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Mourinho has experienced its own obsolescence several times. Would survive and now

Mourinho has experienced its own obsolescence several times. Would survive and now

Jose Mourinho, Manchester United

0:3 from Tottenham is a failure. The words of Mourinho after the match "by the break we had to lead at least two goals" turn the time back for 15 years and make Portuguese feel at the place of the coaches of the teams sent to the landfill by counterattacks from Jose. "United" started the season worse than you will think: The figures, based on which the team after two rounds trudged at the end of the table on attacking indicators, noted everything, and the current 0:3-the largest home defeat in the career of coach "MJ". The conclusions, which in 2018 are made faster than the Twitter-tape is updated, are as follows: Mourinho is hopelessly outdated.

Don't you? What time? Seriously, almost every season about Maure to write several times: it is outdated. Yes, this time the situation looks a little more neglected, but only because Portuguese suddenly began to depart from what always formed the basis of his game. Zhirnejshij of the examples is a high defensive line of three Centrdefov with the central midfielder Errera against Tottenham. This is minimally similar to Mourinho, but it happened not just in the next game against the average opponent, but in the big match, which Mourinho always was perfectly ready. His constant has always been the presence of the charismatic and aggressively otvojovajushhego position of the central defender in the heart of defense (Costa, Carvalho, Materazzi, Ramos), and until recently there were no deviations in "MJ". When Eric Bailly is in the ranks and full of health, United is still broneboen at his gate, but as soon as he is gone or out of shape, a catastrophe begins. And as absurd as it makes Jose's attempt to match the time.

England-Premier League. 3rd Round

August 27, 2018, Monday. 22:00 MSK

Manchester United


Tottenham Hotspur

0:1 – Kane – 50, 0:2 – Lucas Moura – 52, 0:3 – Lucas Moura – 84

What is absurd here is that Mourinho has until recently created what others have sought for an answer or match, aheading the time, rather than conforming to it. His appearance in the top league helped to change the structure of the game in the center of the field-the most valuable player was the hard and pospevajushhij everywhere midfielder, insuring the whole line over himself. The answer for Mourinho was the deep plejmejkery, midfielders with a large volume of transmissions-only so it was possible to cope with the teams that were in the center of the advantage in the defensive phase and did not give anything to do during the transition from attack to defense.

Ironically, in this respect, the current "MJ" against Maura plays the care of another fundamental thing-command discipline. The matches were won by the players ' total recoil in the central zone, where "united" is now played by Paul Pogba. An outstanding footballer who, however, in two cases of three scores on his duties in the defense and watching the ball goes behind his back, allowing the opponent to win the tempo.

Mourinho: Tottenham's third goal at Manchester United goal kills the game

Forming around the harizmata in the defense and the Web in the support area that, that first of all thanks to Mourinho will name a bus, Portuguese forced weak (or cowardly) to try to copy itself, and strong (or courageous, that in football, alas, not always the same)- Seek the antidote. So the center of Defense began to send central midfielders: with ten opponents behind the line of the ball two of your centrdefas without a case-too much luxury. The defender, advancing on someone else's half with the ball has become one of the priorities of Scouts of all the best clubs in the world, and in this respect, Mourinho has become obsolete several times. The request was constantly aprgejdilsja-the place of force eventually shifted from the reference zone (in which Mourinho began his confrontation with the rest of the world in the middle of zero) to the defense center. Centrdef now has to be the most complete player on the field to determine the game style of the team, the scenario that is most convenient to it.

Just in this plan Herrera in the center of Defense looks as ridiculous as possible. The current "United" has no desired type of game, so the playing center defender and can not determine the game team. Mourinho is obviously Refleksiruet: the variant to which he is accustomed, now is not present, therefore he tries at least once to act as all. It's disastrous. Of course, this is a deep strategichejskij crisis. It is quite probable that it can be called the deepest in the career of Jose. But the thing is that the one who tries to remake the rules of the game for themselves, and not mimikrirovat under them, will always face such crises-Mourinho has repeatedly talked about it. Before that he always coped with such failures. There is a feeling that will succeed and this time. He does not lie to himself when he says that the break with Tottenham had to be 2:0. It was the game.

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