The most unusual covers of newspapers and magazines on football. A photo.
The newspaper was renamed for Messi. The coolest covers of popular media

The newspaper was renamed for Messi. The coolest covers of popular media

1. Can we think of anything else when the football derby is on the agenda? Here and in Brazil are sure that it is impossible. Blah blah blah, that’s how they describe everything that doesn’t concern the match.

2. The fourth “Golden Ball” of Cristiano Ronaldo in Spain marked the cover in the form of a playing card. Although the face value of the card is logical, the “four” somehow notch for Portuguese, do not you think?

3. The Argentine edition of “Ole” changed its name for a couple of days. The occasion was an enchanting game Lionel Messi. However, for this, Leo does not even need to play, in Argentina, he is a priori chief.

4. In 2013, the German magazine “Zeit Magazin” came out with such an interesting cover. One part of it was yellow-black, the other-red-white. This was timed to the final match of the Champions League between “Borussia” and “Bayern”.

“Such a gesture we wanted to show that our editorial office, like all Germany, will be divided into two fans ‘ camps this evening,” the newspaper said in a statement.

It was minimalistic and very unusual.

5. The Italian press, probably like all Italians, was so upset by the national team’s not leaving for the World Cup, which encouraged the players to change their activities. The first page of the issue reads: “The World Cup, farewell. After 60 years we stay at home. Shame. ” And just below: “Go to Work”. The photo clearly hints that the players are more suited to manual labor.

6. The cover of the Spanish “Mondo Deportivo”, preceded the final of the Champions League “real”-“Juventus”, demonstrated for whom this part of Spain will be sick. Presence in “see” Dani Alves helped creatively to approach to registration.

7. White page. Logo. The inscription below: “Anger, indignation, pain, frustration, irritation, shame, grief, disappointment.” This was seen by the newspaper “Lance” her readers the next day after the defeat of Brazil from Germany with the score 1:7. Releasing an empty first band, the editors gave the opportunity to all the fans to write on it what they feel.

8. Peruvians so pleased with the release of their team to the World Cup 2018, that even released one number of the newspaper “Peru 21”, where the cover was designed in Russian. They can be understood, because 36 years have not played on Mundial.

9. The British “the Sun” probably knew about a possible result of the England national team at the World Cup in Brazil. The phrase “help us!” was printed on the background of the statue of Christ. Pleas of result have not given. The British took the last place in the group, scoring only one point in the match against Costa Rica.

The newspaper was renamed for Messi. The coolest covers of popular media


The Spanish newspaper “AS” has decided to joke over Russia. After our country presented the official poster of the world championship, they put in their social networks a picture on which it was seen that the design of the Russians stole. Everyone had already been frightened, but then the journalists explained the situation. The matter is that the newspaper has decided to parody a poster, having put on it instead of a lion Yashin Iker Casillas. By this comparison they wanted to emphasize the greatness of their goalkeeper.

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