The best clubs in the world are in social networks. You will subscribe to them too – 1xSport
The best clubs in the world are in social networks. You will subscribe to them too

The best clubs in the world are in social networks. You will subscribe to them too

The best clubs in the world are in social networks. You will subscribe to them too

The popular clubs have millions of subscribers in social networks. But some PR do the job so well that they attract additional interest to their clubs even without taking into account the sports results. who works best on Twitter? We made a list.

7. Borussia Dortmund

"Borussia" regularly retvitit fan-art and just interesting posts from different accounts. But also in own account places unexpected content. Mostly expressing emotions with the help of GIFs. "There's only an hour left before the start of the next season!"

"Pulishich missed!"

This is what the "RB Leipzig" faced

6. "Borussia Moenchengladbach"

Gladbahcy not joke on Twitter constantly, but if when joking, it is good: trolls and themselves, and rival.

The reaction during last year's match with Dortmund, in which Gladbach lost-1:6: "Unfortunately, our defense goes to bed. Iiiii… The account becomes 3:0. Obamejjang ".

Another tweet from that match is even better: "Goal" Borussia "! Stop, it's them again… "

When the match ended, on Twitter, Dortmund was asked a simple question: "Dortmund, what did we do to you, except that you beat 12:0 in 1970?"

5. Bristol City

At the beginning of the season "Bristol" is in the middle of the tournament table in 0222nd. Where the club spent the last season. But they love it not for it, but for a selection of GIFs for the celebration of goals in the club "Twitter". Whoever scored, there is a short video with his participation and a special celebration.

4. Zenit

The club works with fans in social networks long and seriously. But sometimes there are real breakthroughs even relative to the usual high level. For example, as in the case of a skirmish with the Daily Mail because of the new logo. In "Twitter" newspapers published "The 10 worst logos of football teams", "Zenit" responded with ten worst logos of newspapers. The confrontation ended with a smash.

Another distinctive feature of the club account is the trolling of other teams.

3. Yenisei

The most important club in Russia… On Twitter.

5 Facts about "Yenisei" that you may have missed
Everything goes to the fact that he would change "Anzhi" in RFPL.

You have heard about "Twitter" "Yenisei", even if the maximum distance from social. Here are some examples-old and fresh.

But the most popular tweet, which the club later deleted: "The left penalty, scare a clean goal. Bottom line: A draw with CSKA. Hello, RPL! "

2. Hyde United

This club of the seventh Division attracted the attention of all England in 2014 during the friendly match with "Oltrinhjemom". Many players who participated in the match were on the watch. Their names are usually not disclosed. Instead of marking them with numbers or letters of the alphabet, as is usually done in the lower leagues of England, "Hyde United" invented something new.

"We cannot reveal the names of the players, so we will call them the names of famous left-wing revolutionaries."

Lenin, Trotsky, Karl Marx, Robespierre, Fidel Castro and others came to the start. Che Guevara, Gandhi and Friedrich Engels remained in the reserve.

But the main thing-the course of the match. "Fidel Castro rules the game, 1:0".

"Go-O-o-L! Engels came out of the shadow of Marx. The crowd is moderately pleased. "

"Sorry, guys. Falcao just failed the medical check-up in the city pool. He couldn't swim against an artificial wave. There will be no deal»

In four years ' Twitter ' of the club did not become worse and did not change the brand style of witty text posts. "Today is the last day of the transfer window, but we have to catch it! Before midnight, we'll meet a rookie at McDonald's and sign a contract with him between sausage and muffin. "

1. Roma

After the change of owners of "Roma" seriously changed the image and style of work with fans. Here is the presentation of Patrick Chic last summer: a minimum of meaning, maximum fan.

More. The reaction of the official account on "Twitter" to the historical goal of Costas Manolasa "Barcelona" in the Champions League. 315, 000 likes.

This summer "Roma" has given a new trend. It seemed that the club account was hacked by schoolchildren. This is how the club introduced Brian Cristante, who had passed from "Atalanta".

Photoshop theme later developed.

And after the disruption of the transfer Malcolm his name was blacklisted.

"Twitter" "ROMs" heater in the "black list" any mention of Malkome


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