Who is Sofyan Hanni who moved to Spartak?
Up to 24 years he played in the second league of Turkey. 7 facts about Sophia Hanni

Up to 24 years he played in the second league of Turkey. 7 facts about Sophia Hanni

Not useful in France

Hanni is the son of Algerian refugees who settled in France. At the age of 15 Sofyan got into the academy of Nantes, and in 18 he made his debut in League 2, replacing our old friend William Vankor. However, in the composition and not fixed. When 21-year-old midfielder struck 21, his contract with the club expired, and he was not going to offer a new one.

“Then the leadership pursued a different policy than now,” recalled Hanni later. – I got the impression that Nantes signed newcomers to push the young and in case of which to have a spare option. It was difficult to accept. I never complained, but I, by and large, did not have a chance to show myself. ”

At that time, League 1 was betting on strong physically developed players who could squeeze and give out the maximum movement on the field. Hilny Hanni did not fit into this reality and eventually was put on the street.

Until 24 years he played in Turkey’s second division

At that time, the question arose about the continuation of the footballer’s career. To Hanni no one showed interest, and the only chance to stay in the sport was watching in the clubs of the second division of the championship of Turkey. A week passed, one more, and there were no other proposals, and Sofyan decided on an adventure. Hanni was lucky – in Kayseri Erciyesspor he found his game, and then there was an increase in Osmanlyspor, where Sofyan entered a new level.

“I did not have a chance in Nantes, but in Turkey I played a hundred matches. I progressed in all areas and felt like I was building my career. There I thought about football 24 hours a day, got confidence and eventually showed what I’m worth. ”

Became Belgium’s top scorer

After a strong season for “Osmanlyspor” on Hanni began to pay attention from abroad. There was interest from League 2 and from China. However, most of all Sofjana deceived the offer of the Belgian “Mechelen”.

“If I had been told two years ago that I would be voted the best player of the season in Belgium, I would have laughed,” recalled Hanni after the luxury season-2015/16, in which he became the top scorer. – I talked with Riyad Marez, he then played for “Kan”. He would not have believed you if he had been told that he would be the best player in the Premier League. In football everything is possible, and you should not set yourself a ceiling. ”

From an average player, who almost no one saw the prospects, Sofyan Hanni has turned into one of the brightest performers of not the weakest championship in Belgium.

Could be in China

Year after year Hanni progressed and after two years in “Mechelen” ripe for reaching a new level. We could never have known about the talent of the Algerian, if in his prime he had accepted a royal offer from China.

“It was interesting, but not at all what was offered, for example, to Witsel. China was not part of my career plans, but, honestly, I understand the players who go there. Axel received an incredible offer and had the right to choose this option to continue his football path, we should not criticize him for it. You can have a certain opinion on this or that question, but you can change your mind when you see a paper with a proposal in front of you. ”

Immediately received a captain’s armband in “Anderlecht”

It’s good that Hanni eventually ended up in Anderlecht, where he again raised the height of his professional ceiling. Although in his youth it seemed that he would never break through the first level. Anderlecht coach Renee Weiler, after Stephen DeFour left, thought to whom to give the captain’s armband, and two months later did not find candidates better than the newcomer from Mechelen. Leadership and hard work of Hanni became an example for his partners.

“Before I came to Anderlecht, I was never a captain,” says Sofian. – But I always had the mentality of the winner, who wants to work at the maximum. I am proud that the coach appreciated this. The captain’s functions do not put pressure on me – the most important thing is what I do with the ball. But if something happens, I can always give advice to a partner, and I do it without hesitation. In “Anderlecht” there are 3-4 leaders in the locker room, and I enter into their number. However, I do not overdo it and do not arrange demagoguery every day. It’s better when you show an example on the field. ”


On the playing qualities of Hanni can be read here. In short, it’s a technical, fast and versatile player who can close a lot of positions on the field. In “Anderlecht” Sofyan got a carte blanche and in many ways determined the game of the team. He tried it on any position of attack – a tip, a winger, dozens. Even the central midfielder. And everywhere he was most useful.

“I like to play a bit of a brace,” Hanni says. – While I’m near the gate, it gives me pleasure. I like to run a lot and show my fighting spirit. In modern football, everyone should be able to defend themselves, and if I did not like it before, now I get a kick out of it. ”

Flooded selection to FM

Like the whole team of Algeria. Hanni debuted for the national team only in 25 years, but in two years the leader did not have time to become – the competition is too high. Slimani, Brahimi, Marez, Feguli – all of them had a huge baggage of experience in the best European championships. Hanni came out on the field only from time to time, played in three matches of selection, but did not notice anything remarkable. The very team of Algeria completely failed the selection, having suffered four defeats, never having won and taking the regular last place in the group.

“I try to progress every year,” Hanni says. – I have a dream – to play in the top championship at one time. My favorite championship is La Liga, I’m sure that it will suit my style best. But I’m open to other competitions. At one time in France in front of me they closed the door, but I climbed through the window. “

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