Words Ignashevicha. This "leather ball" participants will remember for a long time – 1xSport
Words Ignashevicha. This "leather ball" participants will remember for a long time

Words Ignashevicha. This "leather ball" participants will remember for a long time

Words Ignashevicha. This "leather ball" participants will remember for a long time

In Volgograd, the winner of the tournament "leather Ball" among the young men of the older age group was determined – they became the team "Labor" from the Krasnodar region. But the way to victory was long and difficult. The thing is that the final competitions are only those who won the first victory at the city stage, and then-on the regional. The competition is huge: 69 of the best teams from 69 regions came to Volgograd this year. That is more than 750 guys, each of whom dreams about the main thing-about the victory in the final.

Despite the fact that the tournament is held among amateur teams, the degree of passions on the field on the day of the final ruled-no one wanted to give up. Zenit from the Republic of Tatarstan and "Labor" from the Krasnodar region fought for the cup. The match turned out to be so interesting that both journalists and fellows from other teams were watching the events on the field. The atmosphere warmed the coach of "zenith"-he seems to not for a moment paused, suggesting to his children. At the end of the second half his team leveleded, but the goal was canceled because of the offside. There were chances to score and in the added time, but "labor" desperately defended, not wanting to give almost conquered medals. When the final whistle was heard, some zenits could not contain tears-on this day they were objectively stronger, just luck was not on their side.

And the fight was for that: the team-Champion received a certificate for a cycle of training on the basis of the Russian national team. For boys who dream of big football, this opportunity is expensive.

Congratulated of the participants and winners is the honored guest of the tournament-former CSKA defender Sergey Ignashevich. "First of all, I would like to congratulate the finalists and winners," he said. -It was a real man's game! I would like to appeal to the winners: Guys, you can see a lot of opportunities. Try to use them.

To leave the stage Ignashevichu quietly did not give: the boys walked him so that to see the player in the crowd was not easy. The photoshoot under the scorching sun lasted for at least ten minutes – Sergei left no one without a memorable photo.

The awarding of the champions was held at the "Volgograd Arena" before the match "rotor"-"torch"-the cup and medals of handed Pavel Ignashevich, the governor of Volgograd region Artem Bochkarev and the representative of Coca-Cola in Russia Oleg Pileckij. Not without the circle of Honor: Under the loud applause of the fans, the guys ran past the stands, demonstrating the southern trophy.

A little about the tournament

The idea of creating a tournament, which would unite the guys of the yard teams, was born in 1964-the initiator was the famous goalkeeper Lev Yashin. The idea was supported by the CC Komsomol, and in the same year the first competitions took place, in which more than 50 thousand teams from all over the Soviet Union took part. For many, the "Leather Ball" became a real football school and opened the way to a great sport. Among the participants of the tournament were Fedor cuttings, Oleg Blokhin, Valery Karpin, Sergey Rodionov, Andrey Shevchenko, Dmitry Alenichev, Alexey Death, Alan Dzagoev and others. Now, according to the organizers, the participants are watched by the breeders of football clubs from all over Russia. Since 2009, the title sponsor of the tournament is the company Sosa-Cola.


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