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Who is the main boss of Russian football? Decide already!

Who is the main boss of Russian football? Decide already!

Vitaly Mutko

This weekend turned eight months, since the executive of the Russian Football Union (RAF) was satisfied with the statement of Vitaly Mutko about "short-term impossibility of fulfilling his powers as President of RAF". The number of "short-term impossibility" (half a year) was also called publicly, but this period was not documented anywhere. All on the classics: the owner of the word can give it, can take back.

He flew away, but he promised to come back. Mutko temporarily folded powers
Report from the House of football, where Mutko announced the AWOL of RAF and filing a lawsuit in CAS.

As of the end of August Vitaly Mutko on all documents remains the head of the organization, Alexander Alaev – acting with the right of signature, and in theory such configuration can remain until 2020, when the four-year cycle from the moment of the last elections will come to an end . It would be one of the most ridiculous moments in the history of Russian sports-steeped only ten years ago, when, as it turned out during the audit, the Federation of rowing and canoeing on the documents continued to lead the deceased person.

But football-not rowing on kayaks and canoes (with all our love for multiple world champions and LSGA of this sport): Here are other money, responsibility and attention of the public. Yes, even for reasons of banal management effectiveness it is obvious: either Vitaly Mutko need to return to the performance of duties in the near future, or to start a full-fledged procedure of transfer of power.

After communicating with all interested parties, the championship identified three scenarios for the development of events. Spoiler: Mutko can stay, the president may not at all be, the president can become another person (surname attached).

Vitaly Mutko will remain

The plan of Vitaly Mutko at the end of last year was clear: before the world Championship to go into shadow and simultaneously to challenge in the Sports Arbitration Court (CAS) in Lausanne life suspension from the Olympic Games. FIFA and UEFA though formally and do not depend in their wills from the IOC, but in practice it is difficult to imagine how it is possible to conduct big affairs in football, being persona non grata in such the largest part of the world sports policy, as the Olympic movement.

Mutko filed a lawsuit in CAS on the IOC's decision to suspend the Olympic Games

Filing in court in this sense the idea is good. The problem is that such trials go to CAS for months, and – although the lawsuit was filed in December – at the moment until the hearings are essentially far away. According to the "championship", the IOC has only recently outlined its position in writing. Given the pace, we will not hear the news until late autumn – early winter. It's at best.

CAS: Review date for Mutko case not yet assigned

Actually, the further development of events depends only on Vitaly Mutko. If he decides to stay in the office of President RAF at least before the CAS decision, so will be. Decide (or "prompt") that it is time and honor to know – in the Russian football there will be changes.

There will be a new President RAF

If Vitaly Mutko expresses a desire to retire (his powers, we remind, expire in 2020), the Executive Committee will appoint the date of the Conference of the RAF, at which the elections are held. Planned to be held in May 2019, but nothing prevents to appoint an extraordinary earlier. The main thing is that candidates for the post of President will nominate their candidates not later than 40 days before the day of holding.

At the moment, the community is called the three names of possible successors. The current acting of President RAF is Alexander Alaev, who is considered creature Mutko. From the current team of managers RAF another name is not found-suffice it to say that the status of acting Alaev received only because all the Vice-Presidents consistently abandoned this honor, laid by him under the Charter of RAF. The Trumps of Alaeva are considered youth (38 years), timely cultivation in Russia of beach football (our team managed to become the world champion twice) and experience, purchased for eight months in the post of Head of RAF, where he, let's say, porridge did not spoil, besides Finally closed the financial problems that arose under Nicolae Tolstoy.

Photo: RIA Novosti

RAF plans to make more than 3.417 billion rubles in 2018

The other two often called candidates are also well known. The interests of the first, according to some information, lobbies the new Deputy prime Minister of Sports Olga Hungrie-a speech about the head of the organizing committee "Russia 2018" Alex Sorokine, who has experience in RAF as a general director (in his time, he was in RAF led the same Mutko). The organization of the world Championship in Russia was recognized as a reference, and Sorokin is rightfully considered one of the beneficiaries of this project. The second candidate is the chairman of the Management board and CEO of Gazprom Neft, former president of Zenit Alexander Dyukov (they are talking, the assistant to the President of the Russian Federation and the first Vice-president of OCD Igor Levitin). It was at Djukove in 2008 – 2017 that the St. Petersburg Club achieved the main victories.

All these decent people have and cons. At Alaeva This is the downside of virtues (youth and not the greatest experience), Sorokin may not perceive the position of President RAF as a significant challenge, Dyukov certainly will be talking about the convergence, from which, as practice shows, none of the parties Wins.

Sometimes to the named candidates add Valery Gazzaev. Apparently, by virtue of habit-ambitions of the well-known coach and the deputy of the State Duma are known.

Photo: RIA Novosti

The president will not

One thing is clear: what is the configuration of the RAF, now nobody will say. Moreover, the idea of abolishing the presidency as such is being seriously discussed. In this case, the main administrative body in the domestic football will be the board of trustees of influential businessmen and managers who would solve the issues collegially.

Well, there are precedents in the Russian sport. In badminton, the president (well-known politician Sergei Shakhrai) performs a representative role, and the executive functions are transferred to the Council of Sports Federation. And under such management Russian badminton has achieved the highest success in history, in particular Olympic medal of games-2012 (though it is debatable, whether there is a direct dependence).

However, in our country any dispositions can change decisively and in one moment. The main thing is that in the Russian football there is a certainty (in particular, the changes in the RAF were followed by reforms in RPL, where, as well as everywhere, there are problems). And even it is not so important, under whose name the certainty comes.


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