Inter, Liverpool, Milan, Borussia, Arsenal - how to get sick for them?
5 large teams in Europe, for which it is most difficult to get sick

5 large teams in Europe, for which it is most difficult to get sick

1. Liverpool

Such magic moments, like 3: 3 in Istanbul, can not just be erased from memory. Many follow Liverpool after that finale, but there are enough other reasons. From the grimaces and goals of Luis Suarez to the first rumors about the transfer of Michael Owen to Real Madrid (do not do this!). There are bright flashes. The trouble is that the team remains a flash, but constantly does not shine.

Defeat the fantastic “Manchester City”, in order to immediately lose to the last team of the champion, “Swansea”? And after the main team to fly out of the Cup from the “West Brom” after a home defeat … Someone will call “Liverpool” unpredictable, but that’s not so. “Liverpool” is predictable – in a sense, predictably unstable.

Suffice it to recall the last season. Jürgen Klopp played a draw at Old Trafford, and it was the guests who won most of the match, and after a few days at home lost to the same “Swansea”. By the way, the Welsh people occupied the last place in the table. And is it unpredictable?

Against the teams of the “big six”, the Liverpool Premier League is traditionally good, and if the championship consisted only of matches with Tottenham, Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City and United, Klopp would have been the champion. But there are also Swansea, West Bromes, Watford, and so on.

After Klopp’s magnificent victory over City, I wrote that not all coaches would be as polite as Guardiola, not everyone will basically step out from under pressure through a pass. Some will tell the central defender to stand in the center of the field.

And then it turns out that the old diseases are not cured completely. A lack of concentration leads to a large number of individual errors (this time, Mutip apologized). The inability to play with rivals who give up territory and are defended deeply and compactly, also makes itself felt.

Finally, an odd transfer policy. It’s great that the club still spent on the central defender, however, chose someone who brings more benefit in the attack than directly on the defensive. And yes, what about the goalkeeper? A rhetorical question. There are two of them in the team, and both suit Clopp. Losing leaders from year to year – this also hardly adds to the confidence of the fans in the future. Leaders can be understood: ambitious players need trophies. Since “Liverpool” last time won the championship, “MJ” has done it 13 times. Patience. YNWA does not sound worse from this.

2. “Inter”

Several years ago on the “Intermilano” site there was a detailed instruction – how to root for “Inter”. Instruction was necessary, because without preparation you can quickly lose your appetite, lose immunity and fall into depression, not to mention the genocide of nerve cells. Perhaps, nothing has changed since then. Great once the team now again has adequate financial resources, if not to fight for Scudetto, then at least for the Champions League. But the words “Inter” and adequacy should not be used in one sentence.

This “Inter” in the summer of 2016 spent an ambitious transfer campaign under Roberto Mancini: bought João Mariou, Antonio Candreuu, Gabriela Barbosa, Christian Ansaldi – spent 150 million euros – and broke up with Mancini even before the season began. The final seventh place hardly surprised anyone.

This “Inter” started this season with a record series – never before after 16 rounds the team did not have 40 points – and since then has never been able to win. The epidemic of injuries, disqualifications, judicial scandals – maybe the team left the team? No, nothing like that. How is this even possible? Well just.

If you do not like this explanation, you’ll have to admit that Inter has serious problems with psychology. The team lacks a leader. Ikardi and Handanovich do not give reason to doubt their professionalism, but they are too far apart to create synergy. Perisic and Brozovich alternate a successful match with four unsuccessful (they do so all career, strange to wait for another), and “tens” on the field is simply not there. Kandreeva is an ideal player for a quick transition from defense to attack, but he does not play in the free space. In the environment of rivals Antonio turns into a machine canopies into nowhere. This is enough to torment the viscous Italian outsiders, but Luciano Spalletti exacerbates the situation by trying to dry the game. What neither he nor Inter know how. The result: “Fiorentina” equalized on the 91st minute, and SPAL – on the 90th.

Looking at this nervous, notorious team, it’s hard to imagine that a few years ago, Inter was an exemplary “hitman” who does not care about possession of the ball. There is an impression that it is not a tactician who can get out of such a pit, but only a charismatic. In the end, Mazzarri, Pioli, Ranieri and even Gasperini – all of them proved their proficiency in other clubs. And all lost control of the dressing room in Pinetina. Spalletti is still on the same path.

