Goalkeeper Juventus Gianluigi Buffon - 40 years. History of the football player.
Gigi’s big story is the anniversary of the great goalkeeper.

Gigi’s big story is the anniversary of the great goalkeeper.

The lousy may evening ended in Manchester. The Champions Cup went to the Milanese hands, and the hands of Gianluigi Buffon failed to beat Alessandro nests with a penalty shootout. Nesta beat the fourth, the score was 1:1, Buffon was convinced that he had hit the ball, and he dived on some strange trajectory-and take out.

Adrenaline Vyshiblo. The fifth was Andrei Shevchenko, Buffon got up on a blow, as cannon meat. "When Bill Shevchenko, I have already gone to the locker room. The adrenaline that accompanyinged me before the nests hit me, "he recalled Gigi many years later. And then all the players of "Juventus" sadly wandered into the locker room, Buffon stayed in the hallway of the stadium. Plucked a medal hung on his neck. Lit. "When, b * *, Will I get another chance, like this one?" – Over in the head. Then Gigi realized that he had said it aloud.

In the fall of 2003, a few months after the defeat of the Champions League final, Buffon landed in Fiat, and while driving to the Juventus training base, the legs were poured with lead. Outside Gigi looked usually, but he was sick. Depression, in which Buffon fell after the final, enslaveded him. He was afraid to tell about the disease. "If I had left for a couple of months to recover, I would have just finished with football," Buffon recalled. I had to endure training, and then go to an appointment with a psychologist. They talked for six months, and the changes in their lives Gigi noticed when he came to the euro. Italy played with Denmark. Lousy match, nothing happens, but Buffon smiles.

Two years later, Gianluigi conceded only two goals for the World Cup, from the 11-metre and Marco Materazzi, and won the main penalty shootout in his life.

Then Buffon helped the crossbar, taking on the blow of David Trezeguet, and in March 1989, she was his main enemy. Arrived as part of the City team at the legendary "San Siro", to run in the next exhibition game "on the warm-up" in adults, together with Buffon in the field were Christian Zanetti, the future of one-strawberry Gigi on Juventus, and Marco Rossi.

Buffon was 11, he still ran in the field, dreamed to score on a huge box, affecting the imagination, but-Bach! -The crossbar decided otherwise. Gigi remembered her ringing for life.

And for the first time on a ball Buffon beat in small town pertegada, muffled in 100 Odjozhek, on snow, in the eyes of the uncle and grandmother. Gigi was a younger grandson, taking all the attention – you know how young children attract attention. His family lived on the second floor, and every morning Gigi descended to the first, to the grocery store Aunt Aldiny. Cracked all in a row sweets-and liquorice lollipops, and jelly candies, and caramel, and most of all liked sandwiches with Bologna sausage, which then took on each training. Kindergarten Buffon hated because he ate paper when asked for craft crafts. But to the paper with the players immediately felt sympathy. Gigi was five years old when he was given the first packet of stickers Panini with the players of "Ascoli" Ancivino and Nicolini. Stickers have become a passion Buffon for life, at home he kept all the albums since 1961.

It was a hobby and helped Gianluigi to leave the gate. When the World Cup 1990 came, Buffon suddenly fell ill with the team of Cameroon. First, on one sticker portrayed two Cameroonians, as in the album Series B, Gigi it seemed unfair. Secondly, he felt sorry for the black guys in warm suits, handcuffeding in the heat. Third, there was Thomas N'Kono. Three years earlier, he and "Espanyol" knocked out "Milan" from the UEFA Cup, and after the World Cup became the idol of Gigi. "He interpreted the match differently for us Europeans," explained his choice of Buffon. -he wanted to do somersaults during the match, knock the ball at 100 meters. It was unusual. "

Gianluigi Buffon in the "Parma"
Gianluigi Buffon in Parma

When Gigi fell in love with N'Kono, Pope Adriano Buffon, Trenirovavshij "Canaletto" and bet Son in the middle of the field, said: "Why don't you try to play the gate?". Gigi grinned: "Well, come on." Nine months later, in the next tournament, Buffon Jr. earned a "biscuit" with "Torino", the Scouts of "Milan" arrived, but Gigi rolled to the Academy of Parma, where there were less prospects. In the city of cheese Buffon came in sandals and beach shorts.

