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The Japanese can go to CSKA. Who is he and how he plays?

The Japanese can go to CSKA. Who is he and how he plays?

Takuma Nishimura

Possible newcomer CSKA did not play anywhere but native Japan. In 21 years he has not a single match for the adult team and, according to the internet, there are no even calls to the youth team. Where did he come from?

Source: Japanese forward Nishimura to sign a contract with CSKA after medical examination

Where does Japan play?

Takuma Nishimura took up football at the age of four, and played football at school until he was sixteen. In the school team, he won a tournament supported by the Toyama Prefecture. At that time he was first spotted by Japanese professional clubs. Nishimura spent three years in the regional league Hokushinecu, then he was bought by the club of the Higher League "Vegalta Sendai". For the same period there was an internship in Germany – in Cologne "fortune".

This club is peasant, the last two seasons finished on 12th place. "Vegalta Sendai" has long scored little: a little more goal for the match in the year before, one and a half goals for the match in the past and a little more goal for the match in this. But specifically Nisimury this problem does not concern, at least, in the current season. He got to start from the first rounds of the championship (now in Japan behind about two thirds of the season), went on the positions of forwards and the second striker in the base scheme of club 3-5-2. In all tournaments he scored 30 matches, 20 from the first minutes. Scored 11 goals in the championship, three in the Emperor's Cup and two in the Japan Cup. The average performance is a goal in two matches. A year ago, he played a dozen and almost did not scored, gave for the season seven scoring gear. Then, a year ago, he received a prize for the best player of the Japanese Cup under the age of 23.

How's it playing?

"Vegalta Sendai" builds the game on counterattacks, most of the goals Nisimury scored after he got free space and a pass on the move. He is good at the speed of the ball and is able to open between the extreme and central defenders. In style, this is a bit reminiscent of the game Carlos Tevez in Juventus. The Japanese would definitely give in speed to Ahmed Musa, but he had better with the end of the attacks. He seldom beats from long distances, more often, even if wins the selection and has time for a long-range impact, prefers to break into the penalty.


What does it say about it in Japan and the rest of the world?

The fan of "Vegalta Sendai" tvitit about his transition to CSKA. In the comments-regrets from the transfer, because it is a big loss for the team.

A fan of Groningen from the Netherlands regrets that he did not switch to his favorite team.

On the French fan-akkanute fans of the championship of Japan (difficult, yes), the transfer is a bit surprised: "This is the opening of the season. Drawn forward, fast, cold-blooded in the end. But I'm surprised that this is a club of this caliber. I thought he would be bought by one of the Japanese top clubs. "


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