Gerard Piqué develops his business projects and is preparing to become a top manager
Gerard Pique builds an empire from scratch. The future president of Barcelona is here

Gerard Pique builds an empire from scratch. The future president of Barcelona is here

Gerard Pique
Gerard Pique

Studying at Harvard

Gerard Pique has a great week: on Monday he signed a new contract with Barcelona until 2022, on Thursday beat Valencia, on Friday marks the 31st birthday. After the extension of the agreement with the club, the defender gave an interview to BarcaTV. He had many personal stories from his childhood, memories of returning to Barcelona from Manchester United and thinking about the future. But then Piquet began to talk about modern football and its appeal to the audience.

“Modern youth is different from us, it is able to concentrate only on a small amount of time. The football match is 90 minutes – it’s too much for a new audience. Probably, in the future we need to consider the idea of ​​reducing matches or trying to make things happening more diverse. However, this applies not only to football, but also tennis, hockey or basketball. The whole sport will change, “Gerard said.

Piquet flew to Harvard for four days, paying for $ 10,000.

The reasoning of a typical marketer and economist, but certainly not a football player who has just signed a contract for four years. And it’s not just that Piquet has been actively working on his own business for several years, developing it in various directions.

It all started several years ago, when the defender agreed on individual lessons with the teachers of the economic school ESADE. Six hours a week Piquet studied financial markets, investment and marketing. Last year, at the end of the season, he flew for four days to the US, where he took an intensive course at the Harvard Business School. The study cost the player $ 10 thousand and skipping the first training session of the Spanish national team (by prior arrangement with the coaching staff).

In addition to training courses, Piqué tries to meet tough businessmen asking them his questions. One such meeting gave “Barcelona” the current title sponsor. The defender is personally acquainted with the owner of the online store Rakuten Hiroshi Mikitani, and in 2015 he organized a dinner with businessman for the president of Barcelona Josep Bartomeu. Some time later, the Catalans announced a contract with Rakuten for 244 million euros in four years. The fact that Pique took part in the negotiations and helped the deal to take place was publicly confirmed by all participants in the process.

The jokes that once Piquet will become president of Barcelona, ​​appeared long ago, and even the defender periodically supported them. But over the past few years, he has actively participated in the search for a title sponsor. Unsuccessfully, but tried to stop Neimar from leaving the club, acting publicly. And after signing the new contract, Piquet once again touched upon this theme: “Perhaps one day I will really be president of the club. But I must warn: I will be a very atypical leader. ”

He wanted to create his own version of a football manager and realized his dream from childhood.


While the playing career did not end, Pique can deal with a wide range of business areas, choosing the most profitable. For example, he has a stake in a company that produces semi-finished meat products. He invested in the shares of the manufacturer of points Kypers and agreed to advertise points with Iker Casillas and Dani Alves. Another partner, Carles Puyol, he persuaded a couple to invest in the production of isotonics: 40% of shares belong to Gerard, 10% – to his former partner in defense of Barca.

But Pique’s main interest now is computer and mobile games. He wanted to create his own version of football manager from childhood and realized his dream by creating Kerad Games. The result of the work of two dozen programmers is the mobile application Golden Manager. Last year, an updated version appeared, in which there is a Russian language, as well as real sponsors – Nike and Coca-Cola.

Despite all the business lessons, Kerad Games is still a loss-making company, as the proceeds from the purchase of the application do not compensate almost one million euros of employees’ wages annually. But Piquet is confident that the game direction will bring him profit in the future and is ready to invest money in it. Continuation of the trend was the creation of its own e-sports organization eFootballPro. In November of last year, it was announced that they would cooperate with Konami in organizing an international virtual soccer tournament. Play, obviously, will be in the simulator PES, developed by Konami. Moreover, now “Barcelona” is the official partner of the game. And the main task of the project is to win not the European market, but China, where now there is a huge interest in football at the state and spectator level.


Almost a year ago, Pique suddenly emotionally went through the work of modern media, who first invent stories, and then distribute them without checking the facts. Criticism footballer finished the announcement of creating his own publication, which will publish only true stories.

The project was a long time and was an announcement, but in the autumn Piquet suddenly told new details. He shoots his program Pique +, which in front of the camera interviews the players. The project exists on the platform of The Players Tribune, where former and current athletes write their stories. The first issue of Pique + was with Neimar, then the guest was Luis Suarez and a special release – Javier Mascherano after the announcement of the departure from the “Barcelona”. It is precisely known that the program with participation of Messi is filmed.

He shoots his Pique + program, in which he interviews the players before the camera.

The interview does not really discuss uncomfortable topics, and Pike with the guests mostly discuss football. For example, in conversation with Neimar did not raise the topic of his transition from “Barcelona” to “PSG”. But they remembered how Piquet received a red card for a foul on the Brazilian in the Confederations Cup match – 2013.

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