In 1993, the aspiring goalkeeper Buffon, Nabivshego cones in Parma, was already called to the Italian youth team, where the star of another future legend, Francesco Totti, was lit. Gigi took the European Championship in Glasgow, the quarterfinals reached a penalty shootout, Buffon scored himself and reflected two strikes from the Spaniards, in the semifinals against the Czech Republic reflected three, and the next day La Gazzetta Dello Sport came out with the title: "Bentivoglio and Buffon, Italy You are applauding. " The 15-year-old goalkeeper was on the front line with a talented player, and after returning to Italy saw her live at the match "Roma"-"Torino", where the whole team was knocked out tickets. On the return train to Parma Gigi lost his ticket, in the coupe saw controller, he stared at the blue training suits: "Yes, read about your team in the newspaper… The article was very praised by the goalkeeper. What's his last name? Buffon, yes? ". "It's me," replied Gigi.

A year before that Gianluigi first lit. Peeping the guys, Pokurivavshimi cigarettes with marijuana and hashish. He did a couple of puffs, all the same doping tests at the level of youth teams no, no one will notice. And once fell to a party, a little drunk, a friend said: "I have in my pocket 5-6 tablets." Buffon thought that from a headache, put on the tongue… and sharply spit out. That guy died of an overdose three years later.

When Luca Bucci, the first room of Parma, went to the American World Championship to guard the goalkeeper force majeure (and not waylaid), Buffon first took on a training camp with the foundation. He was 16. Hermès Fulgoni, previously wishing to sign Gigi at any cost, then said the goalkeeper: "In 20 years you will definitely play in Serie A." Buffon aback: "What am I going to do before that?" The next year Nevio Rock again took a young goalkeeper to a gathering in Canada and the USA, but after returning home wanted to turn to a psychiatrist, so Gigi got it. He arranged a feast for disobedience. The coach asked me not to do any nonsense after training-Gigi went on a golf cart on the field near the hotel where the team lived. "Parma" went on a tour to the Niagara Waterfall, the rock at the exit of the bus said: "Just do not eat here no crap"-and Buffon still bought a huge ice cream. Gigi came home fined four salaries.

Some coach would have put a cross on a difficult child, and the rock in the fall of 1995 sent Buffon to the gates of Parma. The match against Milan, the leader of the championship, was on Sunday, Gigi was summoned on Tuesday, when Luca Bucci was injured, and at the first training the 17-year-old guy dragged everything in the gate. On Saturday night the rock fell into the room to Buffon, asked: "Are you ready to play a little tomorrow?". "No problem," the goalkeeper said. In vain, what, was preparing to debut before 20? On Sunday, Gigi fell asleep in the bus, Kativshem to the stadium "Ennio Tardini" for less than 10 minutes, and then did not give score Bobanu, Bajo and Weah.

To explain to the second goalkeeper, Alessandro NIST, that instead of him will play Buffon, was difficult, but tolerable. To sit for a daring goalkeeper on the shop Luca Bucci-unrealistic. Buffon returned to the youth team, he got angry, thought over the proposals of "Verona" and "Genoa", favorite club uncle and aunt, feeding sandwiches in pertegade. Gigi pasted on the rear window of the car sign "Genoa" with a griffin, and then changed his mind, decided to wait, and when the coach, dibs a place in the squad.

In the autumn of 1997 in the national team of Italy went no longer bucci, and Buffon. Cesare Maldini summoned to the butt match with Russia to replace Angelo Peruzzi, and at the start of the game on a wet dirty lawn, Dynamo Kanchelskis drove into Dzhanluku Paljuku. "When I saw the collision, I couldn't breathe. It was a thick snow, it was the only time in my life when I would prefer not to play. In the heat on the bench was much better, "recalled later Buffon. He went to the field unheated, glanced at the Snowy Moscow Lawn, remembered Pertegadu, the first steps with the ball, donated by his uncle, and thought: "It's a snow. Mystic! " Boris Ignatieff then told that he asked the players of the Russian team to beat Buffon more often, Igor Chugainov remembered that Gigi seemed nervous and ridiculous goalkeeper. Two years later, Buffon will arrive in May at the Luzhniki to pick up the UEFA Cup, many years later-will get to 150 matches for Italy, congratulating a beautiful "suharjom", hear from journalists the question of how he does it, and with a smile will answer: "Are you still surprised?".

In 1999, Gigi Buffon celebrated the victories with the fans, shooting the game T-shirt "Parma" and showing Mike with a abridged quote Benito Mussolini: "The executioner is the one who concedes." The goalkeeper wanted to disqualify, but how to disqualify for ignorance-Buffon assured that he saw the words on the box in his college. A year later, Gigi was again dragged into politics: he changed the "single" to number 88, and the Roman Jewish community immediately journalist in the decision Buffon a reference to Adolf Hitler. Gigi first assured that the 88 was four goals, then spoke about the desire to support the hockey player Eric Lindrosa, payee concussion, and eventually changed the number to 77. The policy of Buffon now prefers not to speak.

