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Which of the participants of the 2018 World Cup is not in the new Cherchesova list and why

Which of the participants of the 2018 World Cup is not in the new Cherchesova list and why

Russian national football team

Igor Akinfeev (CSKA)

In the end of May in an interview to our edition "Army" captain dropped a significant phrase: "After the World Cup you will learn everything". What we all thought hasn't happened yet. Igor only has a "routine medical examination in Germany".

"After the World Cup, you'll find out." Akinfeev intrigues
The captain of CSKA and the national team are about where the football begins, silver "army", the power of Goncharenko, the decision of Ignashevicha and, of course, the World Cup.
Igor Akinfeev photos: RIA Novosti

Vladimir Gabulov (Bruges)

It would be strange if the free agent would continue to be called to the national team. The more so-on 35-th year. Even for the atmosphere. Gabulova in it and not.

Vladimir Gabulov photos: RIA Novosti

Vladimir Garnet (Rubin)

All 5 matches of the new championship Vladimir looked from the bench of the spare "Rubin". Here is the answer to the question: why without a grenade?

Vladimir Garnet Photo: RIA Novosti

Sergei Ignashevich

The team elder after the 2018 World Cup moved to coaching.

Sergey Ignashevich Photo: RIA Novosti

Alexander Golovin (Monaco)

If it were not for the trauma, Alexander would definitely be in the clip. Because of her debut Golovin in "Monaco" and the League of Nations postponed.

Alexander Golovin Photo: RIA Novosti

Alan Dzagoev (CSKA)

Alan's traumatized again. Alas, not in the first, not in the second and not even for the third time recently…

Alan Dzagoev Photo: RIA Novosti

Yuri Zhirkov (Zenit)

Another bronze medalist of Euro-2008 after the home "world" focused on performances for the club.

Yuri Zhirkov Photo: RIA Novosti

Alexander Samedov (Spartak)

Farewell to the national team and age Spartakovec.

Alexander Samedov Photo: RIA Novosti

Anton Miranchuk (Lokomotiv)

Loco at the start of the new season does not admire. Brothers, including. At least, Cherchesova they in the first rounds RPL not impressed.

Anton Miranchuk Photo: RIA Novosti

Alexei Miranchuk (Lokomotiv)

Cm. Above.

Alexei Miranchuk Photo: RIA Novosti

Fyodor Resins (Lokomotiv)

The process of adaptation of Smolova in the new place continues. Cherchesov decided not to pull the player from the club until he accustom completely and will not return the previous conditions.

Fedor resin Photo: RIA Novosti

"What experiments?! Under the flag stand! "
Stanislav Cherchesov explained the composition of the national team. There's a lot of surprises.


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