Valencia - Real Madrid - 1: 4. January 27, 2018. Analysis of the Match. Overview.
100 Cristiano’s goal with a penalty shootout and 3 more observations on the match "real"

100 Cristiano’s goal with a penalty shootout and 3 more observations on the match "real"

Kasemiro becomes a real problem

During the previous two calendar years we have sorted out who is most important for the Madrid system. Kasemiro the best samples, vyzhigajushhij the whole center-the most powerful police support zone, the guarantee of victories in the top matches. In this season Kasemiro lost form, skill, began to admit much more mistakes. The weak results of Real Madrid are associated with a weak form of Kasemiro – and such a rationale is much closer to the truth than the implementation of Cristiano Ronaldo and Benzema.

While Valencia did not miss the first penalty, Kasemiro was chosen as the main "creamy" target. The plan of the Marcelino was simple – as often as possible throw long-balls behind the back of Kasemiro, to cover the Brazilian pressure and to interfere when leaving the defense through the Casa. And in the first 13 minutes Kasemiro frankly swam. He made two tactical mistakes in one attack, let Kondogbiju on a strike position, gave the ball a mine to his back. The support zone of Real Madrid floated, and the penalty kick helped Madridcam to calm down in full composition.
A new wave of pressure on Kasemiro began when Valencia played one ball and flew forward. Kasemiro and Modrica pulled from their zones, opening in the Osvobozhdjonnom space, covered in pressure two-three. Almost immediately after the goal Kasemiro nearly brought another ball inaccurate to the paso-saved offside. The problem in the transition to defense, as seen, in the too high positions Kasemiro. As soon as he manages to play, behind the Brazilian's back is a large space, and clean it in a pair of monitor-Nacho no one.

There is a suspicion that the recession Kasemiro tied on the tactical system. In the middle of the week, when "real" flew from the cup of Spain from "Leganesa", Opornikom sat Kovacic, one of the central defenders-Ramos, but the problem remained, and the center situational became the same cotton. True, and the decline of the Kasemiro is obvious. A successful match of Real Madrid is a little disguised.

The crisis of Benzema and Cristiano is partly fictional

The main problem of Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo is the poor performance. Cristiano scored both goals with a penalty kick (and by the way, brought his personal account up to 100 goals in a career from 11-metre), but ruined two true chances. Benzema without scoring chances. If it were not for weak performance, no one would have criticized the real attack, because the other two leaders of the attack "creamy" perform perfectly.

Benzema remains Podygryvajushhim and creates top-level zones. If you remember, in Lyon he began an elite striker, and under Cristiano Ronaldo his old qualities were banal not necessary. Now Benzema plays the ball even lower than usual, and works great in counterattacks. The moment with the first penalty is the perfect explanation of the role of Benzema: to properly open and give the right class pass. In the situation with Cristiano the main thing-not his number of goals, and his activity in the penalty. 4 Dangerous and 2 goals at 1.93 XG are very powerful figures for any top striker. To make it clear: Ronaldo and in previous matches created enough.

Valencia was too emotional for itself

Usually "Valencia", as well as "Atletico" Diego Simeon the best specimens, is good on the contrast – while her coach carries the plates and every minute terrorizes the judges, the team works with a cold heart, knowing all the further scenarios of the game. Against Real Madrid, Marcelino Toral pumped his emotions and shook the team-it became clear in the 15-minute line, when Valencia was carrying Madrid on counterattacks, but panicked in crucial moments. Even symbolically, that the cut ended in a rapid attack, where Kondogbija quickly flew forward and late Srna, high-speed Gaia late drank pass in the penalty, and the host tripped on the ball.

This emotional charge cannot be written off on the big match factor. In the fall against Barcelona, still passing the distance without defeat, "Valencia" Cold fought, and only after the scored ball allowed itself a short courage. Today the Marcelino team came out recharged from the first minute, and eventually reloaded against it. Poor Martin Montoya, brought both penalties, then fell into such depression that even samoustranjalsja from the struggle 1v1 with Cristiano.

I would not have got such a "Valencia" when I went to play in the ending.

Kondogbija Perhaps the most bizarre midfielder of the world

This is probably a theme for a single text.

Kondogbii has a chic set of qualities. Natural power, hardness, love to join the selection, artillery gun. Understanding how to roll the ball when to arise before the penalty. Strong technique. Kondogbija was the chief, who shut from the game Kasemiro and laid at the line of the penalty two players of Madrid to prepare a new cannon strike.

But the understanding of tactical moments at Kondogbii is surprisingly low for a player with such a set of qualities. To how Zhoffrej opens window in the center of the field "Valencia", you could get used to-initially Kondogbiju saw an upgrade of good old David Albeldy, now with the polar functions of the Frenchman resigned. But along with this kondogbija very hard rolls attacks. The key point of the match is this.

100 Cristiano's goal with a penalty shootout and 3 more observations on the match "real"

The clarity of the screenshot is not so important, here is a typical wrong decision KONDOGBII. Drag the ball by yourself, through the lizard, or cut the transfer to one of the strikers? The Frenchman makes an unclear decision – passing on Gaia (number 14) – and making his pass very poor. The problem, perhaps the most powerful muscle mountain in La Liga, is the inability to include brains in addition to muscles.

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