3. “Milan”

All that was said about “Inter”, you can repeat. And then multiply by a threatening financial situation. In the summer, “Milan” took out a loan for transfers. And not in a simple bank, but in the hedge fund Elliot – an organization that specializes in risky business for a large percentage. “Milan” received money for 18 months at 16-18% per annum (information in the leading Italian media is different for a couple of percent). The business plan that was provided to UEFA, is based on the fact that the club will go to the Champions League following the results of the current season. There are two problems: 1) it seems, “Milan” will not get there; 2) UEFA found the Milan plan unrealistic.

“Milan” is infinitely far from the usual place in the elite of European football. But more importantly, the club is making desperate efforts to return – and nothing happens. Toughly assembled in the summer under Vincenzo Montell, the team fell apart from the last supertransfer: Leonardo Bonucci was simply not needed in the company with the newcomers bought before him, and eventually made them unnecessary. At the same time, Mino Rayola started the series with a new contract from Gianluigi Donnarumma – it was unlikely that it went to the team for good, given that the Milan goalkeeper before the matches was booed by his own fans … Finally, Montella did not have the hardness to keep this complicated situation under control: he refused his own game style, failed to create the backbone of the new team, and to achieve results without a quality game could not before.

When Montella left, many breathed a sigh of relief. But when Gennaro Gattuso was appointed instead, the sigh was interrupted by a cough. Gattuso after the first loss of glasses said that he was “more hurtful than if he had been stabbed.” After the second he said that he had not slept all night. After the third – that for the sake of “Milan” is ready to “stand on the edge in the snow naked to the waist.” It is evident that Gennaro is ready for much. It’s interesting, but it’s just boring to coach the team day after day – too?

Not so many years have passed since Gattuso himself played in this T-shirt. Less than 10. But then in “Milan” there were four owners of the “Golden Ball”: Ronaldo, Kaka, Shevchenko, Ronaldinho. And a couple of legends in each position. But now just two Donnarums.

4. “Borussia” D

Against the background of Milan teams, “Borussia” everything is fine. Yellow wall of 80 thousand fans at home games. Perfect accounting is important, given the modern almost extremist approach of UEFA to clubs that spend a lot. A guide who is not afraid to invite fashionable conceptualists. Stable participation in the Champions League, and sometimes, when the Bundesliga “Silver salad bowl” lies badly, you can grab it. That’s just …

Behind all this, the unpleasantly overhanging ceiling is too clearly seen. He is low – about where the floor is at the “Bavaria”. The leaders of Borussia do not even need to look for a way to Munich: this road has long been trodden, flooded with quality asphalt and well lit.

For a year and a half, no one from Dortmund moved to the capital of German football. Reason for joy? Rather, it says that for a year and a half in Dortmund there are no players who are seriously interested in “Bavaria”. About Dembele and Obama in Munich, both the president and the coach expressed their opinion: footballers who are ready to sabotage the contract and split the team for personal interests are not needed. And “Borussia” is needed – there are no others, – but these can not be kept.

It’s a little unusual for a team of such caliber, after all, “Borussia” is not from Portugal, where clubs have been living for 20 years with the sales of the best players, and this is not “Monaco”, which became an example of “buy-sell” with the new owner. “Borussia” rests and does not want to lose leaders. But he always loses, and the fans ask themselves: does the leadership do everything to keep the best players? It is better not to do this and just live the moment. Episodic take-offs of the club happen, the scouting service branched out. Each leader will be replaced. Although stop. The head of the scouts also recently left. In the “Arsenal”. Well, at least the fans stay.

5. Arsenal

Fans of the “Arsenal” also do not envy. They do not even know what, in principle, the possibilities of their favorite club, whether it is able in at least in theory to compete for a victory in the Premier League or simply does not have the means. Before each season Arsene Wenger talks about transfers and the fight for the title. Usually talk about the title to the winter ends. On the other hand, three cups and three super-cups over the past four years somehow restrain the flow of criticism.

By the way, in recent seasons Wenger sometimes takes decisive steps in the transfer market. It’s just not enough. Alexis, Cech, Ozil, Mustafi – if they all came in one window, rather than four different, the team could have received the necessary impetus. One good purchase for a year, as it turned out in practice, does not solve the problem of competitiveness with top clubs throughout the season. At the cost of the composition, “Arsenal” is now the sixth in England (according to Transfermarkt), but more importantly, he is closer to the seventh team than to the fifth. Maybe the transfer of the main scout of the “Borussia” Sven Myslintat will strengthen the composition in a typical for the “Arsenal” discreet manner?

Fans with banners Wenger out can not be seen in the stands for six months already. All hope for the Champions League. In the end, Wenger did not inadvertently call the fourth place a trophy? Although it is worth fighting for. In the meantime, “Arsenal” will fight, the fans will be nostalgic for the times of the “Invincible”.

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