Prior to Juventus, paid for it 75 billion lire and the final of the Champions League with "Milan" Gianluigi Buffon was often the same-with the defiant behavior, the desire to stand out. He used to go out on the field in a T-shirt with short sleeves, even in slushy Moscow rolled sleeves and set a new goalkeeper fashion. But internalized depression changed the goalkeeper. "I felt like a boy in all respects," recalled Buffon. -I had an incredible enthusiasm, a sea of energy, I was as carefree as ever. I am sure that it was simply impossible to avoid a tipping point. The main change is this – I started to look at myself from the outside, consciously. I began to ask myself: why do this or that act? What's the point of my presence here? The question preceded the action, and earlier everything was the opposite. "

The Marriage of Gianluigi Buffon
Wedding Gianluigi Buffon

Ovzroslev, Buffon found a dream girl. Before the girls, he did not especially Gorram-only played with them in the company of friends "in the bottle", but each time the neck pointed at all but him. Gigi began to meet with the Czech model Alyona Seredovoj. The first dinner was organized by a girl's girlfriend, and Alena then remembered: "That evening Buffon came to eat. He seemed not interested in our meetings, and I was surprised when he called again. " They began to live together, Gigi bragged to the friends of the locker room "Juventus" that Alena prepares the sauce better than his mother, and when the first son was born, he was named Luis Thomas, in honor of N'Kono. Childhood idol Buffon congratulated the happy father on the phone. After years, Alena will flee to the relative of Andrea Agnelli, the president of "Juventus", and Gigi finds Ilariju D'Amico, also in Juventus, on the club television.

Now it is hard to believe that Buffon could leave Juventus in 2006, after the World Cup. "If it were not for Kalchopoli, I probably would have moved to Milan, but after the reference to the series I could not leave the club. Maybe I was raised differently, "Buffon said. The scandal with the treaty matches was taken away from Juventus by Cannavaro, Vieira and Ibrahimovic, and Gigi stayed in Turin, together with Pavel Nedvedom, David Trezeguet and Alessandro Del Piero.

He pulled out of the swamp "Juventus", and four years later took the "Karrareze"-the club, for which he was ill in the youth. Its Manila Tribune ultras, he traveled with fans to guest matches, worrying that his banner from the backpack someone steal. Having survived the period of fanaticism, he started to help "Karrareze" money by buying 25% of shares and paying 600 thousand euros to move the team to the Third League of Italy. However, the history of "Karrareze" ended sadly-in 2015 Buffon left the Board of shareholders of the club with the words: "Without the help of other people, sponsors and the city, our project could never heal. I tried to close my debts alone. " A year later Raffaele Tartaglia, the main shareholder of "Karrareze", brought the club before bankruptcy.

Years after departure sped as one day. Former Juventus friend Antonio Conte made Juventus a permanent champion, and Buffon, cured a spinal hernia, experienced a new youth. Italian journalists searched every year for the "New Buffon". Found Leali, Peri, Skuffeta, Donnarummu, only Buffon himself and did not think to give the gate. Gigi changed his life priorities a little, began to look for loneliness more often, to speak alone, to admire nature, to read books, to smile even more often.

Two years ago Buffon issued a dry series in 974 minutes, and when she interrupted, wrote a sensual letter to the gate, which protecteded almost all his life: "I was 12 years old when I turned my back on you. I forgot my past to provide you with a safe future. It was a choice of heart. Instinct. From that day on, I stopped looking in your face and started to love you and protect you. Became your first and last line of defense. I promised myself to do everything possible to not intersect with you again. Or make it happen as rarely as possible. Every time it happens, it hurts because I've failed you. I was 12 years old when I turned my back to my goal, and I will continue to protect you until my legs, head and heart allow me to do it… "

The new sensual letter is likely to be read by the summer. Today, Gigi Buffon 40, he can not play, but openly says that you need to give the way to the young. The last calendar year came out too sad – in June Buffon lost his third final of the Champions League and cried, in November because of idiotic coaching decisions flew with the Italian team past our World Cup (also cried, of course).

To play in the homeland of Leo Yashin-for Buffon it was important-will not come out. There is one neosushhestvljonnaja dream that really has to be realized. "I want to go to Wikipedia and see," Gianluigi Buffon, the winner of the Champions League, "said Juventus goalkeeper.
Coming spring is Gigi's last chance.

Gianluigi Buffon in Juventus
Gianluigi Buffon in Juventus

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