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"What experiments?! Under the flag stand! "

"What experiments?! Under the flag stand! "

Stanislav Cherchesov

RAF announced the composition of the Russian national team for the next matches. The team is expected to play in the League of Nations with Turkey (September 7, Trabzon, 21:45) and a control match against the Czech Republic (September 10, Rostov-on-Don, 19:00). Immediately after the announcement of the cherished list the head coach explained the choice. Started with the line of defense.

Akinfeev and Tar were not included in the application of the Russian national team to the matches with Turkey and the Czech Republic

"Kutepov not played a single match." We are not happy, but he is one of our main players. We can't call him. The more the position is scarce. Pomegranate did not play, therefore, of the two players who played at the World Cup, we chose Kutepova. "Why Akinfeev out of the squad?" We talked to him a couple of days ago. He has a routine medical check-up in Germany.

-Before the World Cup Igor gave an ambiguous interview, saying: "Soon you will learn everything". He's not going to go by the Samedov and the others? "We didn't talk about this topic. I know he's going to a routine examination right now. That's all.-not caused by tar. "He just moved into a new team, looking for himself. We decided that we will not touch the player who moved to the new club. There's a lot of noise around him. That's what we did with Artem when he moved to Arsenal.-Have you considered Tashaeva among the candidates?-yes. Unfortunately, he was injured. If he hadn't, he'd probably be in the squad. — Is it right to say that the next matches are of a viewing nature?-what other viewing? Samedov finished, Zhirkov finished, Ignashevich-too. These are the three players who need to be replaced. We treat the League of Nations as a tournament in which there are places. Want from the second basket to get to the first.

-Through the tournament you can break into the European Championship. "That's what we mean." There is very little time left… "That is why we call those who are better prepared physically. It is clear that there are questions on Cheryshevu, who has just played for the new club, but on the whole list all those who are ready better than others. — There will be many matches outside of Moscow — will it create some difficulties?-absolutely no. We are specially playing in the regions. It's good that we have the infrastructure, we can make it work. Here we have something to be proud of. There is a question about Sochi, there is no important field. We hope that the field will be in order. "It is already clear that there are no captain and vice-captain in the list. Have you decided on the staff? -From the press you will find out (smiling).-the list of two overall attackers. According to Dzjube everything is clear, but there are questions on the swamp. -that year Anton could not find himself in the new club. Now plays very useful for the team. Can play from the first minute and go out to replace. Can play along with Dzjuboj. We decided to call him to the national team.-The composition is quite updated…-We do not want it, but the situation always makes us do it. If we were to call the same 20 people all the time, we would be happy people, and you would be miserable: there would be nothing to write about. "After the World Cup the Russian team is ready for the high attention?" On our part, it is the same. Maybe on your part… We were paid attention to the World Cup. The players are ready for this. Another thing is that the situation is different. When you are brought up, you need to put yourself in order. We have no reserved seats, everyone needs to show themselves.

— comment on the appearance of Shunina. — Shunin played at a good level last season and now continues to show it. If a person plays so long, we are ready to invite him.-Nojshtedter offended for not being hit by the World Cup. Even posted a post on social networks. "If it were a post with the flag of Russia with the signature" Thank God that I am not in Russia ", then we would treat it differently. And so, the man was upset, that's fine. Now he will have a chance to prove himself, it is necessary to look at the match with the Turks. The probability that he will play is great.-Are there any changes in the coaching headquarters? No. The only thing Ignashevich will help us, now he has his own job. We invited him to head the 2004 team, but he's not ready yet. We'll invite him to see how it all happens.-In the headquarters of the national team there will be Granero who left CSKA? "Yes." Will you focus on the game of the two central defenders? — we will proceed from a specific opponent and a combination of our players. Experiments? What you're talking about, under the flag stand!


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