Misha Batshuyi must leave Chelsea before deadline
For whom to survive in the transfer deadline

For whom to survive in the transfer deadline

Last winter, the attacker, allegedly the most suffering because of coaching bias, was considered Alvaro Morata. High performance Morata in the crumbs of time on the field, framed by the interest of Chelsea and Arsenal, caused the simple football fans questions – why in the attack of Real Madrid the “Karim Benzema” is always running, and not Morata ? The image of Alvaro as a simple company guy – in Turin, he went to the bar, saw a guy with his name on his back, treated him to a pizza and signed a shirt – pierced a tear and made me regret that Morata does not play. The tactical role of Benzema? This is important for Zidane and a narrow circle of fans – those who see football solely by goals and emotions, so do not explain.

It’s funny, but a year later the same striker – almost one in one – sits behind Morata. Misha Batshuaya was expelled from the Anderlecht Academy, because he “laughed like an epileptic” – a direct quote from the monologue of one of the trainers – and perhaps Batshuayi can not be characterized otherwise. He really epileptic. “He was torn. He smiled when he spoke of the sad, and was sad when everyone was having fun, “recalled the conversation with Batshuayi Emil Mpenza , the former striker of the Belgian national team. A quick glance seems to be that the fun in Twitter, transfer insiders, FIFA’s own rating, girls and SpongeBob are more interested in Batshuayi than football. Maybe this is so. We do not know.

The main thing in the history of Batshuya is that he plays very well and plays very little in football. According to statistics, a Belgian is a car, even at a discount for scanty playing time (it does not give such a complete picture for evaluation). Last season, when Misha, according to Antonio Conte , did not really play football, he spent 33.7 minutes to participate in one assists attack of Chelsea – less than anyone in the Premier League – and went out on a wild 1.5 xG at a 90-minute distance. Now Batshuayi needs much less time for a goal than Morate – 96.7 minutes against 171.2. XG data sagged, which is logical, but 0.35 xG / 90 is also a very adequate contribution to attack for an attacker of this level.

With all this, Batshuyi remains a shopkeeper, and Chelsea’s entire winter transfer window is looking for a new striker. Among the candidatures of Edina Dzeko and Fernando Llorente were Benteke , Carroll , Crouch and even Ashley Barnes – no wonder if you do not even know where he is playing. He plays for Burnley, yes. Even with the work on the main monster calcho Antonio Comte high quotes large attackers, useful in podygryshe, in the game without the ball, with long balls, pulling the attention of defenders and fun playing in canopies.

The ideal attacker in Conte’s coordinate system is Fernando Llorente . They worked together powerfully in Juventus – so powerful that Llorente then praised the methods and trainings of Comte, and Graf defended the Spaniard from criticism for his poor performance. In summer Conte called Llorente at Chelsea, but the deal broke down, Fernando moved to Tottenham under similar tasks – a clean roleplayer for specific tactical situations – and Conte furious at the club’s leadership.

Batshuyi – rather an antipode Llorente. He is enchantingly selfish, as it was in “Marcel”, and England did not change it. Throwing the ball in a counterattack, Misha is aimed at his blow more than the transfer. Receiving the ball, he sees the gate more often than any of the partners. Conte does not treat egoists, rather he creates a system of tight cogs, where everyone understands his role. Striker Llorente or Graziano Pellet Batshuyi will never be, it’s obvious. It is equally obvious that some skills – opening, the choice of position in the penalty area, a sense of goal – in Batshuya developed at the top level. Under high-speed football with accents to the flanks, like Marcelo Bielsa </ strong>, Batshuayi is ideal.

It would be nice if Misha Batshuyi received a new team for the last day of the transfer window. Such players should be in the public eye, because they are showmen. In an age of political correctness, they joke about game developers, fans, grief-insiders, comment on their own impossible transfers. And then they do not even apologize for the jokes. Batshuyi is not serious and his frivolity will surely enrage his fans – for example, when he tells about his love for SpongeBob after a bad match. When he creates his own hashtag for the heads in the stressful moments of the match (by the way, he already created it). But believe me, the potential of a guy as a showman is unlimited. And there are not enough football personalities in football.

Batshuayi frankly sorry for now – while Conte froze a Belgian on the bench, dropped the ideal option for continuing his career. Dortmund. There was the same erratic, slightly-not-so-Pierre-Emerick Obama-making , where the young people progressed with powerful strides, they were ready to subordinate the whole attack to one slightly capricious star, and if he suddenly felt that he had outgrown the ” Borussia “- could fly to Milan for shopping or not to come to the training at all. Dortmund is on the list of teams that are interested in Batshuayi – nothing unexpected – only now they slowly refuse from the players with the character of Obameyyang, and in general from such a football style.

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