prediction for the match of the Italian football championship

"Chievo"-"Juventus": Prediction for the match of the Italian football championship

The match of the XXII round of the Italian championship between "Chievo" and "Juventus" should be considered only through the prism of the fight for the championship between the "Old Gentleman" and "Napoli". And that's why.

Hardly anyone doubts that in this season any of the teams will be able to impose the fight "Napoli" and "Juventus" for "Scudetto". The main followers of "Inter", "Lazio" and "Roma" show too uneven game.

Very soon, in the middle of February, the playoffs of the UEFA Champions League and Europa League will start, which means that both the Turin and the Neapolitan club have to be torn on two fronts. The truth, as it seems to me, "Napoli" this year has placed a bet on the domestic championship and fast enough to say goodbye to Le.

Italian clubs are not very complain this tournament, and wasting strength when you looms the first in 28 years of the championship-unwise.

Juventus play in champions, where everything is much more serious. In addition, it is impossible not to take into account the ambitions of the team, which twice in the last three years went to the final, but Buffon still without a coveted trophy. And maybe this chance for goalkeeper will be the last one in the career.

So, while not Thunder Thunder, Juventus simply does not have the right to throw points in "Serie A", especially in matches with such rivals as "Chievo".

The club from Verona comfortably feels in the middle of the tournament table and no strategic tasks solves.

This is understood by the bookmakers, who evaluate the victory of "see" with a modest coefficient of 1.37 – 1.4. You can certainly stop and on this, actually 99% option, but I will offer your attention another bet. Maybe a little risky, but interesting enough.

In the current Italian championship, Juventus played 10 matches in the field. In two games "old Lady" scored one goal and twice more than three goals. In the other six meetings, the Allegri shipped in the goal of 2 or 3 goals (exactly in half). I think that today guests are able to distinguish themselves as many times, especially since the coefficient for similar outcome is very decent – 2.06.

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