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Mourinho has to stay. Here are the arguments

Mourinho has to stay. Here are the arguments

Jose Mourinho

Remember this moment: Now Mourinho feels like Wenger. He is the master of the result, who all his career was destroyed at press conferences of journalists for what they say about the quality of the game, not the result. And at the same and coaches who do the same thing. But his last press conference was different. Coach "MJ" explained that the tactical preparation for the match with Tottenham was great, that there were many moments and reproached journalists who were interested only in the account. He wanted to talk about the game.

Even if he's right, the attempt failed. For 15 years in football there is no man who is fuller than Mourinho embodied would dictate the result of the game. It is not surprising that at his press-conference journalists discussed the result in the first place. After the defeat with the score 0:3 they were interested in the account-nothing surprising.

Mourinho is not Wenger, therefore, where the Frenchman was allowed into long lengthy arguments (and laughed at him), Portuguese demanded respect and slammed the door. He also laughs, so, it turns out, sometimes the style of the game is really not important, as opposed to the result (joke). But the match was much deeper and richer than the score, so now that the first impression is over, it makes no sense to analyze the score.

Defeat is always a humiliation and a reason for ridicule, but it is not always a reason for serious analytical conclusions. It can be an indicator of the crisis when the account reflects the course of the game and becomes a consequence of negative tendencies. Or not to be an indicator of the crisis – when the account does not reflect the course of the game and is not a consequence of negative tendencies. Yesterday account 3:0 did not accurately reflect the game's progress. Moreover, the account has put the fight against "MJ" with negative tendencies into the second plan. I'll explain what I mean.

MJ's bad Habits

Recently, the fans of "MJ" could begin to seriously worry. There were systemic problems, and as typical for all teams of Mourinho (what to do with a ball?), and rather unexpected (the old-good bus has lost reliability). Problems are system-the second place in the last season was occupied against them, and not because of their decision (about 15 + points compared to XP at the end of the season we have already said). The problems are so systemic that Mourinho even started blaming that he himself had stopped To keep up with modern football and stuck in the past. Naturally, after the defeat these conversations appeared again. An example is today's article on ESPN, the world's most popular sports resource. Headline: "It looks like Mourinho is stuck in the past." The first sentence: "Modern football passes by Jose?".

So, after the previous match with Brighton, this headline and question would be more appropriate. In it we saw a typical problematic "MJ" of the last season. Slow, RID, not dangerous, but still weak in defense: with voids on the flanks of defense and positional errors in the center. That match for the tenth time showed that there are serious negative tendencies that require a lot of work on mistakes.

2 Big problems Manchester United
Mourinho urgently needs work on mistakes.

Great first-half

Before the match with Tottenham, the work on the mistakes was made. "MJ" prepared a quality plan that disguiseded most of the team's weaknesses, used most of the strengths – and was not a bus. Unusual arrangement 3-5-2 gave a key advantage-in numbers. One player is more defensive, equal in attack, one less in the central zone. At the same time, attacking widely, "MJ" was not too dependent on the promotion of the ball through the center (25% of attacks through the central zone on the results of the match).

In the first half it worked. Valencia and the show made three key passes, "MJ" inflicted seven strikes from the limits of the penalty. The extreme defenders felt comfortable at the corner of someone else's penalty: they had the support of the widely playing Fred and Pogba and enjoyed the situational numerical advantage. Fred's key pass came from the same situation, but he changed places with the show. Tottenham attacked the center more, but it was impossible to bring the ball to Kane. Kane and Moury both in the first half of a stroke, two yellow cards, seven exact passes. It speaks of helplessness. But "MJ" strongly summed up the bow. In the first half, he did not realize three strikes from the penalty, including one-on-one exit.

It's not a bus. Moreover, it is not joined with most typical accusations against Mourinho. At least because the extreme defenders played a leading role in the organization of attacks.

Mourinho has experienced its own obsolescence several times. Would survive and now
But Jose needs to cease to flirt with trends.

In the second half Mauricio Pochettino released the same team, but it acted differently. Dembele and Dyer were in charge of the center, Eriksen went forward, and Allie was on the attack. Tottenham lost an extra player in the center, but bought one in the attack and one between the lines. To such "MJ" was not ready. Eriksen received space for exacerbating gear, Allie burst flank of Valencia, inflicted two strikes from the penalty and had to score at least once. But his first hit with the pass Eriksen got into the defender: the corner from which Tottenham scored the first goal. The second one was scored in the same situation, but instead of ally shooting Eriksen from the flank caught Moura.

Two minutes that changed everything

Mourinho missed these rebuildings, although he did not have time for it: The teams spent only seven minutes in the second half, and the score was already 0:2. He reacted quickly, though not quickly enough: replacing Herrera with Sanchez. Given the score, this is an adequate risk: the show and Valencia had to give Allie and jeriksenu more attention, and the flanks went to Sanchez and Lingard. The game "Mu" was simplified ", there was more pressure. In the next 20 minutes the teams exchanged dangerous moments: they could score Lingard and Allie. But as long as Allie played the bow, Moura scored all that was possible.

What's the result? As Mourinho underlined at the press conference, "MU" has well prepared for the opponent, but has not realized the advantage. Missed rebuilding, got two years in two minutes, rebuilt and about half an hour was in the game, but already without a qualitative advantage: better at the score of 2:0 was "Tottenham". How does this compare with the score 3:0? In no way, but the most honest thing about this incompliance said Allardyce himself on the air of the radio station TalkSport: "When the score 3:0, no one looks at the real facts."

It is not necessary to admit this error. "MJ" has long been a team that does not know how to dispose of the ball, is poorly defended by standards, falls in defense and does not use the weak points of the opponent. But yesterday's match showed only that work on these shortcomings is coming. Yesterday, "MJ" provokeded with pressure errors, I didn't give the ball to wait for the mistakes. The strangest thing that happened on the pitch is not the first victory of Tottenham at Old Trafford in four years, but the fact that the conservative Mourinho changed his habits for a while. , bravely played in the top-match, did everything right and got a smash for it. He freaked after the game and left, repeating the word "respect" (rumor has it that he continues to repeat it until now). He said goodbye to the fans at the stadium for a long time. But now it is necessary to calm down all: on game rid "MJ" to which we are accustomed, from the April derby with "Man City" did not give so many reasons for optimism, how much yesterday's defeat.

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