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Top 10 scorers of Russian clubs in European competitions

Top 10 scorers of Russian clubs in European competitions

Artem Dzyuba

10. Oleg Veretennikov, 17 goals, 22 matches

The goals of the attacking midfielder of the "rotor" in European competitions were divided into two tournaments. He scored seven goals in the UEFA Cup, one in the Manchester United goal. The other 10 came to the Intertoto Cup. In one season-1996 striker Nakolotil 10 goals, thanks to which "rotor" went to the final of the tournament. Video

9. Alan Dzagoev, 18 goals, 71 match

CSKA midfielder scored the first competitions goals in the UEFA Cup in the 2008/09 season, notably in the "Deportivo" goal. And the richest of the goals was the last season. Dzagoev played a significant role in the exit of CSKA in the 1/4 League of Europe. He scored four goals in the group stage of champions and added to him the winning goal in the gate of "Crvena star" in 1/16 le. Let's hope that in the upcoming Champions League group event, Alan will lead the updated CSKA and replenish his list. The main thing is to avoid injuries.

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, "championship"

All the injuries of Alan Dzagoev. them too much
CSKA midfielder is increasingly being treated and not played.

8. Andrey Tikhonov, 18 goals, 55 matches

The legend of "Spartak"-Andrei Tikhonov in European competitions not only played in the field, but even got up in the gate. But with assists functions, he also coped with "excellent". The most rich in goals was the season-1999/2000 in the Champions League. Then Tikhonov scored five goals (three of them in one match with Willem II).


Photo: RIA Novosti

7. Artem Dzyuba, 18 goals, 49 matches

The main character of the Russian football in 2018. First Artem proved his viability in Tula Arsenal. Then he spent a great world championship, becoming the most adored Russian football player. On August 16, Dzyuba burst into a hat-trick into the gates of the Minsk Dynamo, and his Zenit escaped with a defeat of 0:4, winning 8:1. Now on the account Dziuba 18 goals in European competitions for "Zenit" and "Spartak". The most successful was the 2015/16 season in the Champions League. Then Artem scored in five games of the group stage of six, and Zenit confidently took first place in the group.

Photo: Elena Razin, "championship"

"Fool" and "traitor". Dzyuba is the best thing in our football
8:1 with Minsk "Dynamo"-it is first of all Artem, and then already "zenith" and Semak.

6. Hulk, 18 goals, 41 match

The most star player of "Zenit" in recent years-the Brazilian Hulk c more than acquitted paid for it 40 million euros. 13 goals in the Champions League, 5 more in the Europa League. For all time in "Zenith" Hulk was the main catalyst of dangerous moments and goals. He was the one who led the team in difficult moments.

5. Salomon Rondo, 18 goals, 38 matches

Venezuelan striker, who now plays for the English "Newcastle", in Russia played for "Rubin" and "Zenit". He was very helpful to both clubs in European competitions. For the Kazan club, Rondo scored 11 goals, for the St. Petersburg-7. Season-2013/14 Rondo began with "Rubin" in the group stage of the Europa League, where he scored 6 goals. But in winter he moved to Zenit, where he managed to immediately score a goal in the goal of the Dortmund "Borussia" in the 1/8 final of the Champions League. However, this goal did not help Pitercam.

Photo: RIA Novosti

4. Alexander Corina, 19 goals, 41 match

On the fourth place in the list of scorers is one of the most criticized forwards of our football. She scolded most of his career, but he already scored in European competitions more of the Hulk and many other famous players. However, it is worth noting that of these 19 goals only one is scored in the Champions League. This was the first goal of the European competition in the Celtic gate for Dynamo Moscow. The most important season in European competitions, which is not surprising, the last. In the season-2017/18 Alexander scored 9 goals in the Europa League. The awakening of Corina is perhaps the main merit of Roberto Mancini for his year of coaching at the Petersburg club.

Photo: RIA Novosti

3. Seydou Doumbia, 23 goals, 30 matches

The third place is the main striker of CSKA in recent years. For all time in CSKA Doumbia scored to both main clubs of Manchester, Milan "Inter", saved "army" in qualification against "sporting". At the same time, he issued his most striking season in the Champions League during his return from Roma to CSKA as a lease. Then Seydou everything was cancelled, but he came back and helped the club a lot. Doumbia is undoubtedly one of the most important forwards in the history of CSKA.

2. Aleksandr Kerzhakov, 28 goals, 67 matches

The best scorer in the history of Russia played great not only in the inner arena. Kerzhakov started playing in the European competitions in 2001, scoring the first goal in 2002 and the last in 2016. A beautiful, long and even career allowed Alexander to take the second place on this list.

Photo: RIA Novosti

1. Wagner Love, 30 goals, 58 matches

Wagner is undoubtedly the best legionnaire in the history of Russian football. The Brazilian has a beautiful figure of 30 goals. The record for one season is 8 goals. Wagner left twice and returned to CSKA twice and continued to score every time. But the main goal of Wagner will be easily called everything. It was Wagner who secured CSKA's victory in the 2005 UEFA Cup. The Brazilian vkolotiled the ball into the empty gate of the stadium in Lisbon and made an account in the match against Sporting 3:1. I think that Wagner will soon relinquish his first position on this list.

Photo: Alexander Mysjakin, "championship"

100 the best legionnaires of the Russian championship. 1st place
We conclude the publication of our rating, telling little-known stories about Legionnaires, who fell into the top three. 1st Place-Wagner love.


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