As Sanchez plays in the first matches for Manchester United,
It was hardly possible to play worse than Sanchez with Tottenham. It was awful

It was hardly possible to play worse than Sanchez with Tottenham. It was awful

Immediately mention that Alexis – not the culprit failure of “MU” in the game with “Tottenham”. In any case, all dogs can not be hanged on him. Its failure is a consequence, and not the cause of the weak performance of the “devils”. “Manchester United” failed the first serious test in 2018 and, being too sure of himself after a series of victories over weak opponents, fell in the mud in the face. If the mud can be called sparkling green velvet lawn “Wembley”.

It was hardly possible to play worse than Sanchez with Tottenham. It was awful

Sanchez was bad, but that’s not the point. “Tottenham” built an early goal and inspired began to draw attacks, while the “red devils” turned their heads, trying to understand who to close. Alexis’s example here is particularly revealing. Originally, Mourinho released a star newcomer to the left flank of the attack. To cling to the dumps from Lukaku, to shift to the center, to invent something ahead – the standard tasks that faced the Chilean and the Emirates. Alexis coped with them weakly, but worse was another.

The most highly paid player of the Premier League simply failed a mission to help the defense. And the “Tottenham” with particular brutality punished the whole team for this. The most popular reception of the “spurs”, which they slammed the “Real”, – take the opponent’s extreme defenders to the center and throw a ball into the free zone on Kirana Trippiera. This time, with the connivance of Sanchez, it worked perfectly.

Here Allie leads away from the Yang zone, and Sanchez for some reason pulls out in the center on Sona instead of guarding his zone. The result – Trippier cuts the ball into the penalty area, Jones cuts it into his own net.

It was hardly possible to play worse than Sanchez with Tottenham. It was awful

15 minutes later.

It was hardly possible to play worse than Sanchez with Tottenham. It was awful

Even when Trippier was going to the center, Sanchez was away from him at a distance of light years. Neither he nor Marsial provided any support to Yang and Valencia, than Tottenham enjoyed with pleasure. But Son and Eriksen showed how the players of the flanks of the attack should play during the defense – both were included in the selection in time and squeezed the opponent over the sideline. It was painful to look at Sanchez’s lost face.

Alexis was so bad that the English trolls immediately climbed into the media space.

“MJ” is very bad play, it’s time to release on the field Sanchez “- says the tweet.

At the 43rd minute, Jose rose from the bench and left his place ahead of schedule, heading to the locker room.

It seemed that now he would come up with something to turn the game over.

The idea he generated in the Wembley sub-tribune was interesting, but did not work in any way. And yes, she was again tied up in Sanchez. Alexis moved to the center of the field, making a diamond with Pogba, Matich and Lingard. However, more often than not the Chilean hindered the development of the attack, rather than helped to construct something. Attempts to catch the ball and drag it forward on dribbling through the stockade of legs in white gaiters often did not end with anything. But the constructive game became less and less from this. Sanchez was more concerned about Pogba.

It was hardly possible to play worse than Sanchez with Tottenham. It was awful

Yes, Alexis in the second half began and much more helped the defense – in one of the episodes caught up with the opponent and in a luxurious subcategory from behind cleanly picked the ball. But he has already made key mistakes. And it could be corrected only if Andre Marriner put a penalty in the goal of Lloris after the ball hit the hand of Son.

Well, I denounced myself to the failure of Mourinho in one stroke – having fired instead of the scout Lingard just returned to training Marwan Fellaini. He ran away for seven minutes and left the field – right after Eriksen cut out another brilliant pass from the pivot. Perhaps, Marouan left because of a relapse of injury, but it seemed more like Jose just admitted his mistake and released a player who is simply not physically ready to provide the necessary movement. All you need to know about the succeeded Belgian Herrera – he was recognized as the worst player in the meeting.

In the end, “Tottenham” just took advantage of the weak form of the opponent. Well, on the example of Alexis, we were once again convinced that for success it is not enough to write out a star and put it in the main part. And Mourinho still has much to break over this head. Even despite the fiasco of all United leaders, this defeat lies on the Portuguese’s Special Shoulders.

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