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"MJ" in pink. Now officially!

"MJ" in pink. Now officially!

Manchester United New Form

"MJ" is a classic. The insane palette of colors on his T-shirts usually no one waits. This season the club has turned from the usual way.

In the network for a long time walking photos of the pink set of forms, but many to the last doubted: is not fake?

Don't fake. Today the club officially presented a visiting kit.

Remember who else surprised fans with trendy clothes this summer. Without our clubs.

Garbage sets

In recent years, much has been said about the pollution of the oceans. "See" picked up a trendy trend and made a form of trash. The same trick was brought by Man United in the case of his third set. The forms of the clubs are made of recycled plastic collected in the ocean. Not only a cool idea, but also looks stylish.

This video can be seen in the official Twitter of Juventus.

Real Coral

T-shirts from trash will be Madrid. About them mention separately: color unexpected. "Real" has not had such shades for a long time, officially this color is called "coral". This form was presented by Alex Hunter, a famous character of the FIFA Games series.

Napoli Burns again

The club is not the first time surprises fans with an unusual set. Still remember the field T-shirts khaki? Here and now Italians have not become lost and have presented a set with a huge contour of a panther. The movie itself is a separate story: just look.

This video can be seen in the official Twitter "Napoli".

Not only Spartak was left without stripes

To the indignation of the PSG fans in the new form of Parisians there is no cult strip in the middle. Instead, it simulates a sound wave that symbolizes the recording of noise at the stadium. Oldskulshhiki remained unhappy. Just like the red-white case.

"Roma" started the season with a title sponsor

Surprisingly, all the last years "Roma" began with emptiness on the form. The owner of the club James Pallotta for a long time could not find a suitable sponsor who would quenched his financial appetites. The case moved from a dead point only this spring-a generous offer flew from Qatar. Especially unusual looks the second set of Romans-it is made in gray tones.

In our football came a new brand

Americans from under Armour began their journey in sport with basketball. Football company has become interesting relatively recently. A few years ago they made the form of "Tottenham", and now presented in the NS "Southampton". Since this season UA has been cooperating with the Russian club "Lokomotiv" for the first time. This is the form Nakreativili their designers champion of Russia.


But the biggest surprise was waiting in Krasnoyarsk. Newcomers of the Premier League decided to surprise everyone.

The announcement turned out to be a draw, but the idea was developed by "Rostov", picking up the trend with the carpet. Local PR not only invented a viral photo for social, but in life brought the idea to execution.

"Carpet is a message to people who are sitting at home." The main point of this tour
Not a word about judging.

The club has produced a limited collection of T-shirts, one of which is now Valery Karpin. Even the British press appreciated this unique design.


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