The main matches of the weekend. "Valencia" - "Real", "Milan" - "Lazio"
Valencia and Real Madrid go with greetings from the early 2000s

Valencia and Real Madrid go with greetings from the early 2000s

January 27th. 17:30. Bayern-Hoffenheim

Every year the Bundesliga is increasingly mutates into the championship of Young tactical geeks, and Julian Nagelsman is the spiritual leader of the Geek movement in the last two years. But Saturday's game in Munich is the most opportune moment to challenge domination young coaches in Germany. For all experienced to be inflated will be Jupp Heynckes. He was over 70, he rushed to work with Bayern in a stressful moment, established a microclimate-and Bayern again turned into a car. No tactical frills, just the right approach to the players. and a naked class.
"Hoffenheim" in the game and ideological crisis, and Bayern in full force is gaining momentum and is preparing to officially win the Bundesliga by the beginning of April. But the confrontation meeting is a chance for Nagelsmana to show that the youth remains to dominate the experience. And Bayern, so favorite nagelsmanom-a special occasion.

January 27th. 18:15. Valencia-Real Madrid

The main match of the weekend-hello 15 years ago. Valencia is now as good as Benitese or Cooper. The championship race will hardly happen – Barcelona has gone too far – but for the Champions League Valencia is ready to beat, as if behind the back there is no agency wars and squalor in the middle of the table. Madrid is as bad as Madrid can be. Zinedine Zidane to retire after each failure, and after the Cup defeat of "Leganesa" even players (Lucas Vazquez) recognized the shame of "real". The more interesting-every match can become a zidhu moment of truth.

January 27th. 19:00. Paris Saint-Germain-Montpellier

The first tanks in Paris. Montpellier is the first team to hijacking the star attack of PSG with Neymar, Cavani and Mbappe. True, if the Serednjaka of the championship of France and compare with some vehicle, then more with the bus than with the tank the secret is simple: Coach "Montpellier" Michel Ter-Zakarjan put the armored bus, putting in his penalty for 8-9 people-and forced Attack of Paris to beat only from unprofitable positions. Drew 0:0. The script is clear, it will be a game in one goal, and the task of "Montpellier" will stand. According to the different numerical layouts, ter-Zakarjana has the best defense in League 1, so it doesn't seem to be impossible.

January 28. 18:15. Atletico-Las Palmas

The unobvious reason for the steepness of the Spanish Championship-the collision of different football styles often becomes the basis of conflict in the matches. Atletico and Las Palmas are so antipodnaja a couple of opponents that it is difficult to find more contrast. Atletico, despite the talk of recession and loss of interest Diego Simeon, remains one of the main vehicles for the pragmatic killing of the opponent's game. "Las Palmas" is led by Paco Jemez, which, as if to cancel other arguments-Jemez does not give the ideals of attacking football, always flies forward and too often captures the full bag.
Las Palmas has already realized how Hemesa style affects the team. In Girona, Paco drove the team to score at any score, even at 0:5, and eventually grabbed 0:6 at a mass of silliest errors. With such adventurous style to put eggs for matches is not necessary, especially against such teams as "Atletico". There will be either a triumph of attacking football LP, or a game in one gate.

January 28. 20:00. Milan-Lazio

The most driving team of the series is against the criticized. "Milan" seems to be beating the thresholds of the cups zone, but it is so-so a success for a team whose failure inevitably brings about problems with money and the future. For Rossoneri It is important to include the temper of Gennaro Gattuso, making their opponents alternate every week. Especially it is important against such teams as "Lazio". The Romans quietly built the most rods team of Italy, with a crowd of cool attacking players who are about to go on a raise (Milinkovic-Savich, Luis Alberto, Immobile) and a coach, going higher-preferably in Juventus.

January 28. 22:45. Roma – Sampdoria

The customs of the calendar Calcio-"Roma" and "Samp" already played in Genoa in the week, and on the weekend will arrange a reply. Genoese will avenge the lost victory: "Rum" rescued Edin Jack, in words sent to Chelsea to keep in tone Alvaro Moratu. The match is worth seeing if you still doubt that Calcio is a defensive championship. The tour and the "Roma" and "Sampdoria", which are attacking football, prove the opposite